My Arranged Marriage to an English Jerk Who's a Vampire Prince, Sucks to Be Me

45 Author's Notes

What has it taken to write this story?
Alot of words...(Did you know i posted 8 chapters consecutively?)
but more importantly the people who have stuck my me and bugged me until i continued. I would like to just say here that there is one person in particular that I would like to thank and that is my best friend. I won't say her name because that would be against her privacy but I'd like everyone to know that without her this story wouldn't exist.

There are also so many other people who i would like to thank (I've mentioned a few of them previously) without these people my story wouldn't have existed on Mibba - so thankyou so much.

I'm quite proud of what i have achieved, so far i have more that 300 readers and more than 100 subscribers. Personally I find that it's awesome being able to share what i wrote with so many other people.

More Importantly: Please please don't think that me finishing my story as an excuse not to message me or comment or ask to be a friend. I'd love to hear from all of you people especially if you think you know a good story because i'm always lost at where to find the best ones.

So now more information on my story:
1) I am possibly thinking of writing a sequel, I think it's a good idea but i personally can't really be bothered :) If you continue to be subscribed on this page i'll write it on a new chapter if i'm going to write a sequel or not so you will be posted.

2) I am the type of person that has LOT'S of half finished stories, it buggs my friends actually because i start writing something but get bored when i have a writers block. So I will post my story's but i'm not sure if they will be finished :) I promise I'll do my best

3) um...I just had to have an extra dot point because two dot points looked kinda cheap (hee hee)

I'll see you all again soon! Tell your friends of my story because i don't want it to just dissappear from existance Thankyou to those who have stuck by me. I feel very achieved in posting my Very First Completed Story on the internet.

I LUV U!!!

(James Bond style)- you were all wondering weren't you?