Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Bury Me.

At The Event.


“What?” He snapped, his tone sharp and annoyed.

I bit the inside of my cheek, “never mind.”


I felt tears well up in my eyes as I looked at the other surfers, I hadn’t done anything to Zacky yet here he was being an asshole to me. I sniffled faintly and ran my fingers under my eyes just incase a few tears leaked out.

“Zacky go sit with everyone else.” I said, hoping he couldn’t tell how close I was to crying.


I let the tears flow freely as he got up and walked away, I brought my knees up to my chest and started to cry into them.

“Amy? What’s wrong?” Johnny sat down next to me, his protective older brother side coming out.

“N-nothing.” I sniffled.

“Liar, I can tell when something’s wrong with you,” He sighed wrapping an arm around my shoulders, “what did Zacky do?”

I let out a small pained sob at the mention of his name, “I-I didn’t even do anything to him!” I whimpered, “he’s been an asshole all day!”

He sighed again as he rubbed my arm slowly, letting me cry into his shirt. I hadn’t done anything to Zacky but as soon as I said hi to him this morning he just got up and left me alone.

“Amy your up next!” Don yelled smiling at me.

I nodded and quickly wiped the tears off my face, “I have to go up now.”

I didn’t wait for his answer, I just stood up and walked over to Don, trying not to let any more tears slip out. I needed to focus on surfing, not Zacky.

Zacky’s POV:

I frowned as Johnny walked back over to our group wearing a pissed off expression on his face. I opened my mouth to ask what was wrong but before I could even utter a word his fist slammed into my jaw.


“What the fuck is wrong with your stupid ass Zacky? Amy was over there fucking crying because you’ve been being a fucking asshole to her all day! She doesn’t need this right now you fucking prick!” He roared, Matt and Brian holding him back.

“Fuck,” I groaned cradling my head in my hands, “it’s shown?”

“What do you mean it’s shown? What the fuck did she do to make you pissed at her? Huh?!”

“Nothing damnit!” I growled looking up at him, “fucking Gena kept calling me last night and she wont stop alright? I didn’t mean to take it out on Amy!”

“Than you better fucking explain that to her when she gets on shore again!” He spat, “I’m not going to let you date her if your getting her depressed.”

I nodded sadly, “I know… fuck I’m sorry Johnny.” I grumbled adjusting my jaw a bit, it was beginning to hurt now. Fucker had one hell of a punch..

“I’m sorry too,” He grumbled finally calmed down, “but I swear Zacky if you make her upset like that again you’ll be missing a valuable body part.”

I gulped and nodded slowly before rubbing my aching jaw, guilt eating away at my mind as I watched Amy surfing. It looked like she was taking out all her anger and sadness while doing it, making me want to just run out there and apologize right now.

My leg started to twitch as I waited for her to finish up, I wanted to clear things up right away. I hadn’t even realized that I had been snapping at her, I was so out of it today that a bomb could explode next to me and I wouldn’t notice. I felt my lips pull into a smile when I realized that Amy was paddling back to shore, looking more tired than I’ve ever seen her.


Her head snapped towards me once she got onto shore, frowning as she walked over slowly. “What?”

“I need to talk to you,” I smiled standing up, I quickly brushed the sand off my shorts before grabbing her wet hand, “come with me.” I pulled her away from everyone even though she was telling me to let go.

“Zacky your hurting my hand.” She said softly.

I only then realized how hard I had been gripping it, I smiled nervously and let go, “I’m sorry,” I apologized, “I just need to talk to you.”

“Than start talking, I have an interview right now.” She sighed looking over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry I got you so upset,” I sighed wrapping my arms around her, she pushed against my chest for a bit, “I’m just so pissed off at Gena right now, she wouldn’t leave me alone tonight or this morning, I didn’t mean to let it out on you, fuck I didn’t even notice that I was.” I sighed kissing her collarbone.

She sniffled, “I don’t like it when you’re an asshole.”

I sighed and rubbed her back slowly, “I’m so sorry, if it makes you feel any better Johnny punched my jaw,” She tilted back to look at my jaw, “I promise I’ll never get you upset like that again, I’m so sorry.”

She sighed and touched my tender jaw slowly, “you better keep that promise Zacky, I don’t want to be in relationship with someone who has a bad temper…”

I nodded, “I promise I wont do it again.” I pecked her lips quickly, my own curving into a smile, “you did good though.”

She smiled and nodded, “I’ve got to go to my interview.”

I sighed and nodded, “alright, let’s not keep the press waiting for your hot ass.”

Normal POV:

“Is it true that your dating Zacky Vengeance?” One of the reporters asked.

I laughed nervously, “yeah that’s true.” I rubbed my shoulder uncomfortably. I had been told this would be an interview about surfing, not about my dating life.

“And is it also true that your older brother is the bassist of Avenged Sevenfold?” Another reporter asked.

I nodded slowly, getting aggravated by all the questions. Don seemed to pick up on my annoyance and spoke up, “we were told this would be an interview about surfing, not her personal life. Therefore I am stopping this right now, my surfer does not need this today.”

I ignored the out bursts of questions and quickly stood up, thanking Don quietly as I walked over to everyone.

“You alright?” Val frowned noticing my change in mood.

“They wouldn’t stop asking about the band.” I growled resting my head on Zacky’s shoulder, “who’s up right now?”

“That Kellan guy.” Matt answered laying down on his back, “I think your going to place first, so far you’ve done better than everyone else.”

I smiled, “I just want to place, even if I don’t win at Hawaii we still get a free trip.” I grinned.

“It’s not like we cant afford to go whenever,” Brian laughed playing with the sand, “but if it’s free that’s even better.”

I rolled my eyes, “Zacky?”


“Can I bury you in the sand?”

He laughed, “why?”

“Because I want to,” I smiled sweetly, “please?” I added, throwing on the best pout that I could.

“B-But I don’t want to be buried! What if the seagulls start to attack me?” He whined.

“Than we’ll get a new guitarist.” Matt smirked sitting up, “I rather like that idea of burying you into the sand though.”

Before Zacky or I knew what was going on all the guys were on top of Zacky while the girls started to dig a whole. I giggled and started to help them out, ignoring the weird stares we were getting from everyone.

“Amy if you love me you wont do this!” Zacky yelled trying to shove everyone off him.

I giggled, “this is your punishment for getting me sad earlier! Now face it like a man!”

It only took us about ten minutes or so to dig a hole deep enough for Zacky, the whole time the guys were lowering him in he kept shouting curses to everyone who wasn’t helping. I giggled and started to shove the sand back onto Zacky, laughing at the pout he got when he realized there was no way he was going to get out of this.

“I hate you all.” He whined trying to get out, but with the amount of sand on him it was useless.

“Fuck,” I looked up at Johnny worried, “their announcing the results right now, I guess you lucked out Zacky.” He sighed before helping pull the sand off him.

I pouted and crossed my arms, unhappy that I didn’t get to bury him completely. I jutted out my bottom lip and sniffled, trying my best to get Zacky back into the hole just by pouting.

“Aah don’t make that face.” He laughed picking me up.

“But I didn’t get to bury you,” I whined wrapping my arms around his neck, “I feel so let down, just like a little kid who found out Santa isn’t real and then found out his parents are getting divorced.”

He laughed, “that’d be one sucky ass day,” He shook his head before following after the guys, “I’ll make you a deal though.”

“I’m listening.” I smiled kissing his chin.

“If you place in the top three, you can bury me, if you place first than I’ll let you bury me whenever you want to.”

I smirked, “I’ll take you up on that, but you know that means you’ll be buried in the sand every time we come to the beach right?”

He nodded reluctantly, “I know, I’m signing away my own death.”

Zacky’s POV:

“I PLACED FIRST!” Amy screamed running towards me, a gold medal bouncing between her breasts. It took all my will power for me not to keep my eyes glued there. “STOP STARING ZACKY!” She screamed before tackling me into the sand.

I chuckled and squeezed her tightly, “does this mean your going to bury me in the sand?”

She shook her head slowly, “nope, that comes when we get to Hawaii, we’re going to eat right now.”

Before I could laugh Jimmy had hoisted her off me and ran off towards the cars, screaming that he was carrying a famous surfer and no one could touch her. I shook my head and stood up slowly, laughing when Amy reached her hands out towards me. She was going to be the best death to me ever.
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