Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 8: Duet

Trowa, Quatre and Heero were waiting inside a room. They can hear Haruka screaming for help.

“What’s wrong with her?” Heero asked.

“She’s just overreacting.” Quatre replied then giggled.

“What are you up to?” Trowa asked.

Heero looked at Quatre then Trowa.

“Want to play some instruments?” Trowa asked Heero.

“No.” Heero replied.

“Let’s play some while waiting.” Quatre said.

Trowa nodded. Heero sat on a sofa while Trowa and Quatre grabbed their music instruments. Quatre played with a violin while Trowa played with a flute. They were playing a nice and smooth melody.

Haruka entered the music room to protest about the maid’s behavior but she stopped by the door and listened intently to their music. She noticed that they were having fun so she tried to get away from them but Heero saw her.

“Haruka.” Heero said and invited her to seat next to him.

Trowa and Quatre stopped playing to look at her and smiled. Haruka was wearing her white polo shirt, a black pencil skirt and a
small black boots.

“You look lovely.” Quatre complimented.

Haruka blushed but she frowned as she sat beside Heero. This made Quatre puzzled.

“Did I say something wrong?” Quatre asked.

“Your freaking maids are irritating! Even though the party is over, they still want to dress me up! What’s wrong with them? And how come you have so many dresses?” Haruka asked.

“Those are my sisters’ dresses. I just kept them in a closet.” Quatre replied.

“She must be so vain.” Haruka said.

“I have twenty nine elder sisters.” Quatre told her.

Haruka’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Family of rabbits.” Haruka mumbled.

“What did you find out?” Heero asked.

“They were using their hostages to gain more members. That’s all. What about you?” Haruka asked.

Heero frowned.

“They were creating mobile suits. They called them Sow, Boar and Cub. The only factory I’ve heard is in the Philippines. He kept on boasting that no one will find that factory there.” Heero replied.

“Then, Heero, the two of us are going to the Philippines.” Haruka said.

“What about us?” Trowa asked.

“You can go back to your circus while Quatre will have his normal life back.” Haruka replied.

“We are going with you, Flame.” Trowa said.

“NO! This is none of your business.” Haruka said.

“It is now.” Quatre told her.

“How did it happen?” Haruka asked.

“You were not aware that you have dragged us in it.” Trowa replied.

Trowa gazed into her eyes so she looked away with a blush.

“Very well, you guys can come.” Haruka said in defeat.

Quatre smiled at her which made her all red.

“But let’s rest first.” Haruka said.

Quatre and Trowa nodded and played their song. Heero looked at Haruka who was sitting at his side. Haruka closed her eyes and listened intently to them while Heero crossed his arms and watched Trowa and Quatre. After a few moments, Haruka’s head was on Heero’s shoulder which surprised him but he let her head rest on his shoulder. He was also falling asleep and put his head on Haruka’s head. Quatre noticed that Trowa had stopped playing and was looking at Heero and Haruka.

“What’s wrong?” Quatre asked with a grin.

“It’s nothing.” Trowa said.

Heero noticed that they had stopped playing and opened his eyes. Trowa handed Quatre the flute and lifted Haruka. Heero watched his expression as he lifted Haruka.

“I’ll take her to her room.” Trowa said.

Quatre giggled while Heero was left puzzled as Trowa walked out of the room.

“What’s funny?” Heero asked.

“Someone is jealous.” Quatre replied.

“Him?” Heero asked again.

Quatre just smiled.

Heero, Quatre, Haruka, Trowa and Rashid were in a room of a hotel somewhere in the Philippines. The room was grand and elegant but it has only two beds and one comfort room.

“Any news?” Haruka asked.

“None.” Quatre replied.

“Let’s help your guards and look for it too.” Haruka suggested.

“No. We wait and devise a plan.” Quatre told her.

“After 15 minutes, you’ll repeat that conversation again. It’s irritating.” Rashid complained.

“Fine. I’ll go.” Haruka said and stood up.

Quatre grabbed her arm.

“I need fresh air because of the tension this room is giving me. Don’t worry.” Haruka assured him with a smile.

Quatre released her and let her out of the room. Trowa stood up and followed her.

“Mr. Barton is very patient while Ms. Cole is the opposite.” Rashid said.

“Well. That’s the way things are.” Quatre told him.

They remained silent for 30 minutes.

“Any news?” Heero asked.

Quatre glared at him.

Haruka opened a car then turned on the engine when she heard someone knocked on her door. She looked by the window and saw Trowa so she opened the window and smiled.

“Move.” Trowa ordered.

“No. I’ll drive.” Haruka insisted.

“Do you want me to tell Rashid that you took his cell phone and his car key?” Trowa threatened.

“I would have gotten away anyway.” Haruka told him.

Trowa showed her a cell phone so she sighed. Haruka moved to the passenger’s seat while Trowa entered the car.

“I know what you’re up to.” Trowa said.

“I owe you a lot though. Why help me? You know I can’t pay you.” Haruka told him.

“I’m not asking for anything.” Trowa said then drove the car.

Haruka was staring at Trowa for a long time. She noticed him glancing at her so he stopped for awhile and looked at her. Haruka can’t understand her feelings when their eyes met. She felt his eyes were melting her and she doesn’t like it.

“If you’re not asking for anything then don’t help. You’re making it hard for me.” Haruka told him while blushing.

“You are my friend. That’s enough.” Trowa told her.

They saw a spacecraft landing somewhere in the woods.

“It’s only an aircraft.” Haruka said.

“It’s not just an aircraft. It came from outer space. We know that this country doesn’t have spacecraft or vessel unless…”

“Unless, someone powerful would afford one.”

“We’ll locate it. Call Quatre.”

Haruka called Quatre while Trowa estimated the location to where the spacecraft had landed. They have passed tall trees until they saw another spacecraft landed at a distant factory.

The factory is very big guards surround them. They hid the car a bit farther.

“Now, we wait.” Trowa told her.

“Hey, Nanashi.”

Trowa just looked at her.

“Are you really willing to die for a friend?” Haruka asked.

Trowa didn’t reply. He just looked at her. This made Haruka puzzled.

“Look. I can’t let you help me not unless you have someone you love that they held captive or I paid you to do it. So, after this mess, I’ll pay you just name it. I don’t have money though if that’s on your mind but I’ll try.” Haruka told him.

“I told you, I don’t need money.”

“There must be something else you want.”

Trowa was silent for a moment then looked at her.

“There are some things. Once I achieved one then the other follows.” Trowa told her.

“What is that? Can I do it?”

“It depends.”

They heard a knock on their doors. They looked at the window and saw that the guards found them. Trowa opened his window.

“What are you doing here?” The guard asked.

“I’m sorry, sir. We are lost. My girlfriend her gave me the wrong direction.” Trowa replied.

“Me? Now it’s my fault!” Haruka said.

“It is. You said you know the place.” Trowa said.

“Where are you going?” The guard asked

“A place in Laguna, sir. The one they called Makiling. Our friends are there already and we are late.” Trowa told him.

“An outing. Do you have a map?” The guard asked.

Haruka opened the compartment and found a map. She gave it to Trowa and Trowa handed it to the guard. While the guard was pointing Trowa the way, two guards by Haruka’s window was looking at her.

“Nice girlfriend.” The other guard said.

“Looks tough.” Another said.

Haruka glared at them. Trowa just chuckled.

“Don’t get mad, Flame.” Trowa reminded her then turned to the guard beside him, “Will you tell your men to stop teasing my girlfriend.”

The guard glared at his men but the where suddenly struck at their backs and were knocked out. Trowa and Haruka went out of the car and saw Quatre and Rashid.

“My key and phone, please.” Rashid said.

Haruka handed his phone while Trowa gave the key. Heero was undressing one of the guards and gave one uniform to Haruka. They also took the uniforms and changed their clothes. They tied the guards and put a cloth in their mouths then pushed them in the car.

Heero walked towards the factory but Haruka stopped him.

“We need a plan.” Haruka told him.

“Lets’ split up and put these bombs in the factory.” Rashid told them and handed them bombs and showed them the detonator.

“We’ll use the mobile suits to escape.” Quatre added.

Everyone nodded. Heero head straight while Quatre and Rashid turned right and split, then, Haruka and Trowa turned left and split up.

Haruka entered a computer laboratory. The screen showed a blueprint of the Boar mobile suit.

“MSXXTBC-001, also known as the Boar,” then she switched to the other blueprint, “MSXXTBC-002, the Sow,” then switched to another blueprint, “MSXXTBC-003, the Cub. Sounds like a bear family. I’ll copy this to my disk.” She said.

She copied the blueprints to her USB disk and put a bomb near the computer. She left the room but she saw an engineer passed by.

“Hey! You’re not allowed in there!” the engineer said.

“Sir, I was told to go in. There are intruders in the building.” She said.

“INTRUDERS!” someone shouted.

The engineer looked at Haruka in suspicion but Haruka ran away.

The engineer followed her and grabbed her arm.

“I got one here!” the engineer said while tightening his grip and Haruka struggles.

He dragged Haruka to where a group of soldiers are and pushed her to them.

“It’s an intruder. Send her to the cell.” The engineer said.

The engineer left them while the guard held her arms while she struggle to escape. She hit the guard on his abdomen and tried to kick the other guard but the guard grabbed her leg.

“You should know who you are beating, Flame.” The guard said who turned out to be Trowa.

“Sorry, Nanashi.” Haruka said as Trowa released her leg and noticed that she hit Rashid.

They ran to the port and saw three types of mobile suits. Heero and Quatre were there and they were riding a mobile suit. Heero is in a Boar while Quatre is in a Cub. Trowa took a Sow and Rashid took the Cub. Haruka rode a Boar. They flee with the mobile suits but their enemies are following them.

An enemy Boar fires his beam cannon but Trowa deflect it.

“A force field? That thing has a force field.” Haruka said, “Heero, let’s use the cannon.”

Heero and Haruka stopped and used their beam cannons. They hit a row of cubs and boars but the sows deflected their attacks.

“Some of them are hit!” Quatre said referring to the sows.

“Let’s try ours, Master Quatre.” Rashid suggested.

Rashid and Quatre swiftly slash those sows. While attacking, Quatre was hit by beam cannon from an enemy cub. Haruka hit the enemy cub with beam cannon.

“Quatre!” Haruka called him but Quatre did not reply.

Quatre was unconscious inside. Haruka’s Boar lifted Quatre’s Cub and they tried to escape. A spaceship helped them escape.

“Haruka!” Shinjin called her.

Haruka was surprised to hear her name and Shinjin’s voice.

“Shinjin? What are you doing there?” Haruka asked in confusion.

“We are the Preventers.” Sally introduced.

“What took you so long?” Rashid complained.

“No time to explain. Come in.” Lady Une said.

The Preventers helped Haruka and her companions escape. Inside, Shinjin treated Quatre while the others are waiting in the lobby.
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