Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Just Kiss Me One Last Time.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Someone giggled jumping up and down on Zacky’s bed.

I groaned and rolled over, snuggling closer to Zacky to warm up my cold feet. Hopefully they wouldn’t wake him up and make him get up. “Go away.”

“But your getting tattoos done today!” The person repeated, I finally recognized the voice as Johnny’s, “and a piercing! GET YOUR ASS UP!”

“Johnny shut the fuck up already,” Zacky growled wrapping his arms around me, “we don’t have to go right now so leave us alone and let her sleep.”

I could hear the pout forming on Johnny’s face, “fine, I see how it is. Fucking no respect.” He grumbled the sound of the door closing met my eyes.

“Are you up?” Zacky asked, his fingers brushing along my cheeks.

I nodded slowly, “I don’t want to be though, I’m sleepy.” I whined.

He chuckled softly, his fingers dancing along my sensitive side. “Do you think you could go back to sleep?”

“Maybe, but your keeping me rather entertained.” I smiled opening my eyes to smile at him. “You went to bed with your eyeliner on.” I laughed reaching up to wipe away a black smudge under his eye.

He smiled and tilted his head up to kiss my finger tip, “I know, I wanted to do that.” He grinned, “you look cute while you sleep.”

“You were up?”

He nodded, “I wanted to act asleep so they’d leave us alone, I guess that didn’t turn out to well,” He laughed, “you wrinkle your nose while you sleep to.”

“I do?”

He nodded again, “like a bunny.”

“Gee thanks Zacky, that something every girl wants to hear.” I laughed sitting up on my elbow.

He smiled and pulled me back down, resting my head over his chest, “your welcome,” I smiled and snuggled closer, “your feet are cold.”


“It’s alright,” He laughed, “Amy?”


“I didn’t suck on our date last night did I?” He asked tilting my head up so I could look him in the eye.

“No, why?” I frowned and slid up his body a bit more, my head resting on his shoulder now.

“I don’t know, I was afraid that I fucked it up somehow.” He laughed nervously, “I mean I didn’t even kiss you good night or anything.”

I rolled my eyes, “you didn’t do anything wrong, I loved our date okay?” I leaned up to press a kiss to his chin, the light stubble making it hurt a bit.

He smirked before rolling over, his hands hooking my legs around his waist. “That’s not a goodnight kiss,” he grinned before leaning down to press our lips together, his cold snakebites making me shiver, “that’s a good night kiss.”

“And what’s a good morning one?” I asked softly, my hands winding around his neck.

He smirked lightly before leaning down to press our lips together again, his hands sliding to rest under my head. I smiled lightly and pressed my lips back against his, my heart doing a few little flutters. He chuckled softly as his tongue touched my bottom lip, I gulped and nervously let my mouth open. Not sure what the hell to do. So I laid there.

“Amy?” He sighed as he pulled away, “did I do something wrong?”

I shook my head, “I don’t know what to do.”

He frowned, “didn’t you ever?”

“I just laid there, I never knew what to do.”

“Just do whatever comes to mind alright?” He said softly.

I nodded slowly as his mouth lowered back to mine. I smiled lightly and let my eyes close again as my hands wound around his neck again. Pushing him against me. He smiled lightly as his tongue touched my bottom lip softly, I smiled and let my mouth open a bit, just enough for him to get in. I opened my eyes curiously to see his eyes closed, I giggled quietly and closed my own eyes.

I felt my stomach flip nervously as my tongue touched his softly, a low moan of his making me shiver. I opened my eyes again to find his trained on me, lust and happiness clouding them over. I smiled and let my own tongue battle against him, the feeling sending shivers down my body and into one place in particular. For once I didn’t mind having an uncomfortable feeling there, I whimpered and raised my hips into his, grinding them together.

Zacky moaned and tore his mouth away, his eyes closing briefly. “A-Amy.”


“Stop,” He sighed letting his hands grab my hips, “as badly as I want you right now, I have to stop this okay?”

I nodded, a smile on my face, “it’s alright Zacky,” I pecked his swollen lips, “we should probably get downstairs before any of them come looking for us.”

He chuckled and nodded, “sounds good.”


Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about
So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts
Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up
You've had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you're out of bounds
I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hash browns

Zacky and the rest of the guys and girls laughed as Jimmy and I continued to sing along to Bloodhound Gang’s The Bad Touch, I loved this song so fucking much and Jimmy singing it with me was just the best ever.

Everyone driving past us kept looking at us like we were insane though, not that I cared, I would have been doing the same thing if I saw two people bouncing up and down singing like morons. But hey, Jimmy and I were just cool that way.

Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex just like Coca-Cola stock your are inclined
To make me rise an hour just like day lights saving time.
Do it now.

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals,
So let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel,
( Do it again now)
You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals,
So let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel,
(Getting horny now!)

I smirked and turned to Zacky while I sang the chorus, laughing lightly when a perverted smirk slid over his face.

“OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH!” Val screamed changing the song, “after Jimmy stars humping the seats that’s it.”

I chuckled, “that’s not fair Val, I didn’t get to get my boogie on with Jimmy-Boy.”

All of them laughed, “what did you give her to drink?” Michelle asked noticing my hyped up body.

“Rockstar,” Johnny laughed, “I guess we know not to let her have those.”

“Monsters are better,” I said smiling, “waaay better.”

“NO THEIR NOT!” Matt yelled throwing a hat at me, “those are gross.”




Zacky chuckled and placed his hand over my mouth, “no more yelling little one.”

“I’m not fucking little, I have a rare disorder which makes me small,” I giggled against his hand, “move your hand now.”

“Nope not going to happen.” He laughed, “I know you, you’ll start yelling with Matt again."

I sighed and wiggled into Zacky, resting my head on his shoulder. I smirked as thought crossed my mind, I opened my mouth and ran my tongue along the palm of his hand slowly.

He grimaced but kept it in place.

I frowned and bit down on the skin, sucking on it to see what his reaction would be. My eyes widened when I noticed his pants starting to raise up.

“Zacky are you getting a fucking boner?!” I screamed against his hand, making everyone except Michelle who was driving turn to look.


“ZACKY’S GOT WOOD!” Jimmy screamed out the window.

I laughed as Zacky’s hand slipped down from my mouth, “HE’S GOT WOOD PEOPLE! ZACKY VENGEANCE HAS WOOD!” I screamed popping my head out of the window along with Jimmy.

Everyone laughed, “oh god we have to have her like this more often,” Brian snickered, “nice boner though Zack.”

“Fuck you.” He growled tugging me back inside the car, “I’m going to get you back later,” He growled softly enough for me to hear.

I smiled innocently, “I didn’t do anything though. JIMMY-BOY HELP ME!”

Jimmy pulled his head back inside and smiled at me, “I’ll save you!”

“Jimmy if you do it I’ll post those pictures of you wearing Leana’s clothes.” Zacky growled.

Jimmy’s face paled, “never mind.”

I grimaced, “what?”

“Jimmy got drunk and decided to dress as Leana, and Leana decided to dress as Jimmy.” Johnny laughed, “I think we have a video of them somewhere.”

“Alright we’re here.” Michelle chuckled.

I gulped, suddenly feeling nervous.

Well fuck me sideways with a spoon.
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Sorry it's been awhile, i've been really busy. I've got an interview with a school tuesday or wednesday. It's a really hard school to get into too...
I have to get my old test scores, letters of recomindation from my teachers, my grades from this year and last year, than i have to take a test and write an essay. And then they decide if i get in.