A Loveless Life (One Girl, Three Vampires, No Escape, No Problem, Right?)

Chapter 1

I hate my life. Why you ask? I'll start from the begining. My name is Alexandrea (Alexi for short).Some more about me , I am mostly quiet and like to read, I write sometimes, play the guitar, and shy. I mostly keep to myself.

As for looks, well lets just say that I am not ugly nor am I pretty. Just plain and simple. Like the daisy (my fav flower). I will just get on with the story before I bore you too much.

I woke up when my mom came into my room and ttold me to get up. I was too tired to yell at her to get out and before I could object, she opened the curtains and light came streaming into my room.

I was not thrilled for today. In fact I had been dreading this day for weeks.

Today is the day that I leave for a boarding school.

My parents had to make a deal for me to go because it is an ALL BOYS SCHOOL. Now most girls would be thrilled to be the only girl out of hundreds of boys, not me. This just gave me a hundred more ways to embarass myself.

There was no private school in the area so I have to go there to Pebblestone academy.

"Hurry or you will miss your plane!" my mother scolded me.

I was already packed, against my will I might add. School started in a week. Why can't the school year just come and go?

I slowly got up and got dressed. Just some dark blue skinny jeans and a green tank that matched my eyes. And to top it all off with a black jacket.

The ride to the airport was long, quiet, and BORING!

When we drove into the parking lot my mom turned to me and said "This is for your own good, we want you to have a good education."

I fake smiled to her.

As I got on the plane and sat down, I noticed everybody staring at me like I was on the wrong plane or something.They kept on staring at me until I felt my face get hot and looked away.

To try to ignore them, I plugged in my iPod and looked out the window.

When we finally landed, I looked around and saw "Pebblestone Academy"written on the lawn in pebbles. haha

I got up and to my suprise, someone was sitting next to me.

"Hello" I said to try to be friendly.

"Hi" he replied. Very energetically I might add. "You're new here aren't you?" He sounded a little gay. No offence to anyone who is gay.

"Yes" I replied glumly.

"My name's Alex" He said, putting out his hand.

"Alexi" I said shaking his hand. It was cold. Well I guess I am cold too, since the temperature on the plane is so cold.

"I don't mean to sound nosy, but what room are you in?" He asked me as we were getting off the plane.

"Um, A-11" I said looking down at my papers.

"Well then come along, roomie!!" He said hooking arms. I laughed and we were on our way since our stuff was in our rooms.

We came to our room only to find two boys playing DDR madly. And it showed, they were both sweaty.

"Ryan, Jacob!" Alex yelled, well squealed. And went to hug them. When Alex was holding the two boys in an akward hug I ran over to them, joined the hug, and said, "I missed you guys so much!" as if I knew them.

"Umm hi" the boy with black hair said and whispered to Alex, "Do I know her?" I laughed and pulled away.

"Hi, I am Alexi, your rommate." I said looking at them.

"Jacob" said the boy with dirty blonde hair

"And I, pretty lady, am Sir Ryan, Lord of the Fridge" Said the boy with black hair, bowing to me.

"Nice, wheres my room?" I asked looking around.

"With mine," Alex said pointing to a door.

I walked to it and lay down on the bed near the window.

"So I am guessing you already know I am gay?" Alex asked me. I nodded my head "Damn I wanted to see if you would date me." I laughed

"Hey now I have a girls opinion on guys" He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes.

Ryan peeked his nose in our room and said "get your asses out here for dinner" and dissapeared.

I went out because I was seriously HUNGRY. All Ryan did was make oatmeal. He is a GREAT cook. Not.

After the poorly thought out meal, We had a burping contest.. Ryan was in the lead until I beat him. You should have seen the look on his face. Haha!!

Alex laughed and Jacob gave me a little smile.

Alex raised my hand and said, "Lady and gentlemen, we have a WINNER!!!" with an emphasis on 'lady'.
The rest of the night we watched The Simpsons and Family Guy. Don't give me that look, we were bored.