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Cheating Across the Pond

Worth It

“Saw Ronny take you home last night,” Uncle Ryan said over dinner. We have a standing appointment for me to have dinner with him every Wednesday.

“Do you have cameras installed in the parking lot? It's kind of creepy that you know my every move.”

“I saw you from the office,” Ryan shrugged, “And it's not creepy, if I'm genuinely worried.”

“You don't have to worry. DAD,” I teased, Ryan has always been more of a fatherly figure to me. “There is nothing going on between Cristiano and me. I don't understand why everyone seems to forget I'm engaged.”

“You do realize he is quite fit, right?” Stacey quipped.

“What?” Ryan nearly choked on his food.

“Just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't look,” Stacey defended.

“He is very good looking but I'm engaged. Why does everyone not seem understand that?”

“Because when you're with Ronny, you light up.”


“Hey sweetie,” I cooed over the phone.

“Hi, beautiful. It's so good to hear your voice,” Stephen said.

“Awe, you always know how to make me smile.”

“That's my job. Anything new?”

“Missing you and that's it.”

“I miss you, too. I've been working so much that I haven't been home this week. I don't mind that much, though. Home isn't home, without you.”

“You make me wanna be back there with you,” There was a knocking at the door. I opened the door to see a delivery boy holding a large vase of flowers.

“Delivery for Ms. Giggs.”

“That's me. Come in, hold on Stephen,” I accepted the vase and tipped the delivery boy. I had assumed the flowers were from Stephen but the card read: “Hermosa, You make it hard for me to control myself. CR

You make it hard for me to control myself. Cristiano was referencing the song that we danced to, “Stephen, I'm going to have to call you back, later.”

“Okay, honey, bye.”

I stared at the note, not quite sure what to do. I need to call Sara. I dialed the number, “Sara?”

“Why hello there my fair lady!”

“That actually fits," I said dryly before urgently rushing into the dilemma at hand, "Sara, a bunch of us went out to a club a few nights ago, and I did something bad.”

“Did you start dancing on tables again? Did you start drinking tequila? I told you tequila is not your drink.”

“No, I danced with Cristiano and um- I just got some flowers and they're from him.”

“Girl, that's not bad! I think quite the contrary. What did the card say?”

“Hermosa, you make it hard for me to control myself. -CR,” I dictated.

There was nothing but squeals on the other side of the line.

“Sara, I'm getting married,” I said dryly.

“I know and you know what? The fact that you use it as a crutch annoys the crap out of me. Here's a guy who is absolutely crazy for you and you're just sitting there twiddling your thumbs.”

“I'm not gonna cheat on Stephen, in any circumstance. Especially not with Cristiano. Do you know what that would do to my career? It'd be in ruins. I wouldn't be able to work anywhere, let alone professional sports.”

“Maybe, Cristiano is worth it.”
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