Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Baby Ichabods!

A Weeks Later.

“Ooh Amy!” I groaned as Brain called my name.

“What?” I whined as he poked his head into my bedroom.

“We finally decided how we’re going to torture you, so come on down to the living room.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows like a madman.

I sighed and crawled off my bed, to say I was regretting the bet I had made with him would be an understatement. If I could go back in time I’d shoot myself just to make sure that I didn’t make the bet. But sadly I couldn’t go back in time, so I was stuck with dealing with the outcomes. As soon as I walked into the living room Zacky pulled me down onto the floor next to him, his arm slithering across my shoulders.

“If I say I love all of you will you not torture me to death?” I begged jutting out my bottom lip.

All of them chuckled but shook their heads slowly, “nope, you made a bet. A bet’s a bet, so stop whining and just enjoy it.”

I groaned and rested my head on Zacky’s shoulder, muttering to myself quietly. He laughed and placed a kiss to my forehead, “don’t worry, I’ll make you happy later.”

“How?” I asked lifting my head up enough to see him.

“We’re going to the movies,” he answered, “our date.”

I giggled quietly and kissed his neck.

“Okay enough of that before I get sick.” Johnny groaned throwing a sofa pillow at us. “We’ve decided that your getting a piercing and a tattoo. The guys and I decided on the tattoo, and the girls picked out the piercing.”

“Oh yay me.” I mumbled earning a chuckle from Zacky. “What did you all pick out?”

“Well, your getting your belly button pierced,” Val smiled at me, “it wont hurt much ether.”

I sighed and looked over to Johnny, “the tattoo?”

“ Deathbat.” All of them chorused at the same time, how did I know?

“Where?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“ Your wrists.” Johnny answered smiling at me.

I looked down at them, my fingers running over the scars near them. “I don’t know if I want any tattoos there.” I murmured.

“It’ll be fine,” Johnny reassured, “please?”

I sighed, “fine, when are we getting all of this done though?”

“Probably tomorrow since Zacky already made plans for you two.” Lacey winked.

I laughed nervously, aware of Zacky’s fingers rubbing circles on my shoulder. “What’re we doing today until later than?” I asked.

They all looked at each other before shrugging, “we thought you would come up with something.”

“Me? Why?” I whined.

“Because you’re the baby of the group, now pick something.” Matt ordered throwing a sofa pillow at my head.

I laughed and tossed it back at him. “I don’t know…” I trailed off nervously, “I have an idea now!” I giggled when a thought popped into my head.

“Do tell.”

“Since your all torturing me with tattoos and piercings… let’s go to Disneyland!” I grinned.

“ I WANNA GO!” Jimmy and Leana screamed at the same time, both of them nearly falling off of the sofa.

“Hmm, we haven’t gone there in awhile.” Johnny mused, “and I have a feeling if we say no Jimmy and Leana will kill us.”

“So will I.” I smiled raising my hand. “I haven’t been there in forever, last time I went I was with…” I trailed off and decided not to go on.

“You were with?” Brian pressed confused.

“My Step-Dad.” I mumbled, “the prick.”

All of them were quiet for a few moments, “he’s in jail for life right?” Johnny finally asked, his protective brother side coming out.

I looked down at my knees, shaking my head slowly. “He got three years, and if he has good behavior his lawyer wants to get him out sooner.” I felt tears raising to my eyes quickly.

“ t’s not like he’d be able to find you…” Zacky whispered, “and if he did he’d have to get through all of us, even Ichabod and Pinkly.”

I laughed as the two dogs lifted up their heads slowly, wanting to know why their names had been called. “They should have puppies together.”

“What? Why? I don’t want Vengeance’s dog messing up my little girl.” Michelle laughed.

“But they’d be so cute!” I laughed, “than you guys could be related and arrange a little doggie marriage.” I laughed turning to see Brian and Zacky staring at their dogs.


“Huh?” Zacky looked away from Ichabod.

“Should we let out dogs get it on?”

I couldn’t help the giggles that escaped from my mouth after Brian asked that. They way he put it sounded way to protective of his dog. I swear I was going to feel sorry for any daughters he had.

“I don’t know, Ichabod’s an animal.” Zacky sighed.

I started laughing harder, slumping onto my side at the mental images.

“I think you broke my little sister.” Johnny laughed.

“I-I’m not b-broken!” I managed to gasp out, “t-the m-mental images!” I choked out rolling around.

All of them laughed at me, “so are you guys going to let the dogs get it on?” Matt asked over the sounds of my laughing.

“Why not? I swear though Zacky, my dog better at least get breakfast after Ichabod violates her.” Brian sighed sadly.

I laughed a bit more before finally calming down, “ah the sound of little paws on the floor.”

All of them laughed at me, “I like this Amy more,” Jimmy grinned, “she’s more hyper.”

I smiled and threw my legs over Zacky’s lap, my head resting on somebody’s foot. I looked up and smiled at Matt, “your foot is comfy.”

“Thanks?” He asked looking down at me confused.

“Your welcome homeboy.”


“Remind me again why all of you are picking out my clothes?” I whined as the girls rummaged through my things.

“Because your going on a date, therefore you must look sexy.” Leana answered smiling at me.

“B-but it’s just the movies!” I groaned, “it doesn’t matter if I look sexy or not.”

“Yes it does, it matters for us.” Val answered holding up a shirt and than throwing it to the floor. “So stop complaining and just sit there.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I sighed laying on my back. Pinkly jumped up onto my bed and crawled onto my lap. “How come Pinkly’s here anyway?” I asked.

“Eh we decided Ichabod could use a play date.” Michelle answered walking over to my bed, “and now she’s going to be a mommy.” She cooed.

The poor dog just turned her head to the side, barking once before placing her head back on my stomach. I laughed and scratched behind her ear, her leg starting to twitch slightly.

“She doesn’t seem to happy about that.” I murmured.

“I wouldn’t be if I was in her spot,” Lacey laughed, “have you seen how long Ichabod violates Mr. Doodles?”

I grimaced, “I give him his privacy when he does that, I’m not into that kinky shit like you guys.”

Lacey kindly flipped me off over her shoulder, “it’s not my fault the duck squeaks.”

“Zacky’s thinking about taking the little squeaking thing.” I replied. “He told me last night.”

“Ooh… what were you two doing last night?” Michelle asked wiggling her eyebrows.

“Not what you and Brian were doing,” I teased sticking out my tongue, “I’m not some dirty girl.” I teased.

She rolled her eyes, “so you and Zacky weren’t playing peak-a-boo?”

“No, and I don’t want to know what weird kinky version of peak-a-boo you two were playing ether.” I smiled.

She slapped my arm, “we weren’t doing that peak-a-boo, that’s Jimmy and Leana’s version.”

I laughed and shook my head, “I don’t wanna hear about any more of these weird games please,” all of them laughed, “can I just get dressed already? I wanna go see a movie.”

“Fine, just wear this.” Val sighed throwing an old pair of jeans and a Misfit’s shirt at me.

I sighed, “it took you all an hour to come up with this?” I asked amazed, “wow.”
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