Sequel: In the End

It Started Off With Just A Trip To Oakland, California


"Hi Billie Joe..."

Billie Joe just stared at me, and I just stared at him, starting to smile. He blinked, and I could have sworn I saw him pinch himself on the arm. I had made it back...I. Made. It. Back.

"Mandy?" He said, slowly


"Where have you been?"



" went to take a dad...he took me home. It took me the two weeks to get the money..." I said, starting to cry. But I didn't know why I was crying. Was it because I was happy? Or was it because I was thinking about how I was taken from him?

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry" He whispered, pulling me into a hug.

We got into the house, and he shut the door. I was back in the house...Finally...

"You made it back? How? You're dad took you?" He whispered, half to himself and to me.

"I got money from Steph and Becky...and dad took me..."

I started to cry again, and hugged Billie Joe, burying my head in his chest.

"I...missed you...a lot..." I said, still crying.

Billie Joe put his head on my shoulder.

"I...missed you, too"

I lifted my head from Billie Joe's chest to see a couple tears making their way down Billie Joe's cheek.

"I thought you left..." Billie Joe muttered, looking down at me, "I'm so sorry about all of this..."

I smiled weakly, and put my arms around his neck, still crying.

"How have you been?" I asked, after a moment of silence

"I've been...good" He whispered, pulling me closer to him. I looked up at him, and then at the couch. "I've been horrible..." He admitted after a moment

"I got a job...the next day...and I didn't even get enough money in all the time I was mom kicked me out of the house when she was drunk, and I stayed with Steph. And then I got a job at Hot Topic with my brother...I just wanted to get back here...I just needed to get back here" I whispered, "One of the hardest parts about the job was they had Green Day things...I couldn't it...I couldn't take any of it..."

"I'm sorry..." He whispered, burying his head in the crook of my neck, "I had been trying to get a hold of you...but I didn't know you're phone numbers...And you're cell phone was here...I didn't know what to do..."

"I forgot the phone number to here..." I said, looking at the back of his neck, "Or I swear I would have called to tell you I was okay...and to just talk to you..."

Billie Joe smiled weakly, and sighed. "We're both in such a bad state right now," He whispered

"It's better than how I was at home" I said, another tear rolling down my cheek.

"I can't believe your back..." He said again, as if he was just realizing it

"I met Mike...In San Fran..." I said, looking at Billie Joe's face

"You did?"

"Yeah...I met this guy, he looked just like you. Just, exactly like you...and I talked to him...and then I bumped into Mike. He had come to get me" I said, a weak smile spreading on my face, "Tre and him had it planned out to come and get me...Tre called Steph, and found out I was going to San Mike came and got me since Tre was with Ramona"

"They did what? I should have known with Mike...he said he was there today..." Billie Joe mumbled

"I was there...He put the phone to my ear when you called, but told me not to say anything"

Billie Joe smiled, and let me go after a while.

"What did you think when I was gone?" I asked, wiping the tears from my eyes

Billie Joe sighed, and put his head in his hand. "I have no fucking clue...I came downstairs, and I expected you to be on the couch 'er somethin, but you weren' I went to your room, and you weren't there. I checked the whole fuckin house and you weren't here. It really never occurred to me that you got taken...I thought you ran away for a little...because of how fucking stupid I had been"

"You hadn't been-"

"Be honest" He said, interrupting me, "You know know I was being an asshole to you. If it wasn't for me, you probably wouldn't have been taken"

"There was nothing that could have stopped that..."

"If we weren't arguing, you wouldn't have gone downstairs to apologize for something you didn't even do. It was me...the whole argument we were right. I knew it, too. I just didn't want to admit it to myself...admit it that I might be falling for someone. The last time I was Adrienne...and it ended up as a divorce...I was just being really fucked up, to you"

I went to say something, but Billie Joe shook his head, trying to tell me not to talk.

"I didn't want to admit it...but you were right, you are right. When I'm older, who is going to sit there with me? If I end up going into the hospital for god knows what, who's going to sit next to me? Who's going to sit there when I'm old fucker, and help me stay alive as long as I fucking can? Who am I gonna be with? It's not the fans, no matter how big they are. Because when Green Day is done, they'll find another band..."

I looked down, as Billie Joe continued.

"I don't want you to think that I won't be there for you...I don't want you to think what I said was true...I was pissed off because of the fact you listened to that guy...and then you started to cry..." He muttered, looking down, "And I wanted to go and take a fucking hammer and hit myself with it. But the whole time you were right..."

I smiled weakly, and looked back at Billie Joe.

"We both said fucked up things...but it doesn't matter anymore..." I whispered, putting my head on Billie Joe's chest again, "That was a whole 3 weeks ago"

"Doesn't feel like 3 weeks" Billie Joe said, laying down on the couch, with me on top of him, also falling asleep.

We were quite for a moment, before I broke the silence.

"Billie Joe?"


I hoisted my self up closer to his face, making him look at me weirdly. Without another word, I pressed my lips up against his softly, with a small smile. I pulled away after a second, and looked at him in the eyes.

"I had been wanting to do that...for 3 weeks" I whispered, before laying my head down against his chest.

Billie Joe ran his through his hand through my hair, grinning the whole time as his lips slowly found my own once again. Our clothes had slowly peeled off and we both met once again, words not being enough for how much we had actually missed each other.

One little song had gotten me to where I had been that second. One sentence, started everything that was happening.

"Do you have the time to listen to me whine?"

Yeah...I will always have the time, to listen to him whine...