Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 20: Already Gone

Trowa woke up and found that Haruka has already left him. He found a note right beside him and read it.

"That woman." Trowa said as he put on his clothes and went out of his room.

"What took you so long?" Heero asked as he sat on a log.

Right in front of him is fire and behind him are their gundams and a tent.

"Sorry. I was giving him a good time." Haruka replied.

Heero and Haruka were already in Earth. They have built a small camp so they could rest first.

"Milliardo told me that there's something going on between you and Relena. Is that true?" Haruka asked.


"I guess it's just Relena's one-sided love."


"But, why are out here to her rescue if you don't like her?"

Heero remained silent. Haruka grinned.

"I guess it's none of my business." Haruka added.

"That's right." Heero agreed.

"What will you do after this?"


"What? Why? Do you have a place to stay?"


"What were you doing during those times?"

Heero remained quiet again.

"I guess it's none of my business again. But I can't just leave you alone with nowhere to stay. How about this? After this, you can stay at my house. If you need work, I can ask Harold about that. You can work at the winery or if you're that good, why not join the Preventers?"

"That's too much. You don't know me."

"I don't care. The only thing I know is that you're helping me and you're nice to me. I'll treat you like my own brother."

Heero just looked at her.

"I can't take that offer. It's too much." Heero told her.

"Time is changing. We have to also go with the flow even though we don't want to. Our bodies changes as we age. Think about it. Heero, be part of my family. It's not that typical type of family you see on TV but its fun to be with everyone."

"I'll think about it. You're also stubborn."

"I guess, it runs in the family."

"Also the keeping the peace on Earth runs in your family too."

"Maybe. I don't know what kind of family a Peacecraft has. I don't have any memory."

"Milliardo tries to keep the peace by fighting for what he believes but the down side of that is that lives are lost. Relena tries to keep the peace by peace talks but the down side of that is that there are some people that don’t listen. What about you? How do you keep the peace?"

"I don't know. I guess, the same as Milliardo. Blood has stained my hands, Heero. I have killed a lot of people using or not using Phoenix. I don't think that I'm doing it for peace. I just want to protect those I love."

Haruka yawned and blinked her eyes. She looks a little drowsy.

"You're sleepy already. I guess we should call it a night." Heero said.

Haruka looked at Heero.

"I'm not going to run away. I'll sleep too." Heero said.

"Trowa is a bit jealous of you because you're suddenly nice to me. He was wondering why." Haruka told him.

"When did he told you that?"

"A moment ago."

"It’s nothing. I'm not in love with you but I like you."

"I like you, too, Heero. I want to be your sister. Can you be my brother?"

"I will."

"That woman!!" Shinjin said as she read Haruka's note.

"Where did you get this?" Milliardo asked.

"In my room." Trowa replied.

"It says here that she had a great time today. Odd." Rashid said.

"I can't answer that." Trowa replied.

They looked at Trowa maliciously.

"She prefers to go solo." Trowa added.

"But the Gundam Wing is also missing." Wufei said as he entered the room.

They were surprised and looked at Trowa and Milliardo who were a bit irritated.

"She asked Heero than you?" Milliardo asked.

"Maybe they are not together." Shinjin told them because she noticed the tension.

"I hope so or else." Trowa said.

Olivia went toward them.

"We have to do some things before we go to Earth. I have already talked to My Lady Une with this so we have to hurry." Olivia said.

"Where are Haruka and Heero?" Shinjin asked Olivia.

"Information classified." Olivia said.

"This is strange. Maybe Sally or Lady Une knows." Wufei said.

"You mean, you don't know?" Shinjin asked.

She was a bit irritated.

"He doesn't. Only ladies know." Sally said.

Sally entered with Lady Une. Sally grinned while Wufei frowned.

"Maybe you can tell us." Noin said.

Lady Une looked at Milliardo and Trowa.

"She's in a mission with Heero." Lady Une told them.

Milliardo grinned while Trowa frowned a bit.

"What's wrong, Trowa? Don't you trust Haruka?" Sally asked.

"Heero won't do such thing. I know." Trowa replied.

"What about trust?" Sally asked.

"It's there." Trowa replied.

"Then, you have nothing to worry about, right?" Sally asked.

"I'm still worried of what will happen to her. You can't take that feeling away." Trowa replied.

"He is right! When I found her I'll nag at her!" Shinjin said.

"Like you always do." Duo mumbled.

"Are you saying something? HUH?" Shinjin asked Duo.

"I-I said give her the nag of her life." Duo replied.

"Do you want to talk to her, Trowa?" Lady Une asked.

"I do." Trowa replied.

Lady Une took her phone and dialed a number. She put the phone to speaker.

"Hello." a guy on the other line said.

"Heero? Where is Haruka?" Milliardo asked.

"Beside me." Heero replied.

"Can we talk to her?"

"No. She seems tired."

"What did you do? Why is she that tired?"

"I don't know. We just landed from Earth then she's this tired."

"Heero, is that Lady Une?" Haruka asked.

"No. It's your cousin." Heero replied.

"Milliardo? Oh no! I bet Shinjin is there too. She'll nag me for sure. You know what? Shinjin is like a loaded gun that keeps on talking and talking when fired." Haruka told Heero.

They all looked at Shinjin who was furious.

"HARUKA!!!" Shinjin called as she took the phone from Lady Une.

"Opps..." Haruka said through the phone.


"I don't know."


"I don't know. Don't yell!"


Shinjin threw the phone and hit Duo's face. Duo gave the phone to Lady Une.

"Calm down, Painless." Duo told Shinjin.

"Why call her Painless?" Frederick asked Duo.

"Whenever she gets angry, others are in pain and not her. Take this for an example." Duo said then pointed a this face.

"Scary. She got mom's temper and the way she deals with things." Frederick said.

"And she is good at hiding what she really feels. Karrie told me that." Duo added.

"What about Karrie's nickname?" Frederick asked.

"Voiceless. It has something to do back then when she leaves everyone speechless." Duo told him.

"Calm down, Shin." Wufei said as he rubbed Shinjin's back.

"I'll try." Shinjin said in a scary voice.

Olivia went toward Trowa and hugged him.

"My Trowa, you don't have to worry. My Haru always tells us that she'll be fine." Olivia said.

"Is Elysium ready to go back to Earth?" Trowa asked.

"No, My Trowa." Olivia replied.

Edgin appeared from nowhere.

"My Trowa, we still need to fix some other mobile suits especially the gundams. It will take a week if we don't work double time." Edgin reported.

"Haruka told you their passwords?" Noin asked.

"I figured it out myself." Trowa replied.

"That means, you have access to all classified files." Lady Une said.

"Do you have any cameras attached to those gundams?" Trowa asked Edgin.

"We do. We also have microphones in them." Edgin replied.

"Can you show to me the things that they are doing right now?"

Edgin opened a monitor and typed something on the computer. They saw Haruka and Heero sitting by the fire.

"That Shinjin! What a nagger?!" Haruka said.

"WHAT?!" Shinjin reacted.

"She was worried about you." Heero told her.

"I know. But I don't want to hear a nag right now. I'm still tired."

"I don't think that there's something to be tired about."

"Well... It's because Trowa and... Aw... Forget it!"

They all looked at Trowa.

"You're really in love with Trowa."

"Yes. I am. I love him so much that if he asks me to marry him I would say yes in an instant, my little brother."

"Marry? It's only a contract."

"It's also a commitment. It's a proof that we'll stay together forever. No matter what the consequences are."

"It's the same as living together and having kids."

"Cut it." Trowa told Edgin.

The monitor shut off. They noticed that Trowa is blushing.

"She's being true to Heero." Shinjin said.

"That's so cute. She'll take your proposal anytime." Sally told Trowa.

"We have to go with them. We have to finish Elysium." Trowa said.

"Olivia, is there any other mobile suit that Haruka hid?" Duo asked.

"Classified." Olivia replied.

"Is there?" Trowa asked.

"There is. She found a blueprint of gundam Epyon and decided to make one." Olivia replied.

"Did she use it?" Trowa asked.

"No." Olivia replied.

"Where is it?" Shinjin asked.

"Classified." Olivia replied.

"Show it to us." Trowa told Olivia.

"Yes, My Trowa. Please follow me." Olivia said.

They all followed Olivia to where the mobile suits are. At one side, she pushed a button and a secret door opened. They saw a white Epyon.

"It's not yet done. The only missing is the Zero system. She told us that we can use it even without the said program." Olivia explained.

"Thank you, My Olivia." Trowa said as he gazed at the Epyon.

"No problem." Olivia said.

"Let's go back and decide what to do." Lady Une said.

They all went out except for Shinjin who was looking at Epyon with a plan.