The strange phone call...

It's a story about a young girl that one cloudy night a strange guy calls her and doesn't reveal his name.She gets mad and scared but the guy is very sweet with her.He says nice things but he hungs up.Then there is a knock on the door.The girl is really scared...
  1. The phone call
    A strange night...
  2. A talk with Billie
    What will Billie tell Natalie?
  3. Birthday time
    Natalie is having her birthday
  4. The boys hide something
    Something concerns the two boys and Natalie doesn't know...
  5. The letter and the phone call
    Natalie receives a present for her birthday. And someone calls her.
  6. Revelation's Day
    The arrival of the mysterious guy. But Natalie knows him...
  7. Who's that guy?
    Natalie seems to know a lot about Mike. How is that possible?
  8. Sharing a hot night together
    Mike and Natalie spend a whole night with their friends and something unexpected happens...
  9. A little bit of Natalie's past
    What relationship Natalie had with Mike. She recalls their first date 9 years ago.
  10. Mike and Frank
    Next morning,hungover from last night's party. Frank and Mike have a little talk.
  11. Mike's and Natalie's secret date
    At last Mike and Natalie are on a date.Yet, it is a secret, unusual date.
  12. An offer for the band
    Natalie and Mike are still in the park when they notice people gathering around a young woman.She is talking about a band competition.