My Arranged Marriage to an English Jerk Who's a Vampire Prince, Sucks to Be Me

Chapter 44 THE END

Jayden and I had been officially married for a week and we had not shouted at eachother since. I supposed life or death situations did that. Today was my official crowning ceremony, the strange thing was that me being the true heir to the thrown, I had ended up having to crown Jayden instead of the other way around. It was like my wedding, I had to get all dressed up except this time I wasn’t in white, I was in black wearing a long heavy gown. Although black was connotated with death and other dark things, I think it suited the purpose almost miraculously. The black worn at funerals was because of death. The black in crowning ceremonies was due to life. My new life. Because I knew that after the ceremony I would go through the change.
Into a bloodsucking Vampire princess (Which I already was but I needed to become a full) and I was okay with it because i found that Vamps didn't need to survive on human blood. And I would only be a half vampire because i wasn't born as on so the I didn't need blood as often as a full like Jayden.
The crowning ceremony was long, we had to say vows, we had the pentagon traced on our foreheads and we were coming close to the end of the ceremony, the part where I would finally become a vampire.

“Please, take your glasses” I took my wine goblet from the stand between me and Jayden. We entwined arms with eachother. I knew what the goblet was filled with. There was wine of course, but there was also a few extra things.
Blood. And Venom.
It was my own blood that I was drinking and Jayden’s venom. When I drank it the mixture would play with my metabolism until it broke, then I would start falling apart and then eventually come back together.
I would be falling about, every molecule in my body would be covered in the immortal liquid of Jayden's ven and rearrange themselves to be strong.
I’d be all new. But the same
And continue to be eternally Happy.
“I love you Valdelle”
“I love you Jay” I turned my lips forward to kiss him just as i was falling to pieces.
And God what a kiss.

The End
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