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Cheating Across the Pond


“So you went home with Ronny?” Rio’s grin was as big as I’d ever seen. Except maybe when he saw me in that wedding dress.

“Yes,” I said through gritted teeth. Cris and I both agreed to not say anything about, about that night. In turns out that we both wanted a little discretion and privacy. The story we told and stuck to was that I went home with him and I slept in a guest room. “We took a cab back to his place and I slept off the shots of tequila and the dozen cocktails.”

“Interesting…” Rio scratched his chin, “You guys seemed really frisky at Boddington’s. Ow!” He yelped as I tugged on the tape around his wrist harder than was necessary.

“Sorry!” I flashed a sweet smile. “That was the tequila. Tequila makes everyone slutty. That’s a fact,” I rolled my eyes at him, “The cold air sobered me up. I’m getting married, remember.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Never heard of the whole ‘when the mouse is away, the cat will play?’”

“It’s ‘when the cat is away, the mouse will play.’ The cat plays regardless of whether or not the mouse is there.”

“So you admit it!”

“Admit what?”

“That you’re the cat!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I rolled my eyes. “If I was the cat, then Steven would be having affairs left and right as we speak. I was just explaining your mistake.” I smoothed the tape down and my over imaginative subconscious.

“Whatever you say,” Rio snatched his wrist away, rubbing it.

“So what was Cristiano’s ex like?” I asked nonchalantly as I could, while I started taping Wayne’s ankle.

“Why? Jealous?” Rio’s eyes were wide like a child on Christmas day.

“No, I was just wondering.”

“Mercedes or something? Right?” Wayne’s mouth twisted into a line as he thought.

“Merche Romero,” Rio corrected, “She’s some kind of model or something in Portugal.”

“Oh,” Model meant legs to my shoulders and face pretty enough that it needed to be photographed for the world to see.

“She was kind of a bitch,” Wayne winced as I wrapped once more around the ankle applying more pressure.

“Yeah, you’re way better than her,” Rio assured with a smirk.

“I didn’t ask that,” I said softly.

“You didn’t have to say it,” Rio winked, before leaving for the locker room. “See you on the pitch, Allie!” Dashing out of the room before I could throw something at him.

I smoothed the complex tape job on Wayne’s ankle, checking if it was too tight, “You’re all done.”

Wayne nodded, “So why did you really want to know about Ronny’s ex?”

“Like I said earlier, I was just wondering.”

Wayne eyed me, a hint of disbelief in his eyes. “What would make you wonder about that?”

I sighed and threw my hands up in the air in frustration, “When I was at his house, I noticed the place was way too big for just him and his cousin, who moved out. And his bed was too big for just one person and the way the nightstands were…”

“How do you know what his bed looks like, if you supposedly slept in the guest bedroom?” Wayne asked with a smirk.

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