Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Pillow Talk.

I had woken up about ten minutes ago, everyone was pacing the room nervously with phones glued to their ears. Well with the exception of Zacky who I was currently laying against, my fingers toying with Pinkly’s fur as Ichabod barked from the bathroom, upset that he was once again locked up. But Pinkly was still in heat and Brian didn’t want to see his dog get humped again.

My attention was drawn away from Ichabod when I heard Johnny growl into his phone, a furious look over his face. “Your telling me that the fucker got out years early for good fucking behavior? And because he said he found god?!” He spat, disgust on his space.

I whimpered as tears flooded my eyes again, pouring out and down my cheeks before I could stop them. Zacky quickly started to rub my arm in an effort to calm me down, but it felt like nothing could calm me down. The asshole had gotten out years early because he said he found god and had good behavior, what was wrong with the justice system?

“Well it would have been fucking nice if you called to tell us he got out!” Johnny boomed, his face redder than I’ve ever seen before, to be honest even Matt looked scared of him, “oh yeah? Well fuck you to asshole! I fucking hope that you get your fucking balls ripped off by your damn wife when she finds out that you didn’t come and warn us!” He spat before snapping his phone shut.

I stared at him in shock, some of it was still from the fact that my Step-Dad got out, but the rest was from how angry Johnny still looked. When his gaze finally landed on me the anger seemed to vanish from his face.

“Do you want to go home?” He asked quietly.

I shook my head, making everyone stare at me in shock, “it’s like you told me earlier, I’d regret it later if I dropped out.” I answered in a quivering voice.

“B-but….” Matt started looking at me confused, “he… you… rape… what?”

I managed a weak smile for them, “I know, but I want to do this, I’m not going to let him know how much he scares me now.”

“Are you sure?” Johnny asked looking at me nervously.

I nodded, “I’m sure,” I said before yawning, “do you guys think you can leave us alone so we can nap or something?”

All of them nodded before walking out of the room slowly, Johnny looked a little hesitant at first but Lacey pulled him out by his sleeve. I sent him a reassuring smile before cuddling back into Zacky, sad that Brian had taken Pinkly away.


“Hmm?” I looked up at him slowly, my fingers rubbing circles into his skin. Both of us we were still in our bathing suits. Not that I was complaining.

“I love you,” He smiled brushing some of my slightly damp hair from my eyes, “I swear to god that no one will ever hurt you again, they’ll have to get through me and Ichabod before that can happen.” Right on cue Ichabod barked when his name was mentioned. “See? He even agrees.” I giggled, “I mean, I’ve never felt this way about any other girl in my life. You’re the most gorgeous thing to me now, as soon as I wake up do you know what I want to see?”


“You, I look over and if your not there I get upset and bolt out of bed to go find you, there’s not a moment that I go by that I don’t picture your smile, or the way your nose wrinkles when you giggle. I always want to see you smiling or laughing, your to pretty to be crying or upset.”

I smiled and sniffled against the new rush of tears in my eyes, “Zacky…”

“Wait, I’m not done,” He smiled pressing our lips together quickly, “I love you Amy-Lynn Seward, I love every little flaw and perfection that makes you who you are. I never want to ever be away from you, your stuck with me for the rest of our lives.”

I quickly wiped away the tears that had fallen out of my eyes, “Zacky,” I sighed and pressed my lips to his, “you have no idea how much I love you right now! I swear as soon as I wake up I want to see you smiling too, every time you laugh, smile, or just hold my hand I feel my stomach flutter and my mood just lift up.” He smiled down at me, “I love how you just burp at random moments, or when you yell at the guys that your not fat.” He pouted and patted his stomach, “you’re the first person I ever talked to again, even if we were to break up you’d still be my number one guy.”


“Because you were my closest friend before Johnny was, you were the one that got me to talk, and you’re the one I want to make smile and happy every day. I love you Zacky so much more than Syn loves himself,” He chuckled, “I love you and Ichabod, and I know you say that I’m stuck with you, but the truth is babe that your stuck with me.”

He smiled and brushed his fingers over my cheek bones, wiping the tears that had slipped out yet again, “we’re both stuck with each other,” I smiled and wiggled up until my head was on his shoulder, “I hate to admit it, but you look gorgeous when you cry to.”

I smiled, “Zacky your just so cute,” I cooed kissing his shoulder, “I love you.”

He smiled and pecked our lips together again, “I love you too.”

I smiled and pressed my lips harder into his again, a familiar tingling spreading through my body. Zacky smiled against my lips before letting his hand cradle the back of my neck gently, the coldness of his snakebites sending shivers down my spine. I wound my arms around his neck as he rolled me onto my back, his body hovering above mine by centimeters.

“Amy… we cant do this.” Zacky panted tearing our mouths apart.

“Why not?” I panted as I licked my swollen lips.

“I-I didn’t want our first time to be so you can forget what happened in your past.”

I laughed weakly, which only made him frown, “Zacky, I’m not doing this because he’s here, I want this because I want you, and because I love you. What a better way to show that you love someone than to make love?” I asked.

He smiled again, “I didn’t think of that,” I giggled, “are you sure your comfortable enough with this?”

I nodded slowly, “of course.”

He lowered his mouth down towards mine again, pressing our lips together as we both tried to free the other’s bodies of their clothes. Sadly all I had to do was untie Zacky’s shorts and scoot them off with my feet. While he sure as hell took his sweet time taking off my bikini top.

“Dear god I never realized how big they were.” Zacky moaned staring down at my chest in shock.

I blushed and went to cover myself up, but his hands tugged my arms back down to my sides. “Their not that big.”

“Yes they are,” He smiled dipping his head down to kiss the pale skin, “I like them though, nice and big and real.” He added.

I smiled and opened my mouth to say something but only moaned when his mouth enclosed around my nipple. I moaned and arched my back off the bed when he sucked on the sensitive skin before biting down on it. My fingers threaded through his hair as he repeated the process a few times, finally he lifted his head and brought his mouth back to mine.

I moaned as his fingers hooked into the sides of my bottoms before he started to tug them down, when they were down far enough I shook them off and wrapped my legs around his waist. Both of us moaned loudly when I brushed against him, shocks of pleasure rushing through my veins. I couldn’t resist the urge to roll my hips up into his again, making his tip run across my opening. On bodily reaction I tensed but ignored it, I was safe was Zacky.

“Are you sure? It’s not to late.” Zacky murmured kissing my jaw.

“I’m sure,” I answered softly, “please.”

Zacky didn’t need anymore words of encouragement for him to slide into me. I moaned quietly from both pain and pleasure, my muscles tightened to keep him from going any further, while my mind was telling my body to relax. Finally my muscles relaxed again as Zacky pressed himself in completely, a look of pure pleasure on his face. I smiled and pulled his mouth down to mine, letting his tongue snake into my mouth.

Zacky’s fingers threaded through my hair as he thrust his hips into mine, his tip hitting my spot dead on. I moaned into his mouth before rolling my hips up into his, making both of us moan into each other’s mouths. My nails raked down his back, pressing his body closer to mine. With each hard but slow thrust he gave his tip slammed against my spot, making my muscles slowly clench around him.

I was surprised that he was still going slow, but I had to admit I liked it. I tore my mouth away from his before pressing kisses along his jaw and down to his neck. I bit around a bit until I finally found the spot that made him moan and thrust into me a bit harder. I smiled against his skin before sucking on it, making him thrust in me harder.

I could feel my peak quickly approaching as my muscles clenched around him, pleasure running through me. By how quick Zacky’s thrusts were becoming I had a hunch that he was getting close to. I whimpered and threw my head back, my moans becoming louder along with his.

“Look at me,” Zacky growled pushing into me roughly, “I want to see your face.”

I could only whimper as I looked at him again, happy that my first orgasm was going to be given to Zacky. He smiled lovingly before kissing my lips softly just as I clenched tightly around him, my back arched off the bed as I started to moan. My peak crashing over me and making my body twitch and convulse, the pleasure coursing through me felt unbearable. My nails sunk into Zacky’s shoulders as I cried out his name as the pleasure reached it peak and started to fade, his own deep growl followed afterwards as an unfamiliar warmth spread through my hips, his own peak finally being reached. He gave out a few half hearted thrusts before collapsing on top of me.


“Yes?” He asked through his pants.

“Can we do that again?”

He grinned, “anything for you.”

Unknown POV:

I couldn’t help but growl dangerously as I watched my Amy having sex with some tattooed punk. She was mine, not his, I should have been the one between her legs making her moan, not him. My hands clenched into fists as I stared through their hotel room window. I spent years with her to all have it wasted when she told on me, when she sent me off to prison.

I guess I could forgive her for that, after all she turned out to be more of a beauty than I thought. I smirked lightly before I stood up and walked away from the scene, no matter what she’d be mine. Whether she liked it or not she was always going to be mine.

Normal POV:

“I love this little freckle you have right here.” Zacky smiled kissing the freckle on my hip bone.

I shivered as my fingers ran through his hair slowly, “I love it when you kiss random spots on my body.” I smiled.

He grinned and kissed just below my rib cage before crawling back up my body, “can we just stay here forever?”

“Mmm I’m pretty sure all the teenies would miss you.” I smiled running my thumb over his cheeks, “and Johnny would miss me, and Ichabod is still in the bathroom.” Once again on cue Ichabod barked.

Zacky groaned and hefted himself out of the bed and over to the bathroom door, I couldn’t help but stare at his pale bum. I had to admit I never once checked out a guy’s ass, but Zacky’s was rather cute. “Stop staring at my ass.” Zacky laughed opening the bathroom door, right away Ichabod zoomed out and started to sniff around.

“I wasn’t staring,” I smiled innocently as he turned around, right now I was trying not to look at something else, “I was observing.”

He chuckled and crawled back onto the bed, pulling the comforter over us before Ichabod could come up on the bed. The last thing I needed was him sniffing around my body, I cringed at the mental thought.

“How’re you feeling?” Zacky asked, his fingers running up and down my arm.

“Okay, a little sore but I’m okay.” I grinned snuggling into his chest, I had to admit he was rather comfortable, like a giant walking pillow.

“No, I meant how are you feeling about all of this?” He asked tilting my head up to look at him.

I sighed, “honestly?”

He nodded, “honestly.”

I sighed yet again just as Ichabod hopped up on the bed, “I’m scared,” I murmured looking down at the dog, “what if something happens and I end up going back to him? He’s not changed, I know him to well.” I murmured a bit louder so he could hear.

“He wont get anywhere near you, we’d all die than let him near you.” Zacky replied rubbing my back, “your safe with us.”

I sighed and kissed his shoulder softly, “thank you Zacky.”

“For what?”

“For being my tattooed savior.” I smiled leaning up to kiss him again.

He grinned against my lips, “anytime you need saving just call me.”
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