Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 3: Going Away

Haruka, Shinjin, Mrs. Llamas, Harold, Trowa and Catherine were at the airport. They were saying goodbye to Haruka.

"Take care." Shinjin said.

"Tell me the result of the examination, okay? Haruka reminded her.

"I will." Shinjin assured her.

"Don't forget to call." Mrs. Llamas said.

"Don't worry. We'll take care of Shinjin." Harold said.

"You bet." Haruka told him.

"Quatre already know that you're going. He'll be waiting for you at the airport." Trowa told her.

"Thanks, Nanashi. I really appreciate this." Haruka told him.

"Be careful." Catherine said.

"Thank you and I will." Haruka said.

They heard that those going to a certain place in Saudi Arabia have to go in. They said their goodbyes then Haruka went in. When Haruka was nowhere in sight, Trowa took his bag behind Catherine.

"Take care, too and remember your promise." Catherine reminded him.

Trowa nodded.

"Please take good care of my sister. I entrust her to you." Shinjin told him.

"I will." Trowa said then went in.

"They are going together?" Mrs.Llamas asked puzzled.

"Haruka doesn't know." Shinjin replied.

"It's so romantic." Harold said.

"It's not." Shinjin told him.

"I wish it would turn out that way." Catherine said.

"Why? Isn't he your brother?" Shinjin asked.

"I know I should be protective but he seems happier with her than with me." Catherine replied.

Shinjin and Harold looked at Catherine puzzled.

"How did you know? He doesn't show it." Harold asked.

"Secret." Catherine replied.

Shinjin and Harold looked at each other puzzled.

"By the way, Shinjin, we are leaving today. Thank you for your hospitality." Catherine added.

"You're welcome." Shinjin said.

"What? I thought you'll stay here with me forever." Harold asked.

Shinjin pinched his ears that made him scream in pain.

"Stop it, Romeo. You don't have a chance." Shinjin said.

Catherine giggled.

"That's part of my job, Harold. We could meet again someday." Catherine told him.

"Really? When that day comes, will you marry me?" Harold asked Catherine.

Mrs.Llamas hit Harold on the head.

"Stop it. You're scaring her." Mrs. Llamas said.

"Don't listen to him, Catherine. Just have a safe trip and take care." Shinjin said.

"Good luck in the next town." Mrs. Llamas added.

"Thank you." Catherine said then walked out of the airport.

They watched her as she disappeared.

"Let's go to the hospital so I could see the results." Shinjin told Harold who was heart broken at that moment.

"Okay. Let's go." Harold said with disappointment.

Mrs. Llamas, Shinjin and Harold went to the hospital to see if Shinjin passed. They found Shinjin's name at the top of the list that passed the examination. She got the highest score.

"Auntie, I passed!" Shinjin said happily.

"Good for you. I just lost the love of my life." Harold said.

"Don't be sad. She'll be back once Trowa and Haruka are back." Shinjin comforted Harold.

"I wish." Harold said.

"Let's celebrate! This is Shinjin's day today. If Haruka and Karrie knew this then I'm sure they'll be happy for you." Mrs. Llamas said.

"Yes." Shinjin said.

"Fine. Let's celebrate then." Harold said.

They went to a restaurant and celebrated Shinjin's fulfillment of her dream. She is now a doctor. After they ate, they left the restaurant.

"Wait! If Haruka was here I'm sure she'll buy a cake so for her, I'll buy one." Harold said.

"Okay. I'll come with you." Shinjin said.

"Good. The two of you have a good time. I'm going home." Mrs. Llamas said.

While walking, Shinjin bumped a guy. They both fell on the ground.

"Watch it!" The guy said.

The guy has his black hair tied and small black eyes. He wore a white shirt with leather jacket and white pants.

"You watch it!" Shinjin said.

"Sorry for that." Harold apologized.

"You don't need to apologize, Harold. It's his fault." Shinjin hissed.

Shinjin looked at the guy and instantly like him. She regretted that she started a fight with him.

"MY FAULT? Well, if you were watching where you are going then this won't happen." The guy said.

"WHAT?" Shinjin asked furiously.

"Wait! Stop it! You're both causing too much attention." Harold told them.

They looked around and saw that a crowd was forming. They were silent for awhile.

"We are very sorry, mister. Um… What's your name?" Harold asked.

"I'm Wufei Chang." Wufei replied.

"Well, Mr. Chang, we are sorry." Harold apologized again.

"I'm sorry, too." Shinjin said while glaring at him.

"Sorry, too." Wufei said.

Harold and Shinjin walked away but Wufei stood there and watched them as they disappeared.

After buying the cake, they went out the shop and saw the same guys who kidnapped Karrie.

"Harold, its' them!" Shinjin said nervously.

"What?" Harold asked her.

"Those persons who kidnapped Karrie. They are here." Shinjin said.

"Ms. Shinjin Cole, we want to invite you to our master's place. He is waiting for you. If you refuse, we will be forced to take you." the leader said.

"I'm not coming!" Shinjin told them.

"Where is Karrie?" Harold asked.

Two of his men grabbed Shinjin but Harold threw the box of cake on them. The man on Shinjin's left released her then she stepped on the other one's foot. Harold and SHinjin ran but the five men followed them.

While running, Shinjin bumped to Wufei again.

"I told you to watch it!" Wufei said irritatedly.

"I'm sorry." Shinjin said immediately.

"Come on! We have to hurry!" Harold said.

Harold grabbed Shinjin's hand while Shinjin unconsciously grabbed Wufei's ahnd.

"Wait!" Wufei said while being dragged by Shinjin and Harold.

They reached a dead end. They were trying to get out of the alley but three men were blocking their way.

"I told you this was a bad idea." Shinjin said.

"Now is not the time to argue, Shinjin." Harold told her.

"What's happening?" Wufei asked.

"They want to kidnap me." Shinjin replied.

"Why?" Wufei asked.

"I don't know." she replied.

"Come with us, Ms. Cole." one of them said.

"No! I'm not going with you guys even if I have to fight you all at once." Shinjin told them as she positioned herself to fight.

"Like you can." Wufei mumbled.

"You can go now, Mr. Chang. You don't have business here." Shinjin told him.

They attacked her at once. Shinjin kicked the man at the middle and punched the two. The man on the left recovered and tried to grab her but she just stranggled and break his spine. The man on his right was about to grab her too but she kicked him on the abdomen. The three cried in pain.

"Not bad." Wufei said.

Two of their companions came. They saw what happened and attacked Shinjin but Wufei gave them a flying kick. Wufei used his martial arts to battle them. Shinjin also helped him but she was a bit slow. She was not used to it after all, she was used to knocking her opponents out without any fuss.

"You're good at this, Mr. Chang." Shinjin complimented.

"Not bad, Ms. Cole." Wufei said with a grin.

The bad guys were lying on the ground in pain. The leader stood up and took a knife from his pocket. He was going to stab Shinjin but Wufei grabbed her so Wufei was stabbed. There was blood coming out of Wufei's back which made Shinjin hysterical. The police came and captured those who tried to kidnapped Shinjin but three of them escaped.

"Are you okay?" Wufei asked.

Shinjin nodded while tears fell down her cheeks.

"Good." Wufei said then closed his eyes.

"Mr. Chang? Mr. Chang!" Shinjin shrilled nervously when she saw his eyes closed.

"Is everything all right Dr. Cole?" the police asked.

"What?" Harold asked.

"We heard the news. Congratulations, Shinjin." the police said.

"Mr. Martin, can you help us take him home?" Shinjin asked.

"Sure, Dr. Cole." Mr. Martin replied.

Mr. Martin told the others to go back to the police station and helped Shinjin and Harold carry Wufei in the police car and went home.

At home, Shinjin treated his wound while Mrs. Llamas and Harold talked about what happened.

"So, some escaped." Mrs. Llamas cleared.

"Yes, ma. If it wasn't for Mr. Chang, they might have taken Shinjin. Haruka will get mad of me if that happens. She'll kill me for sure." Harold said.

"This means that Shinjin is not safe here anymore. Even if Mr. Martin helps they'll keep coming with even more companions." Mrs. Llamas said.

"Where will I go?" Shinjin asked.

They remained silent and think. Wufei opened his eyes then sat at the side of the bed.

"Where am I?" Wufei asked.

"You're in Shinjin's house. How are you?" Harold asked.

"I'm fine. Thank you for treating my wounds." Wufei replied.

"We are supposed to thank you for helping us." Shinjin said while handing him a glass of orange juice.

Wufei took the juice and drank it.

"What is your business in this town, Mr. Chang?" Mrs. Llamas asked.

"What's on your mind, aunty?" Shinjin asked her.

"I'm suppose to buy groceries and things needed for our aircraft." Wufei replied.

"Aircraft? Where is it?" Mrs. Llamas asked.

"That's classified." Wufei replied.

"If I'm not mistaken, you're a preventer." Mrs. Llamas guessed.

"I am." Wufei told her.

This gave Mrs. Llamas an idea. She gave it away to Harold and Shinjin by showing her wide grin.

"What's on your mind, Ma?" Harold asked.

"Thank you for saving my son and my niece but I have one more favor to ask you." Mrs. Llamas told Wufei.

"What is it?" Wufei asked.

"Take my niece with you. The Teddy Bear Corps wanted to get her for some reason. You might get information why they wanted her badly." Mrs. Llamas said.

Shinjin and Harold were surprised. Wufei thought about it.

"But, Ma!" Harold whined.

"Why him?" Shinjin asked.

"This is the only way to keep you safe. They won't rest until they get you. I found that information about the Teddy Bear Corps by looking at your computer." Mrs. Llamas replied.

"What do you think Mr. Chang?" Harold asked.

"If only Haruka were here or if only Karrie were here, I'm sure they'll do the same. Besides, Haruka was already on her way to rescue Karrie." Mrs. Llamas said.

"Yeah. With the help of her friend, Trowa Barton." Shinjin added.

"Trowa Barton? A clown from a circus?" Wufei asked surprised.

"Yup. That guy. Do you know him?" Harold asked.

"I do. I guess I'll have to do that favor, ma'am." Wufei told Mrs. Llamas.

"Good. Pack your things, Shinjin. Harold, you'll take them for a drive to where they have to go." Mrs. Llamas ordered.

"Yes." They both said in chorus.

Shinjin went out of the room while Harold stayed.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Chang." Mrs. Llamas thanked.

"Thank you for your hospitality." Wufei said.

"Take care of my cousin." Harold told him.

Shinjin went in with a suitcase.

"What about Haruka? She'll call, right?" Shinjin asked.

"We'll take care of it." Mrs. Llamas replied then hugged her, "Take care."

"I will." Shinjin said.

Shinjin, Wufei and Harold left. Mrs. Llamas watched them as they went out of the house and out of the gate. She looked at the picture of Lea, Arthur, Edward, Shinjin, Haruka and Karrie on the wall.

"Lea, what's happening to your family? I wish they get throug this mess. Help your children." she said.