Her HeartNecklace is broken

  1. We'll be out of here, as soon as we can.
    Just read to find out!
  2. Can you pinky promise me?
    I got lost in your eyes; and destroyed until I mangled at what I'd like to call this nothingness
  3. I think I need a band-aid.
    “And, maybe, just maybe. Forever can be forever, but I guess, it just takes two amazing people. Does that mean I’ll never find it?”
  4. Now that you're gone.
    "You terd much, what were you thinking?
  5. Picking Myself Above it, Above you.
    "She’s been my best friend, since forever. And I intended forever to mean what the dictionary says."
  6. Infected Paper Cuts
    "You were a reminder,"
  7. Love Should'nt Have A Past Tense
    “Love. She’s still alive, and even if she’s dead I’ll always love her. So don’t say loved, that’s past tense and that’s something I don’t want to hear.”
  8. Throwing Quaters
    "Charles fell to his knees, and covered his face."
  9. Suicidal Sobs
    "She isn't heartless."
  10. The End
    "I try to push my fingers against the trigger, but nothing happens."