Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 7: Teddy Bear Corps

“The hostages are transferred to a different base, sir.” Dean told Ted.

They were inside Ted’s office in his house. Ted was sitting on his chair while Dean was standing in front of him.

“Good. Did you got through the media?” Ted asked.

“No luck, sir. Your brother really blocked them but some of our men are spreading rumors.” Dean replied.

“That Kennedy! He is behind all of the blockage!”

“Indeed, sir. Should we dispose him?”

“No. He is still my brother.”

“Then we should find a different way to get their attention.”

“What about Karrie Yuy? What did her brother said?”

“They’ll help as long as we show her to them.”

“Good. We need more mobile suit pilots.”

“Are you planning an attack, sir?”

“As soon as possible.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Dean left him. Ted took his laptop from his drawer and opened it. He opened the folder named Cole then opened the document named Shinjin.

“I want you beside me.” Ted said as he looked at Shinjin’s picture.

He caressed the picture then looked at the lab results.

“Good thing you were in that hospital donating your blood for those who needed it. You’re so kind-hearted. I should also thank your adventurous friend, Haruka and the insisting powers of Karrie to try that trick I’ve done.” Ted added then looked at the flyer about a free dental check-up.

“I was right. You are alive. I can still remember those times when we were kids and we play a lot.” Ted reminisced.

He remembered those times when they used to play hide and seek. He used to chase Shinjin around and they would laugh together.

Then Minister Glow went in.

“Minister Purcell, I’ve heard that you’re planning to attack.” Governor Glow said.

“Yes, Theodore. Is there a problem?” Ted asked.

“None but your mom called.”

“The usual.”


“She tries to stop me but I won’t stop.”

“This is your plan to scare people?”


“What about those Leos and Arieses?”

“They are outdated. They are no match for our Boar, Sow and Cub.”

“What about those Gundams?”

“They were destroyed by their own pilots four years ago. There’s no way they could produce one in just a matter of days.”

“Where are we going to attack?”

“Some should attack the military base while some attack the town near that base. Use the cubs. Never reveal the Sow and Boar.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Let’s see if my brothers can block the media now.”


That afternoon, the media reported an attack in a military base in France and to its nearest town. They showed a mobile suit smaller but faster than a Leo. Then, they showed a video of Ted Purcell declaring war.

“This is getting interesting.” Dean said as he turned off the television.

He was in a living room with Theodore Glow.

“He really is into it.” Theodore said worriedly.

“What are his reasons? Why does he want war?”

“You don’t know? Why are you following him?”

“Do you know, Governor?”

“All I know is that it has something to do with his sister.”

“What happened?”

Theodore glared at Dean but Dean just smirked.

“She was kidnapped when she was a toddler.” Ted said when he entered.

Theodore watched him as he sat on a chair.

“They threatened to kill her if we didn’t pay the ransom but as we were negotiating, she escaped.” Ted added.
“I remember that incident 16 years ago. It was about the daughters of the Purcell and the Yuy family held captive. Did you found her?” Dean asked.

“He did just a month ago.” Theodore replied.

“Where is she?” Dean asked.

“Hiding. She doesn’t know what her real identity is.” Ted replied.

“Do the other Purcells know?”


“So, your sister is the reason why you are doing this.”

“No. I just want to be powerful.”

“What about you, Governor Glow?” Dean asked Theodore.

“I’m just supporting my best friend as promised.” Theodore replied.

Ted put a hand on Theodore’s shoulder. They looked at each other then smiled.

“What about you?” Theodore asked.

“I just want to kill someone. I’m so bored.” Dean said.

“Fine by me.” Ted said.

“Have you seen the Boar and Sow?” Theodore asked Ted.

“Not yet. Tell me what they look like and their features. I’ve only seen the cub.” Ted said.

Then a guard entered the room.

“Sir, the prisoners have escaped. They took a Sow, Boar and a Cub.” The guard said.

Ted, Theodore and Dean were alarmed.

“What the hell are you doing here? FOLLOW THEM!” Dean ordered.

“Yes, sir.” The guard said then went out.

Ted stood up.

“I guess, this is a better way to see its features. Let’s go to the control room.” Ted said calmly.

They went to the control room. They saw that the other members were calling backups. On the screen, mobile suits were fighting. The cameras were focused on three mobile suits and their pilots.

“That’s the Sow, the one Karrie Yuy is using.” Dean said.

The Sow has a semicircular-shaped head with an eye that move from side to side. It has pads on its shoulders and knees. Its left hand is a bazooka while the right hand is used to hold a blade.

When the soldiers were about to hit a cub used by Maremaia, Karrie used the Sow’s pad as a force field which made the beams deflect.

“Vice Minister Relena Darlian is using the Boar.” Theodore told Ted.

The Boar has a very heavy armor. Its head is a polygon in shape and it has two large jet boosters at its back. The Boar has two hands use to carry large beam cannon.
Relena used one beam cannon and it hit a row of cubs’ head.

“So, Ms. Maremaia is using the Cub.” Ted said.

The cub is smaller than any other mobile suits. It looks like a Leo but its head’s center is diamond in shape. Its left arm is a beam cannon while the other arm held a sword.
Maremaia’s Cub passed through other Cubs easily. She was slicing them and cutting off their heads.

“That’s enough. I need them back here now.” Ted ordered.

“Yes sir.” They all said in chorus.

“Dean, use the Boar but I need them alive.” Theodore said.

“Yes sir.” Dean said then left.

After a few minutes, a beam cannon was fired to the heads of Maremaia, Karrie, and Relena’s mobile suits which triggered the mobile suits to shut down.

“I told you to never escape. I guess I’ll take you back again.” Dean teased.

Relena, Maremaia and Karrie went out of their mobile suits. Ted went out of the room followed by Theodore.

“Where are you going?” Theodore asked.

“I’ll be waiting for them. I want to thank them for showing me what my mobile suits can do.” Ted said with a grin.

“Suit yourself.” Theodore told him.

Ted went in their room and waited until Dean and the hostages came.

“Minister Ted Purcell.” Relena called.

“Vice Minister, I’ll have to thank you.” Ted said.

“What?” Maremaia asked.

“Thank you for showing me what those mobile suits can do. To show my gratitude, I’ll invite you to have dinner with me.” Ted told them.

“You’re behind all of this.” Relena concluded.

“Correct. I’ll give you extra credit for that.” Ted told her.

“Then, I won’t go for dinner.” Karrie said.

Ted grinned at her.

“Ms. Karrie Cole. Or should I call you Ms. Karrie Yuy?” Ted said.

“Yuy?” Maremaia asked.

“I would also like to thank you for taking good care of my sister, Shinjin.” Ted told her.

Karrie’s eyes widened when she heard Shinjin’s name.

“Shinjin? You are her real brother?” Karrie asked in surprise.

Ted nodded.

“How did you…”

“I got samples of your DNA's when you attended that free dental check up.” Ted told them.

“You used our DNA's to know where we are?” Karrie asked.

“Since you and Haruka are her known family, we tried to know if you are a real Cole because we found out that you lived in an orphanage. We tried to match your DNA's with known politicians and celebrities and made an amazing discovery. Karrie Cole is the long lost daughter of the late Heero Yuy. Your DNA matched his.” Ted narrated.

“My DNA? That means?” Karrie asked.

“Your brother will be here for dinner. You can still change your mind and join us.” Ted said.

“What about Haruka?” Karrie asked.

“Her? Why do you want to know? She’s not even your real sister.” Ted told her.

“She is still my sister. The two of them are still my sisters. They will be forever.” Karrie told him.

Ted grinned.

“Very well, her DNA matched Ms. Peacecraft’s.” Ted replied.

“My sister?” Relena asked.

“Your cousin.” Ted cleared.

“What?” Maremaia asked in awe.

“You mean someone took her to that orphanage?” Relena asked.

“No. Her brother was with her.” Karrie replied.

“Where is her brother?” Relena asked.

“He died saving us.” Karrie replied.

They remained silent as Ted went out of the room.

“We had too much revelation for a day.” Maremaia said.

“Relena, Haruka will be very pleased to see you, I’m sure of that!” Karrie said.

“I hope so.” Relena said.

“I can’t wait for dinner. Let’s see what will happen.” Maremaia said.

Relena and Karrie agreed with Maremaia. They sat on their sofa, waiting for what will happen next.