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Cheating Across the Pond

Oh My

I threw on a pair of jeans and a hoody and slipped on some flats. Don't judge. It's only Boddington's, even if it is in the “posh” area of town.

The minute I walked into the bar, you knew the boys had to be there. It had all the symptoms of drunks footballers. Songs were being sung dubbing Wayne the white Pele, beer was being passed around like no tomorrow, and women dressed for a nightclub were hanging around.

“Allie!” Rio yelled, pointing at me, the minute he saw me and beckoned me to come.

“Allie!” Chorused the rest of the bar, which I have to admit is quite jarring particularly when you're sober.

I joined the boys, who were of course at the center of the mayhem, and sat down between Cristiano and Rio and before I knew it a pint of beer was set in front of me.

“Now since we managed to get our sweet little Allie down here, I think we should make a toast,” A quite drunk Michael bellowed, “To Allie, the cutest, bestest trainer intern we've ever had!” He raised his glass.

“To Allie!” shouted the rest of the bar, also raising their glasses in a toast.

“To me,” I meekly raised my glass, which Michael clinked against, and took a sip.

“Come on, Allie!” Rio gave me a serious look and he made a motion for me to drink more.

I grimaced as I took a longer sip, “I hate beer,” I muttered to myself.

“Finish that and I'll get you a cocktail,” Cristiano flashed his perfect, white smile.

I cocked my head, inspecting his face under the dim, pub lights that gave his face an unearthly glow. I drank a little bit more of the beer, puckering at the bitter taste of hops.

A red eyed, and pretty red-faced Wayne dropped a ping pong ball into my stein. A huge, cheesy grin took over his face. “You know what that means!”

“Um, no I don't,” I shook my head. Why do drunks have to be so loud?


“Really?” My brow knitted together in refusal, “Please no!”


“Cristiano?” I looked at him hoping he could save me but he only shook his head laughing.


I looked to Rio, who made a gesture to chug it. I grimaced as I brought the cold glass to my lips and chugged. When I finished, I felt sick to my stomach but oddly warm and relaxed.

“That deserves a cocktail,” Cristiano laughed. “What would you like?”

To be honest, I didn't know much about alcohol. I was that prude in college that didn't go out and party or drink very much. I was that girl. “Sex on the beach,” I blurted out.

“Oh baby with you, especially,” Cristiano winked and went to the bar to order me my cocktail.

I blushed at the thought of Cristiano and me on the beach and oh maybe beer wasn't so bad.

“It was for your own good,” Wayne declared as he pointed at me, as if he could have been talking to anyone else. “You need to relax and have fun! I haven't met the future Mr. Allie but I can tell you this. He can't be more fun than us!”

“Oh he isn't, Wayne,” I reassured.

“If he isn't fun, then why are you with him?” Wayne asked suddenly serious and his voice unnervingly steady and sober.

“I don-”

“A sex on the beach, from me to you,” Cristiano interrupted me, placing the fruity drink in front of me.

I blushed at the suggestion and took an unsure sip of the fruity concoction, which was so sweet and went down so smoothly, I doubted that it contained alcohol at all.

“Slow down,” Cristiano warned.

“You don't have a drink!” I exclaimed, liquid courage pumped through my veins, warming my face and my hands. “Oi! Oi! Can I get a pint here for my friend?” I said in a mock English accent. Huh, I guess drunk Alyssa is really just English Allie- or more like Allie with a bad English accent. And a foamy pint of beer was set before the Portuguese star in almost an instant. “Drink it up!”

Cristiano shook his head, “I don't drink, remember,” There was a tinge of disappointment in his voice.

“I think tonight you don't have a choice,” Rio deadpanned before laughing maniacally. Drunk Rio is a little bipolar apparently, “Now drink up Twinkle Toes.”

Twinkle Toes pursed his lips and ruefully raised his glass, “Saúde.”

Saúde,” I tried to copying the liquid vowels and the smooth consonants. We clinked cups and we both took long drinks of our respective poisons.


Sex on the beach, orgasm, pina colada, oh my.

After finishing what I can only describe as 'that blue drink,' I smiled stupidly and put my hands down on the table, “Allie is sloppy!” I declared proudly.

Cristiano's eyes were glassy and slightly dazed. He leaned in, pressing his lips against my ear. I could feel him smile. I found myself disappointed, when he pulled away. He raised his hand to signal the bartender to send us another round of drinks. His arm wrapped around my waist.

At that moment, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the way he sent shivers up and down my spine, maybe it was the fact that his arm fit perfectly along the curve of my waist in a way that Stephen's never did. Whatever it was, it made me lean into him and rest my head on his shoulder. I took in a deep breath of his cologne, something crisp yet musky but also something that seemed utterly Cristiano and completely his own.

A couple of shots were placed in front of us, tequila I guessed. Not that I could tell, they all tasted and burned the same. With liquid courage coursing through my veins, I grabbed Cristiano's free arm and shook some salt onto the inside of his wrist. I licked the salt off and I swore I could feel his pulse quicken. Then I downed the tequila and quickly took a bite of the lime wedge. “Tastes better off your skin.”

“Oh yeah?” Cristiano quirked an eyebrow, “I'll have to try.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder and his tongue traced the length of my neck, stopping right where my pulse beated at an erratic rate.

With my eyes closed, I took a sharp intake of air, when he licked the salt off my skin. “And? Better?” I breathed. I felt like my ribs were going to break from my heart slamming against them.

“With you,” He paused, his warm breathe tickling my neck, “It's always better.”

“Is that so?” I sighed. I smiled slowly, sensually.

“Yes,” He pulled away from and looked me in the eyes. His eyes were so dark, it looked as though his pupils were swallowing his irises, “Let's get out of here.”

I couldn't get up quick enough. I was glad that I chose to wear flats as opposed to the other girls dressed in skintight dresses and stiletto heels. I was also glad that I wasn't wearing their steel eyed glare. I wobbled a bit and laughed rather loudly and obnoxiously.

Cristiano wrapped his arm around my waist, steadying me, “I'll help you walk straight.”

“I can walk!” I yelled. Why do drunks always have to be so loud?

“Well then maybe I just like having my arm around you?”

I giggled and waved goodbye to Rio and the gang, “Ta-ta!” I waved at them as I left the bar.

Cristiano hailed a cab and gave the driver his address.

We couldn't keep our hands off each other, or our lips for that matter.

It all became a blur.

Kisses everywhere.

Shoes off at the door. Hoody at the stairs. Jeans in the hallway. Tshirt in the bedroom. Panties. Bra. On the floor.

Oh my.
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