The Boy Who Never Grew

Chapter One

Chapter One- And So It Begins…

Silicon Valley, probably the most advanced area in the United States (not the world because that would be Japan). Many business worked here and each business had many engineers and designers, one such person was Benjamin Pan. He was a hard working man by day and at night went home to his wife and daughter. His daughter was age twelve now, just starting her second year in Junior High school. It was to her that his father owed his most recent completed work to. It was a top secret project that started six years ago, and finally it was finished. If this was a success the world would become a different place.

That night he and his wife talked about this finished project for the first time. He was planning to bring it home, much to his wife's dismay. They shouted about it for the rest of the evening before his wife just shook her head at him and let him do as he wanted. That's one can only do when faced with a difficult genius.

Being upstairs in her room, the shouting was muffled to the ears of Socrates Pan. She had just finished her homework for the night and was reading her book about fantastical beings that were only real on these pages. That's what she loved about it. If these alternate worlds to reality were real, then where would she escape to? She needed her dreams, or she could not make peace with herself.

The next day Socrates arrived home from school in a pretty disgruntled mood. Her teacher had taken her books away and told at her to grow up and stop reading 'rubbish' as he put it. Science teacher could never understand dreams, everything had to be proven true for them. Her mum was trying to comfort her, she had always approved of her daughter reading anything. Her mother was a lovely women who majored in literature when she was in college. That's where her parents met, in the school's library. Her mum often read in there and her dad would always be researching something in there. They ended up talking to one another and soon were on their first date.

"Sweetie, I will talk to your teacher, but please do pay attention in class," said her mum walking over to her on the couch and petting her head.

"But I was finished with my assignment why couldn't I read instead of sitting there like a bump on a log?" asked Socrates throwing her arms up for a dramatic effect.

"There's nothing I can do about his personality. I'll talk to your father about this when he gets home. Go work on your homework," said her mum. Socrates sighed and walked to her room.

Later that evening her father came into her room and kneeled down next to where she was sitting at her desk. She was playing with a doll her dad made her when she was younger. It looked like a fairy and even came alive and moved like one at the touch of a button. She named her Tinkerbell, because when she first got her she had to tie a bell around the dolls waist so she would never loose it.

"Reading in class again?" asked her dad watching as she continued to turn the doll over in her hands.

"I was finished with my work," replied Socrates.

"I know, 'adults just don't understand', right?" asked her father.

"You and mum understand," said Socrates turning to look at him.

"Well that's because we're your parents, we raised you to the fine young lady you are now. You just need to learn when it is am appropriate time to do a few things," said her father, "and your mother and I are more then happy to help you."

"Thank you, father," she said and hugged her dad.

"Now that, that crisis is averted. I have something to show you. It's top secret and I have been working on it for six years, so don't tell anyone about it," he said and took his daughters hand and led her out into the living room. There her mum was sitting on the couch and Socrates went over and sat next to her mum who wrapped her arms around her daughter.

"What is it dad?" asked Socrates looking form the worried look on her mother's face to the comforting look on her father's face.

"Ladies, I would like to introduce you to, Peter Pan," said her father and he opened the door to the entryway and a boy around the same age as Socrates walked out. He looked around the room and when his eyes landed on the two on the couch her mother gasped.

"Pan? Is he my brother or something?" asked Socrates looking up at her mother who was looking away and had a hand to her mouth.

"Peter is a very special boy, and I got the inspiration for him, from you, Socrates," said her dad kneeling next to the boy.

"From me? What? Dad, please explain, why is mum so upset?" asked Socrates looking back at her mother. Her dad walked over and sat next to Socrates on the couch.

"You liked fantasy books and fairy tales all your life, and still do. Things like fairies, and unicorns, and even science fiction things like aliens and…robots," said her dad leaving Socrates to think things over.

"He's not my brother…he's a toy, a robot?" asked Socrates after a while of thinking.

"Yes, see you're very smart. You mother is a little upset because of how real he looks, and if this even gets out, about what I have created, there will be many people after Peter, promise me you'll keep him secret?" asked her father.

"Of course father," said Socrates. Her dad smiled and ruffled her brown hair a bit.

"Well go show Peter your room and get him settled in and I'll explain more things to you tomorrow about how he works. I think I should comfort your mother," he said and grabbed his wife's hand. Socrates stood up and walked over to the boy.

"Who are you?" he asked looking at her.

"My name if Socrates, Socrates Pan," she said holding her hand out.

"I'm Peter Pan, we have the same last name, are we related?" he asked shaking her hand.

"Umm, I guess you could consider me as an older sister," said Socrates unsure and glancing over at her parents, "here come with me." She pulled Peter to her room and closed the door. He immediately started looking around her room while Socrates listened through the door.

"I like your room," he said.

"Thanks, shh," said Socrates. Peter fell silent and continued to look around at the walls and all the books.

"Did you ever think as to what this will do to Socrates? Ben, she needs to grow up and stop living in this fantasy world. There a bunch of reality that needs to be taught to her before something like this can pop up into her life. Not to mention the risks, you know that slime ball Hook is still out there trying to steal your work right?" yelled her mother.

"Angela, I know all this, but please trust me. I did this for all of us," her father said softly.

"What's this?" asked Peter holding up Tinkerbell.

"That's just my doll, Tinkerbell," said Socrates walking away from the door and over to Peter where he stood by her desk. She pressed the button on Tinkerbell's wing and she immediately came to life and started flying around the room.

"Amazing" said Peter watching her as she landed on his shoulder.

"You can have her if you want, I'm afraid it's much to childish for me," said Socrates. She had made a decisions to make things easier for her father she would try her best to act more mature. She would pay attention in class and she would stop reading fairy tales.

"Childish?" asked Peter looking at Socrates with a confused face.

"It's immature, something to grow out of," said Socrates walking over to her drawer and pulling her pyjamas out.

"Will you eventually grow out of me?" asked Peter looking at the ground. Socrates walked over to the door and opened it.

"I don't know," she whispered before leaving to the bathroom.
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