Sequel: In the End

It Started Off With Just A Trip To Oakland, California

  1. So it Begins
    Mandy meets Billie
  2. M-A-N-D-Y
    Billie and Mandy head to his house
  3. The Brutal Truth
    Billie learns more about Mandy
  4. Lies From Guys
    Mike and Tre lie to get Mandy and Billie in the same room
  5. Home Sweet Home
  6. So?
    Mandy overreacts as Billie Joe is drunk
  7. Mad Doesn't Begin to Explain It
    Billie wakes up with a hangover, Mandy is upset
  8. First Kiss
    Mandy gets a rude call from her mother, yet Billie Joe manages to make things alright.
  9. Bad Dream
    Mandy has a bad dream
  10. Truth
    Mandy wakes up
  11. Good Vibration
    Mandy learns that her parents haven't come to get her, and are still at home
  12. Shush Up, Armstrong
    Mandy and Billie get something to eat.
  13. Walking Home
    Billie gets drunk at the studio and walks home
  14. Meet Jason
    Mandy takes a liking to Billies' band mate. Billie Joe gets curious
  15. Mom
    Mandy's mom pays a visit
  16. Billie to the Rescue
    Billie tells Mandy to go upstairs and talks to her mother.
  17. A Drunken Kiss
    Billie Joe is hurt mentally.
  18. Nothing More Than This
    Billie Joe shows up
  19. Back to Connecticut
    Billie tells Mandy about a future concert.
  20. Just The Beginning
    Before the concert
  21. Lost the Bet
    After the concert.
  22. Temptation
    Billie wants more than a friend
  23. More Than Friends
    Billie Joe wants to know something, but he's shy.
  24. The Answer
    Mandy answers
  25. Does He Know?
    Mike arrives at the Armstrong residence.
  26. All Good Things Have to End
    Problems, problems, problems
  27. I'm Sorry
    They speak =o.
  28. Home
    Mandy and Billie talk -- but something goes wrong.
  29. Day 1
    Mandy gets a job for a plan
  30. Going Home
    Mandys' friends surprise her
  31. Hi Billie
    Mandy, meet Billie.
  32. Home
    The End. Billie and Mandy talk.