A Loveless Life (One Girl, Three Vampires, No Escape, No Problem, Right?)

Chapter 8

It has been 6 months since I left Pebblestone Academy. Not that I am counting or anything. My friend, Clarice, invited me to the movies today. I said that I couldn't go because I had to take care of my daughter, Rachel.

Yes, I said daughter. I was raped a few years ago and I decided to keep the baby and I love her more than life itself.

That's why my parents wanted me to go to Pebblestone Academy. To get a good education and support Rachel.

So anyway. Back to the present, Clarice brought us to see a movie. And to make it worse, it was Twilight. Great, to get my mind off vampires and love, I see a movie about vampires and love.

After the movies Rachel had to go to the bathroom. So I went with her (cuz w/o me she would fall in lol) and when we came out I saw Clarice flirting with a guy. Geez you'd think that she would be the one with a kid.

She waved us over and I reluctantly came over.

I was shocked to see Ryan, vampire Ryan. I quickly hid my shock though. I was very good at hiding my feelings by now.

Hopefully he didn't notice it was me.

"Hey Juliet, I want you to me Ryan." she said winking at me. She thought that I needed a 'man' in my life to help with Rachel and to keep my spirits up. I was fine with that because I wanted Rachel to have a father figure in her life. The only person that I wanted though was Jacob. That was never going to happen though.

I mouthed 'no' at her. She mouthed 'why?' back. I rolled my eyes at her and shook his hand. Cold. Vampire.

"And this is Rachel, her daughter." She said, gesturing to the child in my arms.

"Mommy, who is this?" Rachel asked, looking up at me with her emerald green eyes. She got those from me. Thank god not her father. Who to this day, I still don't know who they are.

"This is Ryan, one of Clarice's friends sweetie." I said, smiling down at her.

"Do you mind if you and your friend here meet some of my friends?" He asked Clarice. In my head I was screaming at him, but on the outside I had on a little smile.

"Alex, Jacob! There are some people I want you to meet!" He yelled. This was not going to end well.

Soon enough, my old roomates were there. They went Bug-eyed at the sight of me.

"Alexi" Jacob whispered.

"Do you know them Juliet?" Clarice asked me.

"No, I have never met them before. Why?" I asked.

"They know your name, before you changed it." She whispered. I shot a death glare at her.

"And who is this little sweetie?" Alex asked, looking at Rachel.

"Rachel." I said putting her down and sitting on the bench. She walked over to Alex and played with his long hair. He made funny faces at her.

"Mommy, he is funny." She giggled.

"So, Juliet" Clarice said, sitting next to me as Ryan and Jacob talked to each other. Most likely about me. "How did you like the movie? Vampires smexy enough for ya?" (Yes I use smexy, it is a mix of sexy and smokin'. Ex: me smexy! which I totally am! Back to the story!)

"Oh yeah totally, can't get enough of those sparkling vampires." I said sarcastically.

"Oh come on, you totally loved Twilight and the concept of vampires before you left for that boarding school.Don't you ever dream of falling in love with a vampire?" She asked.

"Vampires are a myth. Nothing more. You believe in them, you are just asking for your dreams to be crushed." When I said this, Jacob looked up and looked, almost, hurt?

"Mommy, he's funny, can I play with him some more?" Rachel asked me.

"No, we have to get home so you can take your nap and we can eat lunch" I said.

"Why, don't we all go get lunch, together?" Alex asked, looking at me. After seeing my hessitation he added, "I'll buy."

"Please mommy? I weally want to go!" She begged.

"fine." I sighed.

"Well, I have to go, but you guys have a good time, Jules, I'll call you later k?" Clarice asked. I looked at her, mouth open. As she walked away.

I picked up Rachel and all five of us walked out and into the parking lot to my car.

"You guys ran?" They nodded. I sighed, "Get in"

Since Rachel's car seat had to go in back, Jacob got shotgun.

"You never said you had a kid" he mumbled.

"Excuse me? You never said why I left." I yelled at him.

I started the car and drove off to the nearest reaturaunt, which happened to be McDonald's with a playhouse.

We got our lunch, which was hard for me cuz I am a vegeterian. So I got a salad.

After we ate, Alex, Ryan, and Rachel went to play in the playhouse. I honestly thought that they were too big for it, but it was funny either way.

Jacob and I sat, watching them get stuck.

Soft kiss and wine what a pretty friend of mine
We're finally intertwined
Nervous and shy for the moment we will come
Alive tonight
Secret valentine
We'll write a song
That turns out the lights
When both boy and girl start suddenly shaking inside...

I picked up my phone.


"Oh my God, Juliet, thank god, someone broke into your apartment and trashed everything. They were looking for something, I suggest you come as quickly as possible, they left a note."

My phone dropped to the floor as I looked at Jacob. He heard it all. We dropped our trays in the garbage thing. I picked up Rachel and Alex and Ryan followed us out.

"So, what's wrong?" Alex asked, trying to ease the tension.

"Someone broke into our apartment and left a note" I said, stepping on the pedal.

I gasped as I drove up. There were police officers everywhere. All of my windows were smashed.

I got out and bolted to the door, knowing the guys would get Rachel, and ran up the steps. A policeman handed me the note the burglar left;

Hello Princess,

I see you still have that little necklace your little Jacob gave you, but that only stalled me for a little bit. Seeing that you have a child only pleases Master more. Don't worry we will be seeing each other very soon.

Until then, Michael

Ya like the daughter twist? Yeah I thought so. Cuz I m awesome like that.