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Cheating Across the Pond

Swear On It

“What?” I heard Stephen choke out. I didn’t have to see his face, it was all in his voice. It was a stomach-churning mixture of anger and realization.

“I got the internship at Manchester United. I'm leaving in a few weeks, once all the paper work and the arrangements are done and made,” I kept my eyes on the floor. I couldn't face him, I didn't want to see the look in his eyes, the anger in his voice manifesting itself on his face.

“You're leaving? We didn't even discuss this. We're engaged, God damn it! You can't just spring these kinds of things on me and expect me to be okay with it!”

“I'm going, Steve. Can't you see how big of an opportunity this is for me?” I looked him in the eyes. My blues eyes staring at his brown an intensity, a fire. The frustration, the anger that I had been holding in was turning my voice into a yell. “There are so few spots open in professional sports for athletic trainers, especially female ones. I thought you be proud of me,” I felt a pang of guilt as I tried to guilt-trip him.

“I am proud of you,” His voice suddenly soft, his eyes warm. It worked. “It's just we're getting married and it seems to me like you're forgetting that,” He took a step towards me, his hand reached out to caress my cheek.

“I could never forget that,” My lion's roar suddenly tamed to a lamb's mew as I relished his touch. “We can still get married in the fall. We can get married in Manchester. You're going to get the promotion and we can start over in England.”

“You promise,” Stephen took my left hand in his and brought the ring to his lips.

“I promise,” A small small spread across my lips.

“You'll never leave me?” He asked as he drew me into his arms, into his embrace.

I gave him a nod as I inhaled his cologne.

“Swear on it,” There was an underlying demanding tone to his voice.

“I swear.”
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Before I go onto my actual Author's Notes, I want to say happy birthday to my sister!

Short, I know. I'm trying to get back into this story. I've kind of fell out of love with it and I'm trying to get the inspiration going again. I'm not sure how I'll do the updating, if I'll alternate it with my Jordan Staal story or if I'm going to stagger them. Please leave a comment or message me about what you think of the story so far and if you want me to continue it!