Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Just Text Talk.

“Is it just me or am I the only one nervous?” I grumbled to myself, the rest of the guys driving quietly towards the beach.

“Johnny chill, your parents just wanted us to come and watch some surfing contest, no big deal.” Brian laughed from the front seat, “your acting like you dropped another 40.”

I laughed at the memory, “thanks for not letting me forget, but still I want to know what their important news is.” I muttered, Lacey patted my thigh softly, “holy shit I’ve never seen the beach this crowded.” My eyes widened as I took in the packed streets.

“Fuck man, should we just pay the stupid twenty dollars for the parking lot?” Matt mumbled to Brian.

“Why not? We’re going to be here for awhile.”

Matt pulled out his phone to tell the girls what was going on, he took a left and pulled into one of those pricey ass parking lots. The guy walked over to Brian’s side as he handed him the money, I looked over my shoulder to see the girls all singing along to some song. I shook my head and rested it on Lacey’s shoulder, anticipation running through me right now.


“Aah! Mrs. Christ!” Jimmy ran over to my Mother, tackling her into a hug.

She laughed and patted his arm, “nice to see you Jimmy.” She laughed when he let her go, everyone else walked over to give them hugs hello, I was finally last.

“Hi Mom.” I kissed her cheek as I hugged her.

She smiled and kissed my own cheek back, “hello Baby,” yeah she still called me baby, nice huh? “you all ready for the news?”

“Yeah, you’ve had Johnny complaining ever since you told him.” Lacey teased giving my hand a soft squeeze.

I rolled my eyes playfully, “don’t make me fill your mouth.” I smirked.

“Jonathan.” My Dad warned, “there are kids around,” he motioned towards the kids that were running around, “now pick a seat so we can tell you already.”

I nodded as Lacey and I walked underneath the tent they were perched under. Sitting down on the same seat together, I smiled and wrapped my arms around her waist. “Alright, I’m ready.”

My Mom laughed as she sat down, watching a group of teenagers walk past the tent for a few moments. “Alright, well we wanted to tell you this together since it’s going to effect you all,” She said softly, “when you were about three I got pregnant again, a few months later you had a little sister.” She paused, looking to choked up to go on.

My Dad took over for her, “we couldn’t afford having another baby, and we found out one of our old friends was having trouble having one of her own. So we put her up for adoption, we figured it would be best if you didn’t know for some weird reason.” He shook his head slowly, “little did we know that her Step Dad started to molest her when she turned seven, our old friend committed suicide so your sister was left with the Step Dad.”

“Wait a second,” I cleared my throat, “knowing my sister’s name would be nice.”

“Oh, right. We named her Amy-Lynn.” I repeated the name in my head a few times, “anyway, it was only recently that she tried to commit suicide, her Step Father almost beat her to death after letting his friends go at her.” He paused, a disgusted look on everyone’s faces, “they managed to save her and find out what was going on, they contacted us and handed over custody.”

Everyone was silent for a few minutes, taking in what had just been told to us, “I-is that all?” I asked shakily, disgust and anger flowing through me.

“Sort of,” My Mom said softly, “there’s a few more things, first of all your sister doesn’t talk that much let alone eat. We’ve had to watch her constantly to make sure she’s not starving herself or cutting.” I winced at the idea, “she’s a sweet girl just shy and nervous,” she made sure to add in, “as for the reason we’re here, she took up surfing as an escape, she’s competing today.”

“She is?” Matt asked looking around, “I take it she’s short?”

Both my parents laughed softly, “of course, poor thing is barely 5’0 even.” I laughed softly, they couldn’t call me short shit now, “she should be getting here soon, she was at her counselors for a bit.”

“So how is this going to effect us?” Jimmy asked, a disgusted look still in his eyes.

“Well I was wondering if she could spend time with you all, we thought getting to know you all might make her not so shy. You wont have to if it’s to much trouble.” My Dad answered.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” I spoke up, “hell she’s my little sister.”

My Mom smiled, “I was hoping you’d be excited.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked smiling, “I want her to get here now.”

Everyone laughed at my childish tone, “Mom.” A soft voice said slowly.

I looked over towards the flap to the tent, a group of maybe three people standing there. I was instantly able to tell who my little sister was, the smallest of the group. Her body looked a little to thin for her height, a worried expression on her face as she glanced towards the gang and I, taking us in slowly. She visibly stiffened when her eyes landed on Matt and Brian.

“Hey Honey, how’d your session go?” My Mom sat up straighter, trying to make her feel welcomed.

Amy looked over to her, “fine.” She answered. She walked over to my Dad and set her bags down, shimming out of her jeans, right away one of the older men with her handed her a pair of board shorts. I noticed the other was holding a surf board under his arm.

“Are you sponsored or something?” Michelle asked smiling.

Amy looked over for a few seconds before looking down at her feet. Not answering the question, they weren’t lying when they said shy.

“What group am I in?” She asked softly, tying her board shorts.

The guy with the board pulled out a paper, “the fifth, your group is coming up right now. Your second to go in.” He explained without a smile, no doubt a cold feeling coming off of him.

She nodded and pulled off her big T-shirt, a bikini top over her chest. She looked around for a few seconds before grabbing a small tank top, looking up at us for a few seconds.

“I think Matt and Brian scare her.” Zacky laughed from next to me.

She looked at Zacky for a few seconds, taking him in for a bit. “Mom?”


“Why are they here?” She asked softly, sitting down in the sand.

“Well that’s your Brother’s band remember?” Amy nodded lightly, “I wanted them to meet you.”

Amy tensed up even more, “I don’t have to touch them do I?”

I snorted, “I take that to offense,” She looked towards me, “I’m Johnny, your brother.” I stuck out my hand for her.

She stared at me for a few seconds, just as an announcer called the first surfer for group five. She stood up and brushed the sand off her shorts, “should I watch?” She looked towards the older men.

They nodded, “yeah, see how he surfs and take it in.”

Amy’s POV:

I sat there in the sand watching Jacoby surf, he was a good surfer, but he tended it slow down when he got into the tubes. Something you really didn’t want to do, those things were dangerous. If you get stuck in that spiral of water and can’t get out, well say good bye to life and hello to drowning.

“He’s good.” I think someone named Zacky said sitting down next to me, “I mean he’s good right? For all I know he could be horrible.” He added after seeing the look on my face.

I turned away with a shrug, what part of I don’t like talking don’t these guys seem to get?

“So he’s an okay surfer?”

I looked at him again and nodded my head lightly. I turned back to the waves just in time to see Jacob make it out of the tube, the judges jotting down their scores. I felt a surge of adrenaline when I realized it was my turn, I stood up shakily. For some reason Zacky popped up and grabbed my arm, almost like he was worried that I’d fall. I raised my eyebrow and yanked my arm from his grasp, not liking to be touched by men.

“Next surfer to the shore, Amy-Lynn Seward take your place.”

I looked towards Zacky for a few moments, “go back to your girlfriend.”

“Amy get up there.” Duke my manager ordered.

I gulped as I took my board, keeping my breathing calm as I focused on blocking everyone else out of my mind.

Johnny’s POV:

“You alright Zacky?” I asked patting his shoulder.

He looked at me and nodded, “yeah, just trying to figure out your sister. She seems… odd.” He answered looking back towards Amy.

I looked over to see her paddling out, at least I think that’s what they called it. “I swear Vengeance, if you think you’ll be getting into her pants I’ll fucking kill you.”

He looked at me shocked, “what the fuck? I’m not trying to get into her pants, fuck man. I don’t think she could handle that.” He said slowly, “she’s just different.”

“Just don’t fuck with her,” I said slowly, already I felt protective over her, “oh shit oh shit she’s going!”

Everyone laughed at me, looking at Amy as she took her wave. Now I have no clue what the fuck goes on in surfing but she looked to be doing good. She got up and balanced on the board, weaving through the water like nothing.

“See this is what we love about Amy-Lynn, she just seems to block everyone out and go into her own world. It’s a rare occasion when we see her fall of or get caught up into the tube, she has definitely proven to hold her own with these boys out here. I mean look at that, beautiful ride all the way though.” I listened to one of the judges as he spoke into the mic, his voice spreading across the whole beach.

As I watched Amy I couldn’t help feel a surge of happiness spread over me, feeling proud of her. She was finally able to stop standing, she reached up and scratched her head, waiting for another wave.

“Damn, she’s good.” Brian laughed, “it’s like she’s in her own little world.”

We all laughed, “I think we should take her out tonight,” Lacey said smiling, “so we can start to get her comfortable around us, and to celebrate how good she is.”

I smiled and pressed my lips against hers, “I like that idea.” I said against her lips.

She smiled.

Normal POV:

“I swear that’s fucking stupid that you placed second!” Jimmy ranted as we walked down the board walk. A small silver metal dangling from my neck. I had placed second, another surfer named Darren placing first by one point.

I blocked out his ranting as I fidgeted with my Ipod, wondering if any of them would notice if I turned it on and used it. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize we had walked into a bar and grill until we were at our booth. Zacky nudging my back gently to tell me to take a seat. I snapped out of my thoughts and climbed into the booth, luckily it was big enough for me to sit with my legs crossed.

I brought the menu down on my lap, picking out what I wanted already. I placed it down on the table and turned on my Ipod, putting it on shuffle. I felt a small blush form on my cheeks when ‘ Unholy Confessions’ came blaring through my headphones. I turned down the volume and stuck one of the buds in my ear, avoiding all of their gazes.

I was about half way through the song when someone nudged my leg lightly, I looked over to see Zacky smiling at me. I looked down to see him nudging my leg with his green Sidekick. I frowned but took it from his hands anyway, looking at the screen.

If you won’t talk out loud will you talk this way? I promise not to tell :)

I laughed lightly, turning my head to look at him. He smiled innocently, “please? I won’t tell.” He said softly, just as a waiter made his way over to our table.

“What can I get you all to drink?” He asked smiling.

He went around the table, by the time he got to me I cleared my throat, “Pepsi.” My voice was small, to nervous to make it any louder.

“I’m sorry?”

“She said Pepsi.” Brian answered from my other side.

“Oh, alright, and for you Sir?” He looked towards Zacky.

“Pepsi is fine.” He answered smiling, the waiter nodded before walking away.

I looked back down to Zacky’s phone, biting my lip. I sighed and pressed the delete button, waiting until the little screen was blank.

Fine, but if you tell anyone I’ll never speak to you ever again. I handed the phone back to him, changing the song to Atreyu’s Ex’s and Oh’s.

The phone plopped down onto my lap, I wont tell I promise! I snorted at that, Matt looking at me from across the table, are you upset you didn’t place first? :’(

A smile tugged at my lips as I deleted the words quickly, looking over to see Zacky playing it off like nothing. Nope, I really don’t care. Why isn’t your girlfriend here? I couldn’t let him ask all the questions now could I? I handed back the phone just as the waiter came back over.

“So Amy… has your Mom told you about… sleeping over?” Val asked cautiously.

I nodded slowly, “yes, it’s alright.” I asnwered quietly, taking a sip from my soda. All this talking actually made my throat ache, I haven’t done that much since I was molested. I winced at the flashbacks.

“If you don’t feel like spending the night we’d understand.” Johnny said slowly, “it wouldn’t hurt our feelings.” I could tell that was a lie. Even though I haven’t spoken much to him I could tell he was going to be a good brother.

“I’m really okay with it.” I answered just as the phone was set down on my leg.

I looked down to read the message, Gena and I broke up, found her in bed with that Benji Madden dude, I looked at him in shock, he nodded lightly. I stuck out my lip and patted his leg under the table as I went back to reading, aren’t my smiley faces cute? :^} --- he has a nose.

I laughed out loud this time, everyone looking at me like I was insane while Zacky smiled proudly. I covered my last few giggles as I deleted the message, not caring if people were watching me, their okay looking, although everyone probably thinks I’m insane.

I handed him back the phone over the table, not minding if they all saw. Johnny smiled at me from over the table, obviously happy that I was starting to open up, even if it was through text messages. I smiled back just as the waiter came around, I sighed knowing I would have to talk louder this time.

As he went around the table taking our orders Zacky nudged my arm, I looked over to see him point to the menu. “I’ll tell him your order for you.” He said softly.

I couldn’t help but smile as I pointed to what I wanted, he nodded and closed his menu, the guy for some reason skipped me and went to Zacky, obviously hearing what he had just said. I took the phone from Zacky’s lap and read the new message for me.

We’re all insane, no problem. Plus I like hearing you laugh, it’s cute. I felt my cheeks heat up as I bit onto my lip. Zacky chuckled at the expression on my face as I deleted the words to thank him.

Zacky’s POV:

“Hey Zacky look.” Johnny laughed pointing towards Amy.

I looked over to see her fast asleep sitting up, my phone between her hands. I laughed and shifted her around so her head could rest on my shoulder, I took my phone from her hands and read the message she had begun to write.

I’m going to bed now, see you to The message cut off there, making my lips tug up into a smile.

“Who’s house is she sleeping at tonight?”

“Mine,” Johnny answered, “speaking of sleeping, what time is it?”

“About ten.” I answered checking the time on my phone. “We should get going.” I was happy I was staying at Johnny’s right now. My own house was getting it’s carpet and walls repainted, something I had done every couple of years for the hell of it.

“Alright, let’s just pay the bill.” Matt yawned.
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