Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Ichabod Junior.

“My tummy hurts.” I sighed as we walked out of the tattoo and piercing parlor.

“It’ll only last for a bit.” Leana smiled, “when are we going to the fair?” She asked.

“What about tonight?” I asked smiling at Johnny, “there’s not that much to do at a fair but get on rides.”

Everyone nodded, “seems like a good idea, should we all just head to our places and change and meet there?” Matt asked.

“Sure, should we call JB and Mattie?” Brian asked throwing a piece of paper at Michelle again.

“Why not, I miss those two.” I smiled.


“I WANT TO GO TO THE PETTING ZOO!” I screamed grabbing Zacky’s hand and trying to pull him over towards the little attraction.

“But there’s goats.” He whined pouting.

“I don’t care!” I laughed, “please? Aw look Zacky there’s a little piggy!”

“Haha it’s Zacky Jr.” Mattie laughed earning a few other chuckles, “let’s go kidnap him and turn him into a BLT.”

Brian and him laughed again, “don’t hurt the little piggy,” I pouted, “please Zacky? Pleaaasse?” I begged jutting out my bottom lip.

He groaned and looked away from me, trying to resist the urge to cave. “No?” It came out sounding a whole lot more like a question than an answer.

“Please Zacky? For me?”

He groaned, “fine damnit.” He laughed lacing our fingers together before walking over to the pen, “I hate you now.”

“Why? Look at how cute the little baby goat is,” I cooed opening the pen door for both of us, “come on you know you like this.” I smiled lacing our fingers back together.

He laughed as his thumb ran over the palm of my hand, “I admit, the pig is sort of cute.”

I giggled and walked over to the llama, scratching the side of it’s head. “You know, I never thought I’d hear you say a pig was cute ever.”

He laughed again, “well I guess you were wrong,” He smiled and leaned over to press his lips against mine. I giggled and pressed back, my other hand coming up to run through his hair. “Amy?”


“Can we leave now? There’s goat chewing at my pant leg.”

I laughed and looked down to see one of the little baby goat chewing at his pant leg. “He’s a fan Zacky, he wants an autograph.” I laughed.

Zacky laughed, “I don’t know who this Zacky is, for the rest of the night I am Philip.”

I smiled but then let it drop from my face, “I guess I’m all alone tonight than, my date just vanished.” I untangled myself from Zacky and walked out of the little pen, “Woe is me, my life is a misery.”

Everyone laughed, “isn’t that from a movie?” Val asked.

I nodded, “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” I smiled, “I love that movie, I want to see it on stage.”

“Why is Zacky pouting?” Matt frowned as he sulked over to my side.

“Zacky left, this is Philip, JB!”


“Wanna be my date for the rest of the night? No touching though.” I smiled.

He nodded and walked over, holding out his arm with a goofy smile. “Alright, since Zacky seemed to have disappeared…”

Zacky groaned, “okay I’m not Philip anymore!”

“Prove it.” I smiled before JB pulled me off towards all the food stalls. I was living in a world full of hungry, buff, tattooed men. How lucky am I?


“I’m serious! I’m not Philip I’m Zacky!” He whined for the fifth time, his foot stomping down on the ground.

“How do I know your not wearing a costume?” I asked smiling at him, “hmm?”

“Because I’m incredibly sexy and how could you say no to someone as cute as me?” He asked pouting, “I’ll prove it to you.”

“Really now? Tell me how.”

“You have a freckle on your hip, right about there.” He pressed his finger against the hem of my jeans, a smile tugging at his lips again.

I giggled, “alright I guess your Zacky.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist, “I’m sorry JB but I have to go back to my original date, is that alright?”

JB nodded slowly, “sure, I don’t mind.” He sighed sadly, even though both of us could tell it was fake. Everyone else had gone off to get on rides while the three of us just wandered around. “I spot my brother anyway, I’m getting on some rides, have fun you two.” He grinned before running towards Mattie.

“What do you want to do?” Zacky asked right away.

I looked up and shrugged, “I’m not sure, is there anything you want to get on?”

“Ferris Wheel, make out ride.” He grinned walking towards the Ferris wheel. I gulped when I looked up at it, I hated heights with a passion, and to make things worse he picked the biggest one around. Oh how I hated him right now.

“I hate heights,” I pouted as we walked over to the line, “your dead to me now.”

His jaw dropped, “b-but I’m cute!” He whined, “please? Love me? Adore me?!”

I chuckled and wrapped my arm around his waist, “don’t worry Zacky, I was just joking okay?”

He nodded as we stood there, watching the wheel go around and around, “we don’t have to get on if you don’t want to.” He said softly, drawing me out of the peaceful silence we had.

I looked up at him and shook my head slowly, “it’s alright,” I leaned up to kiss his chin, sad that I was so short, “but if I die, Johnny doesn’t get any of my things.”

He chuckled against my mouth, “what do I get?”

“You get Ichabod.”

He laughed, “he’s my dog.”

“He spends more time with me lately.” I added as we moved up a bit in the line.

“True, little bastard ditched me for someone hotter.” He pouted, his bottom lip jutting out far enough for me to see the other side of his snake bites.

I giggled, “to have you say that I’m hotter, I feel honored.” I smiled just as Zacky tugged me up the steps to the ride. I whimpered and closed my eyes as I sat down, my hands gripping the seat tightly.

“Amy we don’t have to get on.” Zacky said quietly as the man shut the door to the little seat thingy.

“It’s alright, I just don’t want it to like fall off and kill us.” I answered letting my eyes open as the ride jerked backwards, “I’m fine really.” I smiled at him before snuggling close to him.

He smiled softly, his arm draping itself around my shoulders. “Cold?”

I nodded slowly, “and this time I’m not faking it.” I smiled and kissed the side of his neck slowly, biting down on the skin before pulling away.

He moaned quietly, his hands gripping his jeans. “Amy…if you keep that up I’m going to have a fucking boner.”

I laughed, but before I could answer someone answered for me.


Zacky and I frowned as we looked to the cart above us, frowning when Johnny and Lacey waved at us.

“Thanks Johnny! Now I can’t make out with him.” I whined stomping my foot.

Johnny grimaced, “oh god that’s just wrong on so many levels,” He whined burying his face into Lacey’s neck, “and no more moaning down there.”

“Or what?” Zacky asked.

“I’ll kick you out.”

The sentence made something click in my head. “Zacky?”

He looked at me, frowning when he noticed the smile had dropped from my face. “What’s wrong?”

“What happens when you move out? I’m going to miss being with you and Ichabod.” I said softly. I hadn’t even remembered that Zacky was staying with them for a while.

“I don’t live to far away from Johnny…” He started slowly, “I’m going to miss waking up to you in your pajamas wandering around the house looking for cereal.”

I smiled softly, “poor Ichabod, he’s going to be so upset.”

He laughed, “he wont be when Pinkly goes into heat, I feel sorry for Brian’s dog.”

I laughed quietly, “poor Brian, his dog is getting knocked up by his best friend’s dog, and who knows how weird those puppies are going to look. They’ll be fluffy that’s for sure.”

“And small.” Zacky added resting his head against mine, “I have an idea.”


“You should keep one, I know Johnny or your Mom wouldn’t mind.”

“My Mom!” I gasped, “oh god I haven’t talked to her in days!” I felt a wave of guilt rush over me.

He laughed, “calm down, Johnny told her you’ve been busy. And once again, your keeping one of the puppies.”

I shrugged, “alright, I’ll name it Ichabod Junior.”

He grinned, “copying my style?”

“Nope, I’m copying Ichabod, he’s way better than his daddy.”
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