Meet My Chemical Romance

Chapter Two: Gerard's Afflictions

Donna didn’t mention the thing about “bring MCR together” again and I kept writing insanely during another week. The book was on its middles when I decided to take another night off.

Then was when I started to think about my life. Three months ago, I was planing my wedding with Nico, as I waited for next MCR’s record hoping the damn psycologist couldn’t take the rock for two long. And in just one day, faster than it takes to say it, everything has turned around.

No way. Nobody ever said that life was fair. I put ‘Ghost of You’ on the CD player and I laid down on the sofa (I didn’t feel like climbing the stairs) in order to enjoy my first decent sleeping night in almost three weeks. Or I would have done it if the Donna’s lovely eldest son hadn’t come home asking for asylum like a pet left in the rain at three o’clock in the morning. I love Gerard, but dammit! Couldn’t he wait until the next day?

“I’m so sorry, mum” he apologized ashamed “But I really need to talk to someone and Bruce’s on vacation, so…”

“I understand, honey, come in” invited Donna “Sit down. Do you want a coffee? What about you, Rosie?

I just wanted to kill Gerard. I didn’t even turn the radio off when ‘Thank You For The Venom’ started.

“I’m okay, you can talk” I said “I’ll have a sleep” and I went back to sofa with that intention but…

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, mum” said Gerard “I can’t sleep, I’m not as hungry as usual and I have smoked too much this week”

Why, for God’s sake, why was I so interested in Gerard’ affliction if I’m the first defender of the “go back to your own business”? I used one the skills I had developed during my parents divorce: pretend I’m sleep and listen carefully.

“Is it about the band, honey?” asked Donna.

“No, I don’t think so” grunted Gerard.

“Well, I do. Have you considered, I don’t know, to call them? Try to make things up?”

“They don’t want to make things up” replied Gerard, sadly but sure.

“I don’t really understand what happened” confessed Donna “I mean… you were such good friends… you were having such a success…”

Success? Oh, come on, Donna, the word is short if we talk about My Chemical Romance!

“I know that, mum” he admitted “I would like to know what happened to”

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” offered Donna maternally.

“Eh… well, I’d love to, but…” he signed at me, ‘asleep’ on the sofa.

“Oh, Rosie won’t mind. You can sleep on her bedroom”

“Alright. Thanks a lot mum”

“Hey, what are mothers for? Goodnight, sweetheart”

“Goodnight, mum”

I heard Gerard’s steps on the stairs… and suddenly I realized he will go to my bedroom, which was full of MCR’s poster… much more considering I’m someone who ‘prefers Iron Maiden’ Well, guess it was just another tragedy in my life. With all my resignation, I finally fell asleep.