Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 21: Mission in Earth

Heero and Haruka attacked a base of the Teddy Bears Corps in France. They left the Factory of Boar burning.

“This is good, right bro?” Haruka asked.

“Yes. It is.” Heero replied.

“But there are still no signs of Relena and the others.”

“We still have to look for other bases.”

“I guess. I wonder about Lady Une and Maremaia. Is that kid her daughter?”

“No. Maremaia is Treize’s daughter.”

“Is that so? Eh?”


“Does that mean that Lady Une is in love with Treize?”


“Oh well… Do you have any information about the hostages?”

“Yes. I scanned their computers. They are in Germany.”

“Good. Now, our next destination is Germany.”

“We have to call Lady Une first. Remember her orders?”

“Oh yeah! Almost forgot. Thanks.”

Haruka called Elysium.

“Hello?” she said.

Haruka had to remove the phone from her ear because Shinjin answered the phone and is currently yelling.

“I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW. DON’T YELL!” Haruka said.

“Shinjin.” Heero mumbled.

“I need to talk to Lady Une. What? Ok.” Haruka waited for a moment., “Lady Une, the prisoners are in Germany.”

“Bavaria.” Heero said.

“Bavaria, Germany to be exact. Heero and I are going there now. There’s no time to lose. Yes, ma’am. I’ll do my best. How is Elysium? It’s already going to Earth? Ok. Heero and I – What? You want us to wait? But... Nanashi? Ok.”

She hanged the phone.

“Trowa is worried.” Heero said.

“Pretty much. She said that Trowa is angry because I left him without saying anything and I’ve chosen you as my partner.” Haruka told Heero.


“Sort of.”

“There’s nothing we can do about that.”

“Why can’t he understand that I don’t want anything bad to happen to him that’s why I’m doing this. Even if I don’t want to choose a partner, Lady Une wants me to choose one and your gundam happened to be in shape and his gundam is not.”

“Are you saying that you’re really going to do this alone?”


“Then I’ve decided.”

“What’s that Heero?”

“I’m going to be your partner. I’ll also join the Preventer. This is what I’m good at. I can’t let you go alone.”

“Heero… You’re a nice little brother.”

“Are we going to Bavaria or not?”

“Let’s go.”

Relena tried to find a signal from the cell phone she took from a guard but failed.

“It’s no use. We should throw that away.” Maremaia said.

“I’m getting tired. We’ve been doing this for days.” Relena said then sat on the sofa.

“Come to think of it, we’ve been confined here for a month. This means…” Karrie said.

“Our escape plans are failures.” Maremaia said.

“It’s our monthsary!” Karrie told them.

They all glared at Karrie.

“I’m joking.” Karrie assured them.

Relena looked at the phone’s calendar.

“It’s April 24 already.” Relena uttered.

“That’s funny. I could still remember the day I was abducted. It was March 25, Haruka’s 20th birthday.” Karrie told them.

The door opened then Heero entered. Relena’s eyes widened.

“Haruka is waiting by the lake.” Heero told them.

“Heero.” Relena uttered in disbelief.

“Let’s go.” Karrie said.

The alarm went on.

“They must have seen her.” Heero said.

“I hope nothing bad happens to my cousin.” Relena said as they all ran to escape.

“I hate hidden guards.” Haruka said as she shot them.

The Sows, Boars, and Cubs were going her way.

“This stinks!” she complained then went in her gundam.

She used her two boomerangs and her beam gun on them. She hit some but the others kept on coming. She hid the Wing Gundam and threw her two boomerangs. She took a beam saber from the gundam’s knee and cut the Cubs. The Boars tried to hid her using the beam cannon and machine gun but she dodged it. She used her homing missiles on them. She caught her boomerangs again and threw it to the group of Sows.

“HARUKA!” Shinjin shouted.

Haruka looked up and saw Elysium and a white Epyon followed by some Aries and the Altron Gundam.

Shinjin used her beam saber to cut a Boar. Wufei cut some Sow using his Twin Beam Trident then used his dragon fang on a Boar who was aiming at Shinjin. The Aries and Elysium used their missiles on the others. The Sandrock Gundam cut some Cubs using the Heat Shotal. Some mobile suits were intimidated by the Deathcythe Hell while the Heavyarms was firing at the Sows from behind.

“You’re not following orders, Ms. Cole.” Lady Une said.

“Sorry, Lady Une, I just can’t help it. I have to save Karrie and my cousin.” Haruka explained.

“Where is Heero?” Trowa asked.

“Inside, saving Relena and the others.” Haruka told him.

“It looks like that Heero and Relena are reunited again.” Duo said.

The Tallgeese III was cutting its way to Haruka.

“You’re in trouble, Flame. Not here but once we are done.” Milliardo told her.

“Milliardo! I’m not a kid anymore!” Haruka protested.

Haruka used the homing missiles then Milliardo used the Mega beam cannon.

“We’ll talk all right!” Milliardo told her.

Relena and the others saw the fight from the windows.

“This is bad.” Karrie said.

Heero saw Dean pointing the gun at Karrie. Before the bullet hit Karrie, Heero pushed her so Heero was hit on his left arm.

“Too bad. I shouldn’t have missed.” Dean said.

“Heero.” Karrie said then took a handkerchief from her pocket and tied it on Heero’s arm.

“This time, I’ll aim your heads.” Dean said.

Karrie resisted by trying to take Dean’s gun. They were fighting over the gun. Relena realized that she had to do something so she kicked Dean on his abdomen. Dean released the gun and Heero took it. Heero shot Dean on his head so he fell lifelessly on the floor.

“Thanks.” Karrie said.

Heero stood up.

“Let’s go. We’re missing the party.” Maremaia told them.

At the main control center, Ted was very furious.

“How come? This can’t end now.” Ted said.

“There’s nothing we can do.” Theodore told him.

“No. I’ll go and fight. If my ambition will fail then I must –“ Ted said but Theodore slapped him.

“Enough! I’ve had it! I’ve been supportive! I closed my eyes to the things around me just for you!” Theodore said furiously.

They remained silent for awhile then Ray came and pointed a gun at them.

“We’ll take over.” Ray said.

“Ray?” Theodore uttered.

“You thought that I’m dead? You can’t order someone’s men to kill their own leader.” Ray told them.

He was about to shot Ted but Theodore blocked him so Theodore was hit on his chest.

“Theodore!” Ted called.

“C-change.” Theodore uttered then lay unconscious.

“No!!!” Ted shouted.

Ray was about to shot Ted but Heero shot his hand so he dropped his gun. Ted was surprised to see him and their prisoners.

“No more!” Maremaia shouted.

Karrie attacked one of the guards and took his machine gun.

“The pacifists, what can I do for you?” Ray asked.

“Stop this nonsense!” Relena replied.

“Men! You know what to do.” Ray shouted.

Twenty men from inside the control room shot them but they hid by the wall. Heero and Karrie tried to shot them while Ted carried Theodore and tried to escape.

The fight outside was over. The Purcell’s came with the Yuy’s.

“Looks like it is done here.” Shinjin said.

“Heero hasn’t called.” Haruka said.

“Shinjin!” a woman called.

The woman has white hair and red eyes. She looks 50 years old.

“I have to go in.” Haruka thought.

Haruka went out of her gundam and went in the mansion.

“Haruka!” Shinjin called.

Shinjin went out of Epyon and Wufei did the same.

“Shinjin! Wait!” Wufei said.

The woman hugged her.

“Shinjin, my daughter.” The woman said in tears.

“Mom?” Shinjin asked.

The Elysium landed. Frederick went out to greet their mother. Lady Une and Sally went out to follow Haruka.

“We’ve called reinforcements to capture the culprits.” Frederick said.

“Haruka went inside.” Shinjin told them then saw Wufei going in the mansion, “There goes my fiancé, too.”

“They’ll be fine. After all, they are the Preventers.” Frederick assured Shinjin.

“That’s your fiancé?” their mother asked.

Haruka was running through the hallway when she saw Ted carrying Theodore. She pointed her gun at them.

“You’re under arrest for disturbing the peace.” She told him.

“Please. Help him.” Ted told her.

Sally, Lady Une and Wufei came. They saw Ted and Theodore.

“I surrender just help him.” Ted said.

“Call the ambulance. We need help here.” Lady Une said.

“I’m going in.” Haruka told Lady Une.

“I’m coming.” Wufei said.

“Go. We’ll take care of these men.” Sally told them as she dialed the phone.

Haruka and Wufei took out their guns and ran to where they heard a gun fired.

“Where is Shinjin?” Haruka asked Wufei.

“With her mother.” Wufei replied.

“Good.” Haruka said.

They saw Maremaia and Relena outside the room where the shots came from.

“Who’s inside?” Haruka asked them.

“Karrie and Heero.” Relena replied.

“Wufei, take care of them. I’ll help Heero and Karrie.” Haruka told him.

“I can’t leave you alone, Haruka.” Wufei said.

“I have to.” Haruka told him.

“Don’t go, Haruka. I want to know you more.” Relena pleaded.

“I’m sorry.” Haruka said then went in.

Wufei followed her. They saw Heero hiding behind a wall while Karrie was hiding behind a desk.

“I’ll cover you.” Wufei told Haruka.

Haruka just nodded. They immediately ran toward the stairs. Wufei was shooting at the guards while Haruka kept running. Once she reached the top, she shot at everyone below her. She hid because some guards saw her. Wufei was firing his gun at some guards. Karrie and Heero were doing the same thing.

Karrie noticed that someone was pointing a gun at Wufei so she shot him. Wufei thank her. Haruka saw Ray pointing his gun at Heero so she fired her gun at Ray. Her bullet hit his hand so he released the gun. Haruka shot on her arm by a guard so she shot the guard in return.

“You-“ Ray said then kicked Haruka’s abdomen then Heero shot him.

Then reinforcement came and caught the enemies. Karrie went towards Haruka. They went outside the mansion.

“Heero and Haruka were hit.” Karrie told them.

“It’s only a scratch. There’s no bullet in our arms.” Haruka explained.

“Where is everybody?” Wufei asked.

“Wufei.” Shinjin called then hugged him.

“Relena.” Milliardo called her.

“Good to see you again.” Relena said.

“Where are the gundams?” Haruka asked.

“Trowa took them back.” Lady Une replied.

They saw Heero leaving but Haruka stopped him.

“You’re going again?” Haruka asked.

“My mission is complete.” Heero replied.

“But I thought that you want to be my brother.”

“I want to be your brother.”

“Stay with me and be my brother. I don’t want to live alone in my place.”


“Trowa has to work. I thought that you want to be part of the Preventer now.”

“I want to be your partner.”

“You’re hired. You’ll be Haruka’s partner from now on.” Lady Une told Heero.

“You have to stay. Stay with me.” Haruka added.

“Let’s go inside. We have to fix some things.” Lady Une told him.

They went inside while Shinjin, Wufei and Haruka remained. Haruka left them so they can be alone.

“Thank God, you’re ok.” Shinjin said.

“It’s part of my job, Shinjin. You have to get used to it.” Wufei told her.

“I’m not asking you to quit.” Shinjin said.

“I’m not telling you these because you want me to quit. I just want you not to worry.”

“How can I not worry?”

“You should not. I’ll be fine. Haruka and Sally are with me.”

“I know that you’ll get hurt too.”

“Stop this dispute.” Haruka said as she popped out of nowhere. “The two of you are getting married. We all know that this is really part of the job. You have to go inside so your real family can interview Wufei.”

Wufei looked surprised.

“Ok.” Shinjin said.

“Wait! They’ll interview me?” Wufei asked.

“Of course. They would want to know everything.” Shinjin replied.

Shinjin dragged Wufei back to Elysium. Haruka smiled as she watched them arguing.

“Now. What about us?” Trowa asked her.

Haruka was surprised.

“N-N-Nanashi? Since when”

“Just enough to see you popped out of nowhere for Shinjin and Wufei.”

“Don’t scare me again.”

“I’m not scaring you.”

Haruka and Trowa just looked at each other.

“We’ll find Galen.” Trowa told her.


“I know we will find him. Don’t worry. While I’m traveling, I’ll make sure that I’ve searched that town for Galen.”

Haruka suddenly looked sad.

“What’s wrong?” Trowa asked as he held her hand.

“You’re still going away. I was hoping that you’ll stay with me.”

“I’ll stay once we find Galen. For now, finding Galen is our priority.”

“You’re right. We should find Galen first. Your job is an advantage since every child likes circus.”

“The problem is that I don’t know what he looks like.”

“Me, too. It seems that we have to find Lara first before we see Galen.”


“But your job is still your advantage. So unfair! You’ll see Galen first before me.”

Trowa just grinned.

“At least we’ll be one whole family.” Trowa told her.

Haruka just smiled and hugged Trowa.