Owl City

Owl City

Maria laid in Adam’s strong arms with her head in his chest listening to the rhythm of his heart beat, and smiling, she loved moments like this, where she could lay in his protective arms and forget about everything that was going on around her.

A hand touched Maria’s face, gracing her cheek slowly. Maria looked up with a smile gracing her lips, she slowly got up and kissed Adam’s cheek and then moved to his lips. Adam chuckled and put his arm around her thin waist and gave her a butterfly kiss, just they way she loved him.

Reason # 1: He remembers that I love butterfly kisses.

Maria was making a mental list of why she was so in love with Adam, what exactly was it that made her stomach flutter, her heart thump hard, her lungs sit still, just make her go gaga.

“I love you Maria.” Adam slowly got out of bed in his underwear and All Time Low band shirt and stretched and winked at her. Making Maria giggle.

Reason # 2: He makes me giggle, no guy ever made me giggle this much. Plus he loves the same music I do.

Maria jumped out of bed and jumped on Adam, causing him catch her just barley before she hit the floor.

“I love you to the moon and back.” Maria whispered jumping off of him and running downstairs, so Adam could take a shower.

Walking past the many photos that scattered the walls, of his family, friends, and her family, and of course the photos they took together in different city’s were scattered around the house on the painted baby blue walls. Some photo’s were framed looking like they were on a scrap booking page.

Reason # 3: He’s creative, and not afraid to admit he can scrapbook, and loves to do so with me.


Adam and Maria walked down the streets of Wilmar Minnesota watching the birds fly, and the parents walk with their children, Adam pulled Maria close to him and kissed her forehead and whispered about how some day they would be like the old couple a few feet away walking with their walkers, the old man kissed her cheek and the old lady, whispered I love you.

Reason # 4: He wasn’t afraid to show his affection.

Maria pulled Adam into the local coffee shop and smiled as she gave their order to the girl behind the counter, not waiting Adam quickly handed the girl his credit card knowing that he made most of them money, they were both musician’s but he was more popular, but she was getting up there, never did he rub it in her face the popularity he held.

Reason # 4: He never makes me pay, he understands my stand in the economy and never ask me to pay a nickel.


Maria stood by her brother Nate Flynn’s side as Adam sang on stage to the teens and college students, who sang along with his voice, many fans waved at her and she waved back.

Adam kept eye contact with Maria the whole time, it always made her feel as if these concerts were for her and only her.

Reason # 5: He had a way of making her feel as if only she mattered, and that is what sometimes that mattered, she never really mattered to anyone before. He made her feel special.


As the final song came to a close and Maria was about to walk off from just singing Salt Water Room with Adam he grabbed her hand and motioned for her to take his stool on stage, she did as she was told. After she took the seat he leaned over and gave her a butterfly kiss making a blush creep her cheeks, and the girls in the crowed go aw.

Adam got down on one knee before Maria and took her hand in his hand and smiled up at her. Maria knew what was about to happen, and a smile just graced her lips.

“Maria, I love you with all my heart, you make everyday worth while, you never put me down, you make me smile, your are the sunlight to my happiness and my cloudy days. You make me happy when I’m sad, you inspire me to be the person I want to be, nothing could ruin what I have for you. So please make me even more happy if it’s even possible by becoming my one and only true love.” Adam got a ring out. It wasn’t a hefty big ring that would make the girls go jealous, it wasn’t a small ring, it was just her type, a petite diamond with sapphires around it.

Reason # 6: He knows the key to my heart, and there are just to many reasons for why I love Adam Young.

“I will.” Maria let the tears she had shed down her face she wasn’t going to hide them, they were her tears of joys she loved to show.

Maria had to many reasons to love Adam, and she wouldn’t trade him for anyone in the world, for he was her Owl in the City.
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For my biffle Marti-Maria I love her.