Her HeartNecklace is broken

The End

"I try to push my fingers against the trigger, but nothing happens."
Charles P.O.V.

I don't know if anyone else in this society thinks about buying a gun to press against their skull and shatter into a thousand tiny shards. I don't know if anyone else in my community wants to kill themselves over half the time their alive. But, I've never been one of those kids who followed anyone else anyways. So as I buy this gun, at the gun store, I know just what to do with it and where.

After I purchased the gun, I walked down the road to my school. God knows why they'd even put a school full with fucked up kids ride down the road from the gun store. I walked into the school, and down the hallway. Passing purple lockers, and kids in classrooms. I walk straight to Wednesday's locker and stand there helplessly. A teacher comes out the classroom, and stops.

"What are you doing here Charles?" She was my former teacher. I glanced at her, and looked deep into her eyes. My smirk was disgusting and cold. I reached into my pocket, and grabbed the gun, pulling it out which felt like it was taking forever.

Her eyes followed my every move. She realized what I had when I began to push it up to my head. I waved with my other hand to her, to say goodbye. I wasn't even afraid.

"No! Charles, don't! Please Charles stop!" She screamed, and it sounded like she was being murdered.

"Life's a hopeless pit. You'll learn that soon." I replied. I try to push my fingers against the trigger, but nothing happens. The gun falls apart in my hand, and separates itself into tiny particles all over the floor. It falls through the cracks in my fingers. I make the motion of moving my hand to my head to find the wound, the blood. My finger can reach straight into my head, in a perfect circle. I look down at my hand, full of black blood.

Lifting my head up, I look around and see nothing at all. The entire school has disappeared and no sound is made. Everything is silent, and motionless. There is nothing, and no one. I try to take a step forward and fall to the ground. I hear a scream.

I lift up my head and open my eyes. I see Natalie standing above me, with nurses around me. I try to move my body, but couldn't. I felt paralyzed and afraid. I take a deep breath in, and scan the room around me with my eyes. I look down at my motionless body, wearing a gown.

"What's.. What's going on?!" I screamed.
"You fell." Natalie said. Wednesday walked into the room, and took a look at me. Her face, was cold and sad. She was silent. I went completely numb, as I stared at Wednesday.

"How the hell are you here?" I said to Wednesday, I was crying hysterically.
"What do you mean?" Wednesday replied to me, looking depressed she faced the floor.
"You tried to kill yourself.. And your mom.. I thought she died, it was something I could feel. I could feel that she died. I could feel that Christina's dad was.. was some type of alcoholic. I saw it, I wasn't there but I could see it somehow. I saw that her boyfriend killed your mom. And I could see that Natalie was in love with me but I only loved you.. I'm so confused, I saw it all as if I was some ghost. It was as if I was some ghost floating above everyone as each event occurred. And you, Wednesday, you were dying. And I tried to kill myself, and woke up here. I'm so confused what just happened!?" I shouted, freaking out.

"You cheated on me you dip shit. We broke up. I hadn't seen you since that day I gave everything back to you when it rained. When I got into my car, and left. I got a call, you fell in the parking lot and cracked your head open on the right side. Your hand was cut up, with black gravel all over it and your blood. After I got the call, we all came down here to see you." Wednesday replied, screaming at me.

"So nothing was true?" I asked, shocked.
"Nothing. The only true thing is, we're over because you cheated on me. You broke me apart." Wednesday replied, when Natalie grabbed my hand.
"No, stay Wednesday. I want to change everything. I don't love Natalie, and I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry I cheated and I hope I can stay friends with Natalie. I don't want to lose you, or Christina. I want to change the way things might turn out." I said, begging her to stay.
Natalie left the room, as Christina and her boyfriend Hunter came in the room. Along with, Ryan.
"What are you doing here, Ryan?" I asked, angry.
"How did you know my name? I'm Hunter's cousin, kid." Ryan replied.

"I imagined so much about all of you guys. This is completely insane." I said to them all.

"I guess this isn't a good time? Well it's nice to see your lazy bum up! We're all going to eat, and hopefully things will be solved. Be back in ten." Christina replied leaving suddenly with Ryan and Hunter.

"You were dreaming. Everything was a dream. I wish it wasn't. My mom dead? Ha, that's a miracle. Me dying, what a life!" Wednesday said, looking at me coldly.
"It was horrible. I tried to kill myself." I replied hoping for sympathy.
"Good. I wish that wasn't a dream either." Wednesday said sharply.
"Look, I'm sorry and I regret it. I need you. Please, don't leave me. Stay with me please Wednesday." I begged her.
"Promise me, you won't hurt me? You need to swear. I'll take you back, if you just promise that." Wednesday replied.
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It wasn't how it was suppose to end, but honestly I like this way much much better. :D<3

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