Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 5: Escape

A guard went inside the hostages' room to deliver their food.He put it on a table. He noticed that the girls were not around. The widows were open and the curtains were down and used as a rope. The guard went towards the window to see if the hostages are climbing down the cloth.

When he reached the window, he noticed that the rope was too short to reach the ground. He looked behind him but Maremaia hit him on the head using a vase. The guard lied unconsciously on the ground.

"Good." Maremaia sid.

Karrie checked the guard's possession and took his gun and some bullets.

"Let's go." Relena told them.

They went out of the room and snuck through the guards without being noticed.

"THE HOSTAGES HAVE ESCAPED!" One of the guard said as he ran across the hallway.

Karrie and the others ran to the hallway then heard that at the ends of the hallway, guards are coming. They saw a door beside them and took the risk to enter that room.

"Who are you?" a man asked.

He was about 37 years old with long golden hair tied in a ponytail. He also have this sparkling red eyes that was somewhat similar to Shinjin.

"Minister Jack Purcell?" Relena said.

"Vice Foreign Minister Relena Darlian. Good. He didn't hurt you. Are your companions alright?" Minister Purcell asked.

"Yes but what are you doing here? They kidnapped you, too?" Relena inquired.

"I'm here to negotiate." Minister Purcell told her.

Then they heard a knock from the door.

"Hide. I'll take care of them." Minister Purcell suggested.

They hid under the bed. Jack took a book from the shelf and pretended to read. The guards knocked again so he stood up and opened the door.

"I'm sorry, Minister. Have you seen three girls?" a guard asked while his companions looked for the girls inside the room.

"No. Hey! Don't touch that!" he told one of the guards as he tries to open the closet.

"There's nothing here." the guards said.

"Tell us when you see them." the guard told him then left the room.

Minister Purcell locked the door.

"You can come out now." Minister Purcell told the girls.

Relena, Maremaia and Karrie went out and fixed themselves.

"Do you know who is behind this?" Maremaia asked.

Minister Purcell didn't say a word.

"Speak to us." Karrie insisted.

"I can't. We promised to protect each other." Minister Purcell told them.

"You are one of them." Maremaia said.

"I am by blood but our ideals are against." Minister Purcell told them.

"A part of your family." Karrie murmured.

Minister Purcell noticed her.

"You must be Karrie Cole. the nurse and commercial model." Minister Purcell said.

"Yes, I am." Karrie confirmed.

"Do you know a girl named Shinjin?"

"She is my sister."

"How is she?"

"She is fine. I'm guessing that she passed the board exams and practicing as an intern right now."


"She took Medicine as a course. Right now, she is a doctor."

"That's good. We should celebrate but I want to thank you personally for taking good care of her. I guess we owe you."


"I'll help you escape."

Karrie was a little puzzled but he will help so she thought that she'll ask him later about his relation with Shinjin.

Minister Purcell opened the door and looked outside. He saw three guards walking towards him so he called them in. Inside, Karrie, Relena and Maremaia held a thick book by the door so when the guards entered. They hit them until the guards were unconscious. They immediately took the guards' uniforms and change wore them while Minister Purcell tied the guards.

Minister Purcell led them out. No one suspected a thing until someone pointed a gun on Minister Purcell.

"What is the meaning of this?" Minister Purcell asked.

The guy who pointed his gun on Minister Purcell grinned. He got an eye patch on his right eye but his left green eye glared at the girls. He has a shiny bad head.

"I bet he waxes his head every morning." Maremaia whispered to them.

Karrie and Relena giggled.

"I know what you are up to Minister. I can smell it across the hallway." he said.

The guy looked at Maremaia.

"Too small to be part of my troop, kid." he told Maremaia.

Maremaia pouted while Minster Purcell glared at the guy. Guards from behind them grabbed them. They struggled to escape the guards' grip.

"Dean! Let us go!" Minister Purcell ordered.

"I'm not taking orders from you." Dean told Minister Purcell.

Dean gestured to the guards to take the girls back to their room.

"No!" Relena shrilled as they were forcefully dragged away.

"I'll let you go this time Minister because your brother is our boss but I'll report this. After you talk to him, I'll convince him that we relocate." Dean said.

Inside the hostages room, Karrie, Relena and Maremaia noticed that there were no more curtains and the windows were locked. Relena looked outside the window and saw that there were guards watching their window.

"They are really on it now." Relena said.

"We were so close." Maremaia said.

"Don't worry. We still have our chance." Relena assured them.

Karrie sat on her bed, thinking deeply.

"Why is he asking about Shinjin?" Karrie asked herself.

Seeing Karrie thinking made the others think deeply too.

"Which brother is behind all of this?" Maremaia asked.

"Come to think of it, Minister Purcell has eight brothers." Relena realized.

"Someone who loves power. Who is it?" Maremaia asked again.

They were all thinking in silence.