Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 6: Pride

Inside the meeting room of the Preventers, Wufei was complaining to Sally. Shinjin was sitting on a chair, listening to every complains.

“I told you to give her a room.” Wufei complained.

“I did, didn’t I?” Sally said teasingly.

“I mean you should share your room.” Wufei told her.

“I don’t want to share it to anyone except for Noin.”

“Find her a good place then.”

“Why don’t you do it? You saved her so you’re responsible.”

“Is that the reason why I’m sharing my room with her?”


“You are unreasonable! You can’t do this!”

“I just did!”

“What if… Just forget it! I’ll just talk to Lady Une about this!”

“Can’t stand to sleep on the floor? You know, you’ve been sharing your room eversince she came. You don’t have to talk to Lady Une not unless you are tempted.”

“Why would I be?”

Sally just winked at Wufei.

“I know how to control myself.” Wufei told her.

“Then you are tempted.” Sally said.

Wufei just blushed and frowned at Sally.

“I AM NOT!” Wufei told her.

“Do you feel guilty?” Sally asked him again.

“I DON’T!” Wufei replied.

“Does she remind you of your wife?” Sally asked.

"Wife?” Shinjin asked surprisedly.

“He used to but she is dead.” Sally replied.

“It’s none of your business.” Wufei told Shinjin.

“Like I care! I was surprised to know that someone had the guts to marry someone like you. She must be blind.” Shinjin said then stick her tongue out.

“You’re insulting me, Dr. Cole.” Wufei said.

“I’m glad you’ve notice, Mr. Chang.” Shinjin said.

Sally watched the two of them argue and she was awed by them.

“My, my. In just two nights, the two of you are acting like husband and wife. This is fun.” Sally teased.

Shinjin and Wufei glared at Sally. Lady Une came and saw what was happening. She sat on her chair then they noticed her. Everyone fixed themselved and sat down.

“I’ve got good news. The Purcell brothers are now willing to cooperate.” Lady Une said.

A guy with a golden hair went in. He is 27 years old. His red eyes were looking straight on Shinjin then sat beside her. Wufei was irritated by the way the guy look at Shinjin. Shinjin, however, was amazed by the way the new guy moveand left like she knew him.

“Everyone, this is Nicolas Purcell. He’ll be here in behalf of the Purcells.” Lady Une said.

“I’m sorry. This is my brother’s fault. Ted wants to dominate Earth. Even our mother can’t stop him so we need your help.” Nicolas told them.

“That would be impossible.” Wufei mumbled.

“By the way, Dr. Cole, if it okay with you to stay in our house, I’m sure that you will be safer there than here.” Nicolas told her.

Shinjin was surprised that someone like Nicolas asked her even though he didn’t know her but Wufei was very iritated.

“I know its sudden but my brother wants you for some reason.” Nicolas said.

“We never met so why would he want me?” Shinjin asked.

Nicolas looked at Shinjin and sighed. He wanted to tell him but he can’t.

“No. She won’t go! She’ll stay here!” Wufei whined.

“What do you think, Shinjin?” Lady Une asked.

Shinjin looked at Nicolas and Wufei. Wufei was crossing his arms but kept on glancing at Shinjin. Nicolas was looking straight at her.

“I want to see Haruka so I’ll stay here.” Shinjin replied.

“Why?” Nicolas asked then glared at Wufei.

“If I stay here, there’s a chance I’ll see my sister again. I’ll be able to track Karrie and help save her.” Shinjin replied.

Wufei secretly smiled but Nicolas was disappointed. He looked at Shinjin and Wufei.

“Then, I’ll respect your decision. We’ll meet again.” Nicolas said then hugged Shinjin.

“I guess.” Shinjin said.

Nicolas released her then looked at Wufei with satisfaction while Wufei was glaring at him. Nicolas’ phone rang so he answered it and went outside.

“Then, Dr. Cole, will you be our temporary doctor in this ship?” Lady Une asked politely.
Shinjin nodded.

“Since you don’t want her to go, Mr. Chang, you will let her use your bed again. This means, you have to sleep on the floor. Understand?” Lady Une asked Wufei with an air of commanding it at the same time.

“Yes, ma’am.” Wufei replied.

Nicolas went back and kneeled to them.

“Please, take good care of Shinjin for me.” He begged.

Shinjin was surprised that someone like him would kneel just to beg for her safety.

“We will, Mr. Purcell.” Lady Une assured him.

Nicolas stood up and gave them an unconvincing smile.

“I have to go. My mom is waiting for me.”Nicolas told them.

Nicolas looked at Shinjin for the last time before leaving.

“Wow! I never knew anyone would kneel just for me.” Shinjin said.

“You must be that special.” Sally told her then smirked at Wufei.
Wufei glared at Sally.

“Mr. Chang, take Doctor Cole with you and buy the things we need here.” Lady Une told him.
Wufei was about to protest but Lady Une glared at him.

“Meeting adjourned.” Lady Une said.

Sally and Lady Une left while Shinjin and Wufei stayed for awhile.

“Why did you protest a moment ago?” Shinjin asked.

“Don’t get me wrong but your auntie told me to take good care of you because you took care of me when I was wounded.” Wufei replied.

“Oh! How was it?” Shinjin asked.

“It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.” Wufei replied.

“You sure are moody.”


“You change your mood in just a click. You are weird.”

“As long as I’m not weak like you.”

“I’m not weak! How come you kept on saying that to me?”

“It’s because you are.”

“I am not! You’re so persistent.”

“Now I’m persistent!”

“You have a lot of pride!”

“I know that. You have a problem with that?”

“That’s the problem.”

“Then you have to deal with it!”

“At least it’s only temporary. Good thing I’m not going to marry you.”

“Like I want to.”

“Same here.”

They glared at each other then looked away.

Meanwhile, Sally and Lady Une were just outside the door. They were listening to their arguments.

“Silly boy.”Sally said.

“Mr. Purcell noticed that something is happening between them. He doesn’t like it.” Lady Une told her.

“Are you going to stop those two?” Sally asked.

Lady Une just smiled and walked away.

“I don’t think so.” Lady Une said.

Sally just grinned.


“It’s crowded here.” Shinjin said.

Wufei and Shinjin were in a market. They were shopping for what they need.

“Let’s go.” Wufei told her.

“No. Let’s find a different place.” Shinjin said.

Someone pushed Shinjin that made her fall on her knees.

“Hey! Watch it!” Wufei told the guy who pushed Shinjin but he was ignored.
Wufei helped Shinjin stand.

“I’m not supposed to babysit.” Wufei mumbled.

“Babysit? Do you really think I’m that weak?” Shinjin asked with her voice raised.

“Yes I do!” Wufei replied with his voiced also raised.

They argued in front of the crowd. People often stop and watch their dispute. When Wufei and Shinjin noticed that eyes are all over them, Wufei took her hand and entered a restaurant.

“That was embarrassing.” Shinjin said.

“It’s your fault. If you didn’t raise your voice then I would not raise mine.” Wufei told her.

“My fault? It’s your fault, too. If you have never told me that I’m weak then this would not happen!”

“Let’s stop this. Everyone is looking at us.”

They stayed silent until a waiter came and showed them the menu and they ordered.

“I wonder what they are doing right now.” Shinjin said.

“Who?” Wufei asked.

“My sisters. I don’t know where Haruka is right now and I don’t know what they are doing to Karrie.”

“You love them?”

“Of course I do even if they are not related to me by blood. We care and protect each other.”

“A family.”


“It’s good for you to know what you want/”

“Of course! I always want to know more about my future. What about you?”

“Me? I’m fine this way.”

“What? You don’t know your purpose?”

“You see, I didn’t protect someone in the past so I feel guilty. I can still remember her first and last smile to me. When Sally came, I thought I found my purpose until you came my way.”

“Me? Why me?”

Wufei was surprised then blushed.

“Let’s finish this.” Wufei told her.

“If you won’t tell me right now then fine! There’s still a lot ahead of us.” Shinjin said then smiled at him.

Wufei blushed as she saw her smile.

“Like Karrie said, I’m stubborn and my heart knows what it wants.” Shinjin added.