A Loveless Life (One Girl, Three Vampires, No Escape, No Problem, Right?)

Chapter 7

After we ate, we cleaned. With me, of course, asking the occasional question of what happened last night when I was asleep.

Then I remembered something.

"When you guys were fighting, and I was in the room. My necklace turned green. What does that mean?" I asked

Their eyes widened and looked at each other uneasily.

"Exactly what shade of green?" Jacob asked me.

"A deep forest. What does that mean?" I was full of questions today.

"It means that we have less time than we thought." Jacob said walking to my room.

"Time? For what?" anybody else would be pissed right now if I were asking them these questions. But these guys love me. :D

"You must leave immediately." He said sternly. By now all of the guys were in my room and they were packing my stuff.

"You have to back to your house and act like this never happened. If anyone asks you why you left just say that you hate it here, that you don't want to stay." He said, still packing my stuff!

"But I do want to stay!" I said, getting angry. I went over to jacob and put my clothes back in my drawer.

"You don't want to know what will happen if you stay!"Jacob yelled.

"What? What will happen to me? Answer me Jacob!"

"Something I couldn't bear to watch." He said softly.

What does he mean by that?

I looked over and saw Ryan holding, reading my notebook! (my notebook is like a journal where I write how I feel about everything. Even the guys!)

"What the hell! Give that to me know!" I screamed at him. He put a hand up to silence me.

That's it.

I pounced on him finally retrieving my notebook. I looked to the page where he was reading and here's what it said:

I hate my life. I hate my parents. Why do I have to go to a boarding school? I am fine about the all-boy part (who wouldn't). Ugh. At least my roommates are decent-looking. Here is a quick description,

Alex-pretty cool guy, met him on the plane here. Funny.

Ryan-not the 'sharpest tool in the shed', perv.

Jacob-All I have to say is that he hates me. i have to admit that he is the best looking out of the group.

"So, you think we are decent looking?" Ryan asked with a smirk. "Well of course except Jacob, he is the best looking. She wrote what she thought of us."

My face was flushed.

What did she say about us?" Alex asked Ryan

"Let's get back to the situation at hand," I said trying to change the subject, "Why do I have to leave?"

"Nuh uh," Jacob said turning to Ryan, "Whad' she say?"

"well-" he started but I cut him off, "you're a pretty cool guy, you're stupid, and you" I said pointing to Jacob, "You hate me" I didn't look at his expression, too scared that I might be right. Holding onto the little hope I had that I was wrong.

"Alexi-" he started then sighed and continued packing. We finished packing my stuff in silence.

We got to the airport and I didn't eat. I didn't even talk to them.

Why should I? They were sending me away for no reason.

My plane was boarding so I picked up my bags and started to walk on when I stopped and looked back at the guys, my guys, none were crying , but Alex and Ryan looked as if they were about to.

Out of leaving and all that junk. The only thing that hurt me the most was seeing Jacob. His blank, emotionless face.

I looked away just in time ti hide a runaway tear.

I began to walk again when someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Jacob.

"I just want you to know that what you said in your journal, about me hating you its not true." he said to me.

"Then how do you feel about me? No more mixed messages please." I asked him.

"Alexi, I-" he was cut off by a loudspeaker saying, "Flight to Boston, now boarding"

I looked into his eyes, pleading for him to let me stay. He sighed and I said, "Goodbye Jacob"

I turned and walked onto the plane as I heard him say, "Goodbye Alexi. I'll miss you"

I took my window seat and I could still, surprisingly, see the guys. And I could've sworn I saw a tear in Jacob's eye.

As I saw Jacob, my hand immediately went to the heart necklace. It may have just been to hide my scent.

But to me it felt that Jacob cared about me, and wanted to protect me.