Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 22: Wedding

Wufei came to their new house near Haruka’s mansion. Haruka insisted that this would be their home since the land was inherited by Shinjin from the Coles. Wufei entered and saw Shinjin’s brothers.

“Wufei, bro!” Willfred greeted as he hugs him.

Wufei felt that something is fishy but he would not mind it at first.

“Thank you very much for marrying our sister.” Kennedy told him.

Wufei was puzzled at first but snickered.

“Shinjin said that that sign she put on your gate will remain.” Wufei told them.


After they went home, Shinjin ordered their guards to put a sign that says: “No Girls Allowed”

“That’s good Shinjin but your brothers might not marry any woman except for me.” Jack told her.

“I don’t care! As long as I’m here, their girls need my permission.” Shinjin told his brother.

Jack was taken aback by what she just said.

“MOTHER!” Frederick called.

“Oh let her be. This is the first time that your sister came and she wants your attention. This is a good idea though.” Mrs. Purcell said.

“But Dominick and Willburt will never have any girlfriends because of this.” Kennedy protested.

Wufei came and saw the sign.

“Good afternoon. I saw the sign outside.” Wufei said.

The boys glared at Wufei.

“If girls are not allowed then he’s not allowed too.” William said.

“There’s a difference between a girlfriend and a fiancé. Besides, I heard from Haruka that my little angel is pregnant.” Mrs. Purcell explained.

They all glared at Wufei.

“PREGNANT?!” Jack gasped in disbelief.

“I can’t believe that such monster will get pregnant.” Nicolas whispered to Willfred.

“Mom got pregnant so believe it.’ Willfred whispered back.

Shinjin and Wufei looked at each other.

“Is it true?” Wufei whispered to Shinjin.

“I don’t know. I just took a test this morning. I still haven’t seen the result.” Shinjin whispered back.

“It’s true.” Willburt told them.

“How did you know?” Dominick asked.

“I found this in the bathroom. If this doesn’t belong to Shinjin then its mom’s.” Willburt said as he showed them the pregnancy test kit.

“It’s just one.” Willfred said.

“There’s two more in the bathroom. It has the same signs.” Willburt told them.

Shinjin and Wufei looked at each other in shock.

“You monster!” William said as he took Wufei by the shirt, “How could you do this to our little sister?!”

“You have to marry her.” Jack said in a calm way.

“He is marrying me, dummy.” Shinjin told him as she showed them a ring around her finger.

“Then, we have to prepare for a little celebration. The wedding is next month so we’ll be a little busy.” Mrs. Purcell said.

“Next month? But I don’t have enough money.” Wufei said.

“Don’t worry about money, little one. We are the Purcell so money is not a matter.” Jack assured him.

“That’s not it!” Wufei insisted.

“Pride is nothing. We’ll take care of your wedding just take care of your little sister.” Willburt said.

The brothers observed Willburt from head to foot.

“Where are you going?” They all asked.

Sally came with a smile on her face.

“Good afternoon.” Sally greeted them.

“Just in time, wait for me outside.” Willburt said.

“Ok.” Sally said then winked.

They glared at Willburt.

“NO!” Frederick said.

“Don’t get in our way.” Willburt said with a glare.

Everyone in the room felt cold so they let Willburt out.

“This is so unfair.” Nicolas said.

“He got dad’s attitude about getting his way.” Dominick told them.

“Edmond… If you could only see our children now…” Mrs. Purcell said out of the blue


“Come on Wufei. Please.” William pleaded.

“Why don’t you ask the maids if they could tell you if Shinjin is visiting so you can put the sign back?” Wufei suggested.

“Thank you. Thank you.” William said.

“Are you ready to get married? Shinjin will be on her way to the church.” Kennedy asked.

“You’re all going to wait for me here?” Wufei asked.

“We have to. We have to make sure that you’re not going to run away.” Nicolas told him.

Wufei just grinned.

Haruka went home and went straight to bed. Heero went to her room and wake her up.

“What now, Heero? Is Relena bothering you again?” Haruka asked.

“Shinjin’s wedding is today.” Heero replied.

Haruka sat on her bed and saw that Heero is wearing a tuxedo.

“OH MY! I forgot! What am I going to wear?” Haruka asked hysterically.

“You forgot to buy your gown, right?” Shinjin asked as she entered Haruka’s room.

“As expected.” Noin said as she leans on the door’s frame.

“We have the solution to your problem.” Milliardo told her as he also leans on the door’s frame.

Relena went in and showed her a white simple gown.

“You’re the bride’s maid right? So we bought you your gown already.” Relena said.

“Haruka, is Milliardo living with you?” Shinjin asked.

“Yeah. So does Heero and Noin. Trowa occasionally stays here.” Haruka told Shinjin.

Harold went in the room.

“As expected from Haruka, she would forget Shinjin’s special day. Everyone is ready except for you.” Harold said.

“No worries. I’ll just wear this thing and that’s ok.” Haruka said.

“I don’t think so.” Quatre said as he also entered the room.

“Huh?” Haruka asked puzzled.

Quatre’s maids went in that made Haruka shocked.

“NOOOO!! This is a nightmare!!” Haruka shrieked.

“We’ll take care of her.” Dana said as everyone left the room.

After the wedding ceremony, they headed to a hotel for the reception.

“Congratulations.” Duo greeted while his arm is around Hilde’s waist.

“Thanks.” Wufei told him.

“Be careful. She’s still painless.” Duo warned Wufei.

Wufei glared at Duo first but sighed.

“You’re right.” Wufei agreed.

Hilde and Duo laughed.

“HARUKA!” Shinjin called as she saw Haruka with Heero.

“Shinjin, congratulations.” Haruka greeted.

“Congratulations.” Heero greeted.

“Thank you.” Shinjin said.

“SHINJIIIIIIN!!” Karrie greeted as she came towards them.

“KARRIE!” Shinjin greeted then hugged her.

“Congratulations.” Karrie said.

“Long time no see.” Shinjin said.

“Or hear.” Haruka added.

“I’m a bit busy.” Karrie told them.

“With boys, parties and things like that.” Haruka mumbled.

“How did you know?” Karrie asked.

“Preventers.” Heero replied.

“This must be your little boyfriend, second to Trowa right?” Karrie asked.

“My partner you mean. He’s also considered as my brother.” Haruka replied.

“I heard from Kennedy that you’re pregnant. Congrats. When is the baby shower?” Karrie asked Shinjin.

“Still don’t know. I’ll inform you when.” Shinjin replied.

“Heero, I have to get some fresh air.” Haruka said as she left.

“What’s wrong with her?” Shinjin asked.

“Trowa is not around.” Heero said.

“He is here. Also, I have a surprise for them.” Shinjin said with a grin.

Heero saw Harold with Catherine Bloom.

“I bet.” Heero agreed.

Haruka went to the terrace. Quatre was sitting on a chair.

“It’s a good night sky.” Quatre said as he looked at Haruka.

“Yeah. It is good.” Haruka agreed.

“Have you seen Trowa?” Quatre asked.

“No. He’s not here.”

“I see.”

“I’m tired of waiting for him though. It’s been a month since I saw him.”

“Tired of Trowa? Is that true?”

Haruka just paused.

“I see. You’re just upset because he’s not here.” Quatre added.

Milliardo went in.

“He is your partner in life. You should have at least the patience to wait for him.” Milliardo told her.

“I want to see him so badly.” Haruka said.

“You’ll see him. We know that he also feels the same.” Quatre assured her.

“I also want to see my little Galen.” Haruka added.

“Trowa must have been looking hard for him.” Quatre told her.

“When you were sleeping, I saw Trowa looking through maps in the library. I guess he was looking for a town that he hasn’t visited yet.” Milliardo told Haruka.

“See. There’s no need to feel awful. You might see them today.” Quatre told her.

Haruka sighed and hugged Quatre and Milliardo.

“The two of you are really like Edward.” Haruka told them.

“That’s the only thing we can do for you.” Milliardo said.

Heero went in and sat on a bench.

“What’s wrong?” Relena asked as she entered.

“Too many people.” Heero said.

Relena sat beside him and wrapped her arms around Heero’s arm.

“I only need you. You’re enough.” Heero told her.

Everyone was surprised to hear what Heero just said.

“This is the first time I heard you say that, Heero.” Relena said.

Heero looked at her then looked at the night sky.

“It’s a beautiful night sky.” Relena said as she looked at the night sky too.

“Good to beat other person.” Milliardo said.

Relena and Heero looked at Milliardo and company. Heero just ignored them but Relena gasped.

“But that’s good though. Seeing Heero loosening a bit.” Haruka told him.

Quatre nodded.

Shinjin was talking to her guests when Wufei wrapped his arms around her waist.

“What is it?” Shinjin asked.

“The plan. We have to do it now.” Wufei replied.

Shinjin nodded. She gathered every maiden in the hall. She observed them carefully and saw that Haruka is missing. She saw her sitting on a chair with a woman. She glared at her and went towards her.

“Haruka! I said maidens!” Shinjin told her.

“Not interested.” Haruka said.

“You’re still not married.”

“I’m tied to Trowa.”

“You’re not really married though.”

Who cares about that stupid bouquet?”

“What about a little challenge?”

“What challenge?”

“If you catch the bouquet, you’ll have to marry the person who will catch the garter before my child is born but if you don’t catch the bouquet, I’ll let you be and even take care of your bills for 3 months.”

“You’re going to do that as long as I participate?”

“Yes. It’s not much though. All you have to do is stand there and try not to catch this.”

“Fine. I’ll do it. Remember that payment.”


Haruka stood up and joined the maidens. She stood farthest from Shinjin and turned around so she would not catch it. A few moments later, she heard girls screaming and something hit her head. She took it and saw a bouquet of roses. She was stunned by what she saw.

“Congratulations.” Wufei said as he led the stunned girl to a seat.

Haruka was just looking at the bouquet when she heard that the garter was thrown already. She closed her eyes so she would not see his future husband.

“Good bye, Trowa. I have to keep my promise to Shinjin.” She thought.

She could feel the garter was being place on her thigh.

“It’s there.” Trowa said.

Haruka opened her eyes and saw Trowa. She was surprised.

“How?” Haruka asked.

“I saw you caught the bouquet so I have to do my best to get the garter.” Trowa replied.

Haruka hugged Trowa.

“I miss you so much.” Haruka told him.

“Me too.” Trowa replied.

“We’ll be waiting for the invitations.” Shinjin said with a wink.

The music played. Shinjin and Wufei danced followed by Haruka and Trowa. Wufei and Shinjin suddenly snuck out of the party.

“We can’t go home yet.” Shinjin told him.

Wufei pressed a button on the elevator.

“I know but I want us to be alone.” Wufei said.

Shinjin blushed as Wufei leaned closer. The elevator opened and they saw Jack standing there.

“Chang Wufei!” Jack called.

Shinjin and Wufei were startled.

“Sneaking out of your own party, eh? That’s the spirit!” Jack complimented.

Shinjin and Wufei were puzzled. Jack handed Wufei a key.

“305. Remember what I’ve told you. I’ll take care of the visitors. By the way, it has everything you need.” Jack said then went to the party.

Shinjin and Wufei entered the elevator.

“Are you sure we made the right choice of making him the best man?” Shinjin asked.

“We did.” Wufei replied.

“I almost forgot the other surprise for Haruka.” Shinjin told him.

“I already told someone about it. She’ll take care of that.” Wufei said.

He led Shinjin in the elevator.

“Everything will be fine.” Wufei assured her.

As the elevator closes, Wufei kisses Shinjin.

Trowa and Haruka were in the terrace. They were sitting on a bench.

“That was mean. You showed up in the middle of nowhere.” Haruka told him.

“It’s part of Shinjin’s plans. I don’t know what has gotten into them but I heard that this is all Duo’s plan.”

“Duo? That monkey… I’m going to crush his skull.”

“In some country, they cook the monkey’s brain while it’s still alive.”



They both laughed.

“What brings you here?” Haruka asked.

“I’m invited.”

“Oh, yeah. But I didn’t know that you were coming.”

“Isn’t this also part of the family gathering? So I have to come.”

“Oh yeah. You’re already part of the family.”

“You don’t want to me to be part of your family?”

“I love to. But everything is so fast.”

“No. It’s not fast. We already had this from the beginning. You and me.”

Haruka blushed when she heard what Trowa said.

“From the start, eh? I guess we already had it all. Almost had it all.”

“I haven’t found Lara or Galen.”

“Me, too. I guess we don’t have that much luck when it comes to our son.”

Trowa held her hand then kissed her lips.

“The two of you are hiding?” Mrs. Llamas said as she came in.

Haruka and Trowa were surprised.

“It can’t be help. Duo’s idea is really a handful but it’s for you.” Mrs. Llamas added.

“What do you mean, aunty?” Haruka asked.

“Shinjin wanted you guys to get married too. That’s why she asked some of your friends about what to do.” Mrs. Llamas replied.

“But marriage is just a contract in a piece of paper. Our partnership is not really base on contract. It’s base on something else.” Haruka explained.

“You don’t want to get married?” Trowa asked.

“That’s not it. I really don’t mind.” Haruka replied.

Haruka gazed into Trowa’s eyes.

“Then, let’s do it. It maybe a contract but it doesn’t matter. We will be together anyway.” Trowa told her.

“So, when is the date?” Mrs. Llamas asked.

“When we have enough money.” Trowa replied.

“There is also one more thing. Heero was very happy when he found out but he wanted to surprise both of you.” Mrs. Llamas said.

Heero and Catherine went in with Lara Dale.

“Lara?” Trowa and Haruka said in chorus.

Behind Lara is a little boy who looks a bit like Trowa but his eyes are blue.

“Ms. Peacecraft, this is Galen Bloom.” Lara introduced the little boy.

“Galen Bloom? Ms. Peacecraft?” Everyone except for Heero and Mrs. Llamas asked in shock state.

“You knew about me being a Peacecraft?” Haruka asked.

“My mother was your father’s loyal servant. She’s the one who took you to that orphanage as ordered by Mr. Edward James Peacecraft.” Lara replied.

“Why Bloom?” Catherine asked.

“I can’t think of anything else. Trowa’s name is not his. I don’t like Barton for it’s the name of that brat who always gets what he wants. Bloom is something that describes Nanashi so Bloom is his last name.” Lara replied.

Catherine smiled and took Galen’s hand.

“That is what’s written in his birth certificate now. He is Galen Bloom, son of Eos Haruka Peacecraft and Trowa Bloom.” Lara added.

Trowa and Haruka looked at each other then laughed.

“We’ve been looking all over Earth for Galen though. I even hired a detective.” Haruka told her.

“That detective found us. We thought that he wanted to kill us so we’ve been hiding from him. But when this young man came and explained to us what has happened, we rush towards here.” Lara said.

“I didn’t know that Heero was looking for Galen too.” Haruka said.

“He’s your partner. You’re with him most of the time, How come you don’t know?” Trowa asked.

“He’s not always with me. I thought that he was always on a date with Relena.” Haruka replied.

“He is with Ms. Relena Peacecraft during those times.” Lara explained.

Haruka stood up and hugged Heero.

“Thank you for everything.” Haruka told him.

“I’m supposed to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. For the change.” Heero said.

Trowa and Haruka went near Galen.

“Hi, Galen.” Trowa greeted.

Galen was bashful at first but he suddenly smiled and hugged them both.

“Mommy. Daddy.” Galen greeted them.

“He already knew about his real parents.” Lara said while showing them a stolen shot of Haruka and Trowa.

“Thank you, Lara.” Haruka said.

Lara shook her head.

“I’m still your loyal servant.” Lara told her.

“Looks like we’re going to be real brothers and sisters now, Trowa Bloom.” Catherine told her.

“Aren’t we already siblings?” Trowa asked.

Catherine laughed.

“That Heero is so sweet. Relena is so lucky.” Shinjin said as she wrapped her arms around Wufei’s body.

They were already in a room on a bed. They wrapped themselves in one blanket.

“Are you regretting that you married me? Wufei asked.


“Don’t you consider yourself lucky?”



“Because mine is not just luck but fits perfectly.”

“Perfect, huh?”


Wufei put his hand on Shinjin’s tummy.

“What do you think about this little fella?” Wufei asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t have any idea if it’s a boy or a girl.” Shinjin replied.

“We should plan now before he grows.”


“I’m considering him as a little boy.”

“But I want a girl.”

“Then we’ll wait. We still don’t know. But even if he ended up as a girl, I’ll still love her.”

Shinjin just smiled.

“You’re so cheesy.”

“I know. I got that from Sally.”

They both laughed.

“I have to work hard for my family.” Wufei told her.

“I know. Don’t worry about us. Aunty and the rest will take good care of me.”

“I’ll still remain by your side. Don’t worry.”

“I’m just worried about Karrie. She was doing the opposite of what’s good. Haruka even regretted that she saved her.”

“She was blinded by the lime-light that she’s in. Let her be. If that’s the life that she wants so be it.”

“I guess you’re right.”



“I have to sleep now. I still have work tomorrow.”

Wufei faced opposite Shinjin then tried to fell asleep. Shinjin was surprised and disappointed at what Wufei just told her. She hit Wufei with a pillow.

“You! On our wedding week! How could you?” Shinjin shrieked as she keeps on hitting Wufei.

“It was only a joke. I already have plans for our honeymoon.” Wufei told her.

“Where are we going?”


Wufei and Shinjin laughed.

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Honestly, I have already finished this story 3 or 4 years ago. I'm just copy-paste-ing this here since I noticed that I have started this already. Oh boy! Reading this piece made me compare my English from before and now. I also noticed the flow of my story and such. I hope I could improve in the future. Thank you for reading.