Sequel: Running With Scissors

Those Worse Off Than You

Thank you. [It's over]

Yes, guys, that was the end. I hope you all enjoyed it dearly. Thank you all so much for sticking around to read it- it means a lot to me- especially when you say I did a good job. Without you, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to finishing it. I must say, that I am proud to announce that out of all the stories I've ever written (there'a a hell of a lot), this is the first one to get an ending.

Hoewever, I am glad to enform you that I'm gathering together some ideas for the sequel, for those of you who fail to read my comments...
If you're interesting in reading it when it's up, just PM me and let me know & I'm be glad to reply as soon as the first part is written.

Once again, thank you all.