Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior


Three Days Later

“Where are you going?” Matt asked noticing that I was wearing board shorts and a bikini top under my tank.

“Surfing,” I answered looking for a hair tie, “I’ve been blowing off practice and I can’t anymore, there’s a big competition in a few days. The top three get to go to Hawaii.” I grinned at the idea.

“Really? I think you’ll place in first.” Johnny grinned.

I smiled, “I hope I get into the top five, these guys have been doing this for years.” I sighed, “but I do want to go to Hawaii, I can take as many guests as I want.” I smirked.

All of them looked over at me, “as many as you want?” Leana asked slowly.

I nodded laughing, “even Ichabod if I wanted to, and of course Pinkly.” I laughed watching the white dog walk past my feet. Poor thing had gone into heat the day after the fair, and let’s just say Ichabod went insane around her. I was surprised Pinkly could even walk.

“My poor dog,” Brian sighed noticing what I was staring at, “getting mauled by Zacky’s little demon.” He glared at Zacky.

“It’s not my fault my dog was horny.” Zacky laughed, “plus he’s mad because I had to lock him up just to keep Pinkly safe, she better get knocked up.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “okay while you guys all talk about dog sex I’m going to the beach.”

“Can we go watch?” Lacey asked.

I nodded, “yeah, as long as you don’t distract me.”

“Us? Distract you? Why we would never do that.” Jimmy smiled innocently.

“James, if you even distract me once I will fucking shove my surf board up your ass.” I smiled sweetly, “got it?”

He gulped and nodded nervously, “y-yes.”

Zacky’s POV:

“Do surfers go on tour?” I asked sitting up.

Everyone turned to look at me, “I think so?” Johnny mumbled looking back at his little sister, “actually… I don’t know…”

“I think they just go to events.” Jimmy piped up, “what made you think of touring?” He asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, I mean it’ll be hard to see or talk to her if we’re both touring.” I answered, “how do you tour for waves though?” I laughed.

“Watch the weather channel,” Val answered laughing, “her trainers an ass.” She added.

Everyone nodded and looked over to the guy who Amy was talking to. He seemed to just have that asshole attitude around him, but so far he had been nice to us.

“Maybe he thinks we’re making her to lazy.” Brian stated, “I mean she’s been skipping practice, that can’t be good.”

“True, she’s also been skipping therapy sessions.” Johnny spoke up.

My eyes widened, “she has a therapist?” I asked, “I thought she only had a counselor!”

“My Mom didn’t want us to think she was insane, but I guess her therapist says this is a good thing.” Johnny answered.

I stared at him, “how is this good?” Matt asked, beating me to it.

“Because she’s getting to know new people.” Johnny answered not bothering to look at us.

Matt and I looked at each other before shrugging, “ she’s got a point,” I replied looking out towards the water, I couldn’t help but stare at Amy’s butt as she paddled out, “she’s not the same from the first time we meet her.”


After a few good hours of surfing Amy’s coach or whatever finally let her come in, she looked like she was ready to drop as she walked over to us, her chest rising and falling quickly as she panted for air.

“Shit are you alright?” I asked as she plopped down next to me.

She nodded, “y-yeah…” She paused for a few seconds, “just tired, the current was stronger than usual today.”

“You did good though,” Michelle smiled, “I mean at least I think so.”

Amy laughed, “yeah I did,” She smiled at me quickly, “can we go eat? I’m fucking starving.” She groaned.

Normal POV:

“Holy fuck you eat as much as Zacky.” Jimmy laughed staring at me.

I merely flipped him off, “you try surfing for a few hours with no food at all, and then we’ll talk okay?”

He laughed, “so tell us more about the event or whatever.”

“What do you want to know?” I asked taking a sip of my soda.

“What happens if you win and go to Hawaii?”

“I compete there, and if I place first I get a thousand or something like that, than I have to come back next year to defend my title or something like that.” I answered.

“What if you lose?”

“Nothing, I got a free trip to Hawaii, I could care less if I lost.” I laughed.

Brian laughed, “damn, your making me want to start surfing… wait never mind, than I’d have to stop being a rock star.”

I rolled my eyes, “you could do both…”

His eyes lit up but the sparkle vanished, “fuck never mind, after seeing Zacky get hurt like that I don’t want to.”

Zacky grumbled to himself, “it still hurts,” I laughed and patted his leg, “do that again.” He grinned.

I snorted and patted his leg again, “get a boner and my brother and I will kill you,” I smiled and pecked his cheek quickly, “I think you guys have some fans coming over.”

Everyone looked over just as group of three girls arrived at the table, each of them looking at us nervously. They looked about my age so I knew they weren’t going to flirt around, I couldn’t help but laugh at the guy with them. He looked like the brunette’s older brother, the expression on his face was one that meant he wanted to be anywhere else but here.

His eyes landed on me as his sister and her friends started talking to the guys, “you surf don’t you?”

All of them stopped talking and looked at me, I gulped nervously, “yeah.”

He stared at me for a few more seconds, “than your Amy Seward right?”

I nodded my head slowly, “yeah.”

He grinned, “fuck, you placed above me in the tournament a few weeks ago.”

My eyes widened, “seriously? Holy fuck, sorry about getting your ass kicked by a girl.” I smirked.

He laughed, “it’s alright, your really good, you deserved that spot more than I did,” I smiled, “just asking, can I get like a picture with you or something?”

I laughed and nodded slowly, “sure, since your sisters are busy talking to the guys.” Zacky pouted as I stood up and left him alone to get mauled by teenies.

I laughed as one of them started to bombarded Val with questions, I shook my head and quickly posed with the guy. Trying to remember his name.

“Your name is… Kellan right?” I asked after taking the picture with him.

He nodded, “yeah, so are you going to the event in a few days?”

I nodded, “yup, these guys want me to place so I can go to Hawaii with them.” I rolled my eyes, “I can’t wait to see Jacoby there ether.”

He frowned, “didn’t you hear that he got banned?”

“Banned? For what?”

“He was using steroids,” He answered, “so you moved up in place and I’m right behind you.”

“So your going to the event?” I asked smiling.

He nodded, “yup, you know this is weird for me to be asking for a photo and shit.” He laughed.

I smiled as I laughed, “I would guess so, aren’t you the Twilight movie or something?”

He nodded slowly, “yup, Emmett.”

I nodded, “I wondered why you looked so familiar,” He laughed, “well, it looks like your sister wants to leave, nice meeting you.” I smiled.

He grinned and waved, “see you at the event.” He waved at the guys before walking over to his sister.

“Wow.” Jimmy mumbled as I sat down.


“I’m sitting with a famous person.” Jimmy answered staring at me.

I laughed, “Jimmy your sitting with more of them.” I waved my hand towards everyone, “what makes me so special? Hmm?”

“Because you just got asked for a photo by a movie star.” He said in a dreamy voice, “he’s so cute!” He giggled mocking a girl’s voice.

I laughed, “it’s disturbing how well you can do that,” Everyone laughed, “and it wasn’t anything that big, you guys get more attention than I do.”

“True, but you still got noticed. He was flirting with you too,” Michelle answered softly, “Zacky didn’t look happy.”

“Fuck no I wasn’t, did you see his fucking abs? I mean come on who walks around like that?”

“Erm people who had been swimming.” I answered motioning towards my body. I had decided to leave my tank off, so I was just sitting here in a bikini top and board shorts.

“Well… he made me feel bad.” He pouted.

I giggled and kissed his cheek again, “don’t, I personally think your hotter than he is, a lot hotter.” I smiled and pecked his lips softly.

He grinned, “I feel so loved.”

I laughed and sat back in my seat, finding Jimmy staring at me again, “what now Jimmy?”

“I want your autograph and picture.” He pouted, “can I get one? Please?”

I laughed, “are you serious?”

He nodded.

I laughed, “alright.”

“Fuck yeah I get an autograph and you fuckers don’t!”
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