Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior


“Such a pretty little girl you have here,” My Dad’s friend Leon said brushing some hair away from my eyes, on instinct I pulled away, “a little shy though.”

My Dad chuckled, I don’t know why I kept calling him Dad, to me he was a sick monster. “She’s young what do you expect? She’s barely eight.”

I looked down at the floor as they started to talk to me, playing with the hem of my little night gown. I wanted to upstairs and go to sleep, I wanted to escape from this place the only way I knew how, dreams. I bit down on the inside of my cheek when someone reached down to place their hand on my bum, moving me towards the kitchen table.

“She’s a cute little girl,” Leon said picking me up and placing me on the edge of the table, “rather short though.”

“She may be short but think about it, she’s awfully small.” The Monster said standing next to the guy, that same scary smile on his face.

Leon snorted, “I didn’t think about it that way, you’ve got quiet a good little girl on your hands, I don’t know if she’s as good as you say she is.” He looked towards the Monster.

He smiled back at him, “why don’t you go have some fun with her? Free of charge this time.”

My eyes widened as I struggled to get down from the table, each of their hands shot out to hold me in place as they discussed what was going to happen. My tears started to stream down my face when Leon picked me up, cradling me in his arms as he walked towards the staircase. I sobbed louder and tried to get away, I didn’t want this to happen again, why was this happening to me?

“Ssh, it’s alright sweet heart come on just open your eyes.” Someone cooed, their hand rubbing circles into my shoulder gently.

I whimpered and let my eyes, noticing a familiar stinging sensation in them. I sniffled and reached up, wiping tears away from my eyes.

“Are you alright now?”

I looked over my shoulder to see Jimmy perched on the other side of an unknown bed, a frown on his face. I frowned myself as I sat up and looked around, trying to figure out where I was.

“Your at Johnny’s house, you passed out at dinner last night.” Jimmy answered sensing my confusion, “are you alright though? You were crying in your sleep.”

I sniffled, “I’m fine.”

He grinned, “you talked to me! You can speak! It’s a miracle!” He flung his arms around, I couldn’t help but laugh when he lost balance and toppled off the edge of the bed.

“JIIMMY YOU BETTER NOT BE TORTURING MY LITTLE SISTER DAMNIT!” Johnny yelled obviously hearing the loud 'thud' Jimmy's impact with the floor made.

I listened as footsteps came thundering up the stair case I guess, and then down the hall until they seemed to stop near my door. It finally opened and all of Avenged Sevenfold piled into the small room I was in. Leana frowned and jumped onto the bed, leaning over the other side to laugh at Jimmy who was groaning something about his balls.

“Wait, where you crying?” Johnny asked taking in my red eyes.

I nodded lightly, pulling my blanket around me tighter, “nightmares.” I answered faintly, wishing that they would all get out of the room.

“Oh… wait Jimmy how’d you even get up here?” Johnny asked Jimmy once he had gotten up off the floor.

“I was going to get some movies from your room and I heard her crying, so I knocked and when I figured out she was sleeping I came in to try and wake her up. She’s really hard to wake up, I was expecting her to like flung her arm up and hit me.”

I laughed lightly at the idea, “I don’t hit people, just tickle my foot and I wake up.”

All of them stared at me now, “that’s the most we’ve heard you talk, it was what like eleven or ten words?” Brian asked looking over to Michelle.

“I’d be more than happy not to talk.” I offered trying my best to avoid Zacky who was staring at me.

“What? No I didn’t mean it that way,” Brian laughed, “ you just shocked us."

I nodded my head lightly, “can you guys leave so I can change? That is if I have anything to wear.” I made sure to add the last part.

“Oh yeah, Mom put your clothes in the closet,” Johnny pointed to the white door, “we’ll all be downstairs.” All of them filed out of the room, Zacky seemed a little hesitant at first until Matt grabbed him by the back of his shirt and pulled him out.

I sighed and stood up slowly, walking over to the closet. I could hear them all talking downstairs, I think it was over movies but I could be wrong easily. I shrugged and opened up the door, looking at all my clothes for a few moments. I finally decided on my red splatter shirt, my black denim capris, and a pair of black ankle socks. I tugged on the clothes and walked over to the small mirror hanging on the wall. I took down my messy ponytail, and redid it, not wanting to look to crappy for some reason.

Zacky’s POV:

“Amy pick a movie, Horton Hears A Who, or Saw.” Brian said holding up the movies.

I looked over my shoulder to see her walking slowly into the room, chewing her lip while doing so.

“Horton, elephants are better than blood.” She said sitting down next to me, instantly folding her legs Indian style. Out of no where Ichabod came running into the room, jumping up onto the sofa and straight into her lap like nothing.

She looked down at him, slightly confused where he came from.

“He’s mine,” I answered, “we’re staying here and I didn’t want to leave him with my parents.” I added.

She nodded and reached down to run her fingers through his fur, “I would have pegged you as a guy who liked big dogs, not small ones.” She said as the guys tried to hook up the DVD player again.

“Eh big dogs are to much for me to handle, I wouldn’t trade this guy for a big one at all.” I reached over to rub his head, accidentally bumping my hand into hers.

She pulled it away slowly and watched the guys arguing, “where’d the girls go?” She finally asked, taking notice they were missing.

“To get pizza… and soda… and chips and cookies for mister fat ass.” Jimmy answered throwing a DVD case at my head.

I grumbled and rubbed the sore spot, “shut it Jimmy.”

“Well I’m glad their getting cookies.” Amy answered giving me a faint smile.

“Why?” Matt asked glancing over.

“Because their good.” She answered simply as she ran her fingers through Ichabod’s fur, he laid his head down on her leg closing his eyes to go to sleep.

Normal POV:

“Holy fuck! Why do the sluts always die first?.” Leana screamed staring at the screen, the pretty red haired whore was currently having her arm chopped off. Fake blood splattering everywhere.

I smiled weakly and continued to run my fingers through Ichabod’s fur, his little body currently passed out in my lap. Zacky’s hand was still on his head, running behind his ears occasionally. I smiled faintly but soon it faded when another set of screams filled my ears, these ones more childlike. I looked up to see one of those flash backs they put in movies, the serial killer going after a little girl.

Right away the screams brought flashbacks running through my mind, vomit raised in my throat as I darted out of the room, Ichabod barking in protest. I ignored everyone’s calls and hurried outside, leaning over the railing of the porch and vomiting.

“Amy? Fuck are you alright?” The person started to rub my back, definitely female.

I looked over to see Lacey standing there, her head tilted to the side slightly. I managed a weak nod and rested my head on the railing of the porch, only then did I notice it was raining. A sudden idea popped into my head, the harder it rains the more waves there are. I bit my lip knowing it was risky and that none of them would probably let me go.

“Will you come back inside?” She asked softly, her hand dropping from my back.

I shook my head slowly, there was no way I could make myself go back in there. Just the thought of it made me feel nauseous again.

“Alright, I’m going to go back inside, I’ll send someone out here to keep you company.” Before I could object she had walked inside already.

I sighed and walked over to one of the chairs on the porch, staring up at the dark clouds and thinking about anything. How weird my life had been so far, I wanted nothing more than a simple normal life, but no I was stuck with this one. I sighed again and hit my head against the seat a few times, wondering if I could make myself go into a coma. I heard that after three months the chances of coming back shrink a lot each day. I wouldn’t mind being asleep and dying.

“Horror movies aren’t your style I guess.”

I already knew who it was, the little ball of fur known as Ichabod jumped up onto my lap. “I don’t like screams.” I said slowly, my eyes still closed.

“You should have said something, we would have put another movie on.” Zacky said slowly, taking a seat next to me.

“I don’t like talking, what don’t you guys get?” I asked letting my eyes open.

“We’re just not used to it, it’s well different for us.” He answered with a shrug, “how come you don’t want to go back inside? It’s freezing out here.” He rubbed his arms.

I smiled weakly, “I like the rain.” I answered with a simple shrug.

He nodded, “you know… if you’d like you could go upstairs and open your window in there, or you could use the room I’m in since it has a good view of the beach.”

I bit my lip at the offer, trying to think of what the outcomes could be. I sighed and finally nodded my head, “your room.”

Zacky’s POV:

Holy shit she’s in your fucking room dude! Alright play it cool don’t fuck anything up!

“Zacky are you okay?” She asked looking away from the window.

I cleared my throat and nodded, “uh… yes?”

“Okay then…” She went back to looking out the window.

I bit my lip as I sat up, walking over to see what she was staring at, “your not thinking of surfing are you?” I asked slowly.

She shrugged, “it’d be fun, I mean it’s raining which means better waves.” She answered motioning towards the water.

“You could die though.”

She shrugged again, “there’s always a chance you could die surfing, get caught under the water, smack your head on a reef or sharks. It’s not safe.” My eyes stayed glued to her mouth as she spoke, an odd feeling surging through me.

Before I knew what my own body was doing I had her crushed against me, my mouth crushed into hers. My eyes flew open when she pushed away, a look of horror on her face.

“Fuck Amy I’m-” Before I could finish my sentence she had run out of the room. Ichabod hot on her heels.

Normal POV:

I screamed as I slammed my bedroom door shut, flashes of years ago running through me. Bringing back old pains and new ones, I screamed again and threw something on the floor, I think it was a lamp but I didn’t want to check.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!” I screamed, my throat turning raw no doubt. I ran into the closet and started to throw my clothes out, looking for the only things that could take the pain away.

“Amy? AMY!” Someone started to pound on the door. I turned around and hurried over, shoving the bedside table against it. “AMY OPEN THE DOOR!” I recognized the voice as Brian’s.

I gulped and ran back over to my closet, shuffling around until I found my black metal box. I yanked off the lid and shoved all the old drawings out of the way, my nails pulled up the little hidden compartment. I sniffled and hurried over to the bed, kneeling at the edge as I dumped out the contents. Morphine, new needles, a syringe, and a razor blade. Ichabod barked at my feet, tugging on my socks.

I stuck the new syringe into the Morphine, pulling out just the right amount. I had learned this when I was twelve when I helped my Step-Father’s friends shoot up. I whimpered and stuck the needle into my arm, pushing the relief into my vein. I looked up to see the door shaking, no doubt they were slamming into it. I sobbed louder and ripped the needle out, ignoring the small bead of blood. I grabbed the razor and pressed it against my skin, dragging it down. The morphine hadn’t worked right away but it didn’t sting as much, fresh tears started as I took the razor in my other hand and brought it to my other arm.

“AMY!” I looked up to see the door slightly open, not enough for them to see in though. I bit down on my lip and dragged the razor down quickly, I cried out from the pain this time, memories flashing through my mind and mixing with the physically pain.

My head swirled as I tried to stand up, to hide the evidence. I managed to get a few of the things back into the little tin before I fell to the floor. My breathing coming in small gasps for air, Ichabod ran over and started to lick my face, barking occasionally. My eyes rolled back, the last thing I saw was the door bursting open.
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