Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Happiness Doesn't Last.

“Zacky stop staring.”

“I cant help it… their huge!”

“Their not that big.” I mumbled.

“Are to! Seriously those have got to be the biggest gauge’s I’ve seen someone have!” He yelled staring at the guy lounging on the sand not to far from us.

I rolled my eyes, “your such an idiot,” I sighed shoving him playfully, “we’re in Hawaii and all you care about are someone’s gauges. It’s so pretty here.” I sighed contently as I laid back on my towel.

“Nope, your much more beautiful.” He smiled turning to face me.

“Why Zacky I never knew you thought I was that good looking.” Brian smirked, coming into view, “but if this relationship is going to work I have to be the man in bed.”

Zacky rolled his eyes, “oh shut up Brian,” I giggled, “plus I meant Amy not you, your butt ugly.”

“Me? The great and powerful Synyster Gates? How dare you call me ugly Sir, now defend your honor.” He chuckled slapping Zacky across the face.

Before I knew it Zacky had taken off after Brian. I smiled and laid back, enjoying the sight of two tatted out men running after each other, seriously who wouldn’t love staring at this?

“Why is Zacky chasing Brian?” Val asked sitting down next to me.

“Zacky called me beautiful but Brian said he didn’t know Zacky thought of him that way, so Zacky called Brian ugly, Brian slapped Zacky and told him to defend his honor.” I explained just as Zacky tackled Brian into the sand, narrowly missing the sandcastle a little girl was building.

“Isn’t it lovely to have such mature friends?” She laughed shaking her head.

“Oh yes,” I laughed, “where’s Matt?”

“He went to get something for me to drink,” She smiled, “I wanna build a sandcastle.”

“That wasn’t random,” I laughed, “but come on I’ll make one with you.”

Zacky’s POV:

“Fuck you got sand in my mouth.” Brian grunted as we trudged our way back towards the towels.

“That’s what you get for slapping me,” I laughed shoving him away from me, “wait where’s Amy?” I frowned realizing her body was gone from our towels.

“Is that her and Val?” Brian asked nudging his head to the other side of me.

I looked over and laughed, “yeah,” I smiled as I watched both her and Val try to build a sandcastle, “you know I never really realized how much Amy has changed.” I sighed as we walked over to them.

“Nether have I,” Brian mused, “but I like her like this.”

I nodded just as we got over to them, “why hello my ladies.” I smirked as I slumped down into their sandcastle.

“ZACKY!” Amy gasped as I destroyed what she had worked on so hard.

“What?” I smiled innocently.

“You ruined our sandcastle!” She whined throwing sand into my hair, “I hate you.”

“No you don’t, you love me.” I smirked shaking the sand from my hair.

“Nope not any more.” She pouted crossing her arms over her chest.

“Fine since you hate me already you wont be mad when I do this.” Before she could ask what I meant I stood up, threw her over my shoulder, and marched towards the water.

Normal POV:

“Zacky don’t even think about it!” I screamed as I wiggled around on his shoulder.

“Than take back what you said!” He ordered smacking my ass. MOTHER FUCKER!

“Not after what you just did!” I cried, “that hurt!”

“Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” He offered, oh I could practically hear his smirk growing.

“Nope, but if you throw me in the water I’ll never love you and I’ll go hang out with Kellan.” I growled digging my nails into his back.

He quickly dropped me to my feet, he had wadded so deep into the water that it reached my butt, “your mean.” He pouted.

“That’s what you get for slapping my ass,” I cocked my hip to the side, “it still hurts.”

“I’m sorry than,” He sighed before wrapping his arms around my waist, “want me to kiss it?”

“You already asked that and I said no,” I laughed kissing the deathbat on his chest, “plus we’re in public.”

“Than lets go back to the room.” He suggest wiggling his eyebrows.

“No thanks, I want to stay outside.” I laughed, “but I’m still mad at you for destroying my sandcastle.”

“Don’t forget than you can bury me in the sand whenever you want,” He laughed, “it feels like someone’s watching me.” He added.

I glanced over his shoulder to see Kellan glaring daggers at Zacky’s back, “Kellan’s glaring at you,” I answered shaking my head, “I hate him, seriously he seemed nice before but now he’s just annoying.”

“He’s just jealous that I have you,” He smiled letting his fingers trail over my jaw, “and your always going to be mine.” He murmured lowering his lips to mine.

I moaned contently and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body flush against his. I giggled quietly before letting my tongue slip past my lips to ghost along his bottom lip. I opened my eyes to find his closed but his eyebrow raised. Just as his lips opened enough for my tongue to slip through something hit the back of his head.

“What the fuck?!” He growled turning around to see a bright green Frisbee floating in the water. It was then that I noticed Kellan walking away from the shore with a triumphant look on his face.

“Mother fucker,” I growled, “that’s it let me go fucking punch him.” I spat trying to get out of Zacky’s arms.

“No,” He chuckled still keeping his hold on me, “you’ll get kicked out of the competition.”

“So? He’s a fucking prick who needs to be decked in the jaw!” I growled still trying to get out of his grasp, “if you don’t let me go right now Zacky I’m going to hurt you!” I hissed.

“Amy-Lynn stop thrashing around right now.” He ordered.

I frowned and stopped moving, turning my body weight into dead weight in a small hope that he’d drop me. Than I could just hurry back to the shore, tackle Kellan, and give him what he deserves. Zacky merely laughed and wadded towards the sand, his grip on me never loosening. I had to give it to him he was stronger than I expected.

“What’d you do to my sister?” Johnny asked walking towards the water.

“He wont let me go punch Kellan.” I whined looking up at my brother with a pout, “make him let go so I can go hurt the stupid sparkling vampire.”

“No, because than you’ll get kicked out of the competition and you’ll feel stupid about it later.” Johnny laughed as Zacky collapsed onto the sand, “now no more arguing.”

I sighed and nodded, “but can you let go of me now?” I asked smiling cutely, “I want to go put you in the sand.” I smirked.

He groaned, “alright come on.”


“About fucking time you two finished digging the hole.” I teased when Brian and Jimmy finally dug a hole deep enough to put Zacky in.

“You two betrayed me,” Zacky whined from his spot next to me, “your all dead to me.”

I laughed and patted his shoulder lovingly, “don’t worry I wont let the sea gulls peck out your eyes,” He laughed weakly, “I’ll make it up to you later.”

The smile returned to his face, “fine, so do I get in now?”

I nodded.

He groaned and crawled over me and into the large hole, a look of unhappiness on his face. I giggled and started to shove sand back into the hole. Even though I was trying to enjoy burying Zacky I couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched. I glanced up to find Kellan talking to someone sitting next to him, but I still felt like I was getting watched. The notion send eerie shivers down my spine, making me frown and try to find the source of my discomfort.

When my eyes finally landed on the source it felt like my heart had stopped, I knew I wasn’t breathing or blinking, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I could hear everyone asking what was wrong but I couldn’t find my voice, I felt like I was going into a state of shock.

There standing against one of the palm trees was the man who made all of my childhood years a living hell. That oh so familiar pervert smirk was on his face as his eyes roamed over me, taking in the lack of clothing and position I was in. Tears had spilled over my eyes by now as I collapsed into the sand, my whole body shaking like I was having an internal earthquake. My vision started to turn faded as I stared at him, even though Johnny had pulled me up and into his arms my eyes wouldn’t leave him. Finally my whole body collapsed into Johnny’s arms, my vision clouding over along with it.

Zacky’s POV:

“Come on Amy wake up!” Johnny groaned splashing cold salt water onto her face.

But just like before she didn’t even respond, she just laid there, her breathing fast and ragged. I frowned and pulled her into my arms, dipping my hand into the water before sprinkling it over her face. Her nose twitched a bit as she started to shift around, an uncomfortable moan escaping her lips.

“Amy? Please wake up.” Johnny begged.

She whimpered before shifting around in my arms, finally letting her eyes open slightly. “H-He’s here.” She choked, tears starting to pour out of her eyes again.

“Who? Who’s here?” Johnny asked, just as shocked by the sudden display of emotions as I was.

She just repeated the same thing again, her sobs attracting more attention from people. “W-Why is h-h-h-e out?” She choked out, sounding close to hysterics.

“Who? Adam?” Matt asked holding her legs down into the sand since she was starting to shake more.

She shook her head, “n-no.”

Johnny’s eyes darkened along with mine, “your Step Dad?”

As soon as that left his mouth she did the unthinkable, she fainted again. Her body turning into dead weight against me.

“Get her up into the hotel room now.” Johnny ordered as his eyes scanned the beach.
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