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Cheating Across the Pond

Eyes Open. Eyes Closed.

My stomachs did somersaults and sank with dread. Doubt and regret crept inside me and was slowly wrecked my self-confidence. Was I going to be good enough? Will I be able to perform the level expected of me? Will I be respected? What if I can't handle it? These questions echoed in the corners of my mind as I absentmindedly, nervously twisted my engagement ring.

The plane ride went in flashes.

Eyes closed. My summers in Wales.

Eyes open. The drink cart was coming around.

Eyes closed. Uncle Ryan showing me how to precisely curve the ball.

Eyes open. The opening credits of a cheesy romantic comedy was playing.

Eyes closed. The sharp pop and wave of pain as my cleat got stuck in the Astro-Turf, during a World Cup qualifier.

Eyes open. The female lead was alone and isolated as her fiancé partied with his friends.

Eyes closed. The surgeon explaining the exact procedure for reconstructing my ACL.

Eyes open. The male lead was trying to convince the female lead to leave her fiancé.

Eyes closed. I'm sitting my car waiting to take the Board of Certification exam for my Athletic Training Credential.

Eyes open. The female lead runs away with the male lead, leaving her fiancé at the alter.

Eyes closed. I'm signing and faxing the contract for the internship.

Eyes open. The fasten seatbelt sign is flashed on.

Eyes closed. Sara and I hugging, both of us trying to hold back the tears.

Eyes open. The face of a flight attendant is right in front of me.

“Miss? Miss? Could you please put your seat in the upright position? We're starting our descent,” She asked politely.

I nod weakly as I wipe the sleep from my eyes. I sat up in my chair as I set my seat upright, bracing myself for the descent.


This is England. I thought to myself as I stared outside the windows of the shuttle that was taking me to my new home.

The shuttle came to a screeching halt and my new home was revealed to me. My new home was a tall, sleek high-rise that was so tall that it made me dizzy looking up at it. Not bad. The driver helped me take my bags into the building before speeding off. The lobby was in keeping with modern architecture of the building. All long lines and metallic finishings. Behind the receptionist desk was a well-manicured, well-dressed and by the way she had her nose in the air, well-bred.

“Hi! I'm Alyssa Giggs. I should have an apartment here.”

“Hello,” Judging by her tone, she was clearly bored. Snippy receptionist's name tag read 'Emily', “Let me check the computer.”

“I love your accent,” I gushed.

“I wish I could say the same about yours,” Emily replied coldly and continued to type on her computer. “Yes you do and it is paid in full. You are on the 12th floor in room 1207. Here is your key and the deli is open 24/7. You have the option of paying in cash or billing it to your room, which you can pay at the end of every month,” Emily placed the keycards on the desk, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” I said mocking her accent as I took the cards and went to my room.

It was a good-sized apartment. It had one bedroom and two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a balcony that gives a great view of the city. I didn't even bother unpacking. I just went to my room and flopped onto the bed and fell asleep.

“Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie?”

I knew right then who it was. Only one person in the world calls me Lizzie. But that didn't mean I wanted to get up.

“Lizzie!” He shook my shoulder, forcing me to open my eyes.

“Uncle Ryan,” I groaned as I sat up, “How did you even get in here?”

“To you I'm only Uncle Ryan, but to the city of Manchester, I'm a hero.”

“I like Uncle Ryan better.”

“Me, too. Besides, you didn't call and I was getting worried. Stacey made this great dinner to welcome you to Manchester and she sent me to fetch you.”

I nodded weakly, still suffering from jet lag.
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