Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Near Death.

Zacky’s POV:

“Remind me again who’s getting married Val.” I grunted as everyone walked into the church to take our seats.

Val merely laughed, “Zacky you know who’s wedding this is, you’ve been talking about it for weeks.” She rolled her eyes as she nudged me.

I frowned but decided not to press the matter any farther. I just sat back and looked around for Amy, it felt weird without her sitting next to me. My head perked up though when I saw Kellan walking into view, wearing a black tux that stood out against all the other white ones.

Why the fuck was I at his mother fucking wedding?!

Before I could even ask Johnny sat down in the empty seat next to mine, “fuck she’s nervous as fuck.” He laughed.

“Who?” I asked frowning, this was beginning to get incredibly confusing.

He looked at me oddly, “what do you mean who? Zacky you know exactly who I’m talking about.” He laughed shaking his head.

Just like before I didn’t have a chance to ask any questions before the infamous wedding march started up. Everyone stood up slowly, while I just sat there confused, finally I stood up just to see what was going on. And more importantly to see if I could see Amy. But no matter how many times my eyes scanned the large crowd around me I couldn’t find her, I finally gave up and turned my eyes towards the bride. That was when I found Amy.

My heart felt like it stopped as she continued to walk down the isle, tears flowing down her cheeks as she stared straight ahead at Kellan. Her eyes wandered away from him and met me, her smile widened before she turned her attention back to where it had been.

No, no, no, no, this wasn’t right! She’s supposed to get married to me not to him! My mind screamed when they finally joined at the alter, Johnny had long ago tugged me down to sit while he looked at the scene with proud eyes. The whole wedding seemed to move in a blur as the priest talked, before I knew it was at the worst part came up, the kiss.

Kellan smirked before leaning towards Amy, their lips pressing together slowly. It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest as I stared at them in shock. As they turned to everyone and walked down the isle, Kellan stopped near us and grabbed the front of my tux.

“Told you she’d be mine.” He smirked.

“NO!” I sat there in bed as another bead of cold sweat ran down my spine, the bed next to me was empty only adding to my fears. “AMY?! AMY!” I yelled as I quickly bolted out of bed and pulled on some boxers.

“Zacky?” Amy called from the balcony, a few moments later she walked into the room, “babe what’s wrong?”

I quickly rushed over and pulled her into my arms, squeezing her as tight to me as possible, “I love you so much, please don’t leave me for Kellan, please you mean so much to me!” I rambled.

She frowned and tilted back a bit, “Kellan? What?” She frowned obviously confused.

I cleared my throat, “I had a dream that you got married to Kellan, and everyone was fine with it.” I explained.

“Zacky… can you seriously see me marrying Kellan?” She asked running her fingers through my hair in a comforting manner.

I shook my head, “no…”

“Than you don’t have anything to fear. Zacky didn’t you understand when I said I love you yesterday? You’re the only boy for me so stop worrying.” She sighed leaning up to kiss me softly, “I don’t want Kellan or anyone else, I want you and only you.”

I sighed and pressed our lips together again, “I love you too… it’s just… that dream freaked me out.”

She smiled, “it would have freaked me out to,” I smiled and rested our foreheads together, “now, it’s time to go eat and then surf!”

Normal POV:

“What the hell? How come you two are here?” I asked as we walked towards JB and Mattie.

Both of them exchanged a quick glance before looking at me, “we came to support you!” JB yelled pumping his fist into the air, “I mean come on! It’s fucking important that we’re all here to see this.” He motioned around to the crowded beach.

“Plus we brought your par- ow!” Mattie was cut off when JB slapped him upside the head, smiling at me innocently like he hadn’t done anything.

“You brought me what?” I asked frowning.

“We’ve really got to go check her in.” Don muttered motioning towards the sign in table.

“Okay, go sign her in and then come find us for your surprise.” JB winked.

I shrugged and walked over to the booth, ignoring the fact that the sand was burning my un-scarred skin on the bottom of my feet. All I wanted to do was check in again, wait, and surf away my troubles.

The girl behind the table smiled up at me, “hey, signing in?” She asked nodding towards my surf board.

I nodded, “yeah, my name is Amy-Lynn Seward.” I smiled.

She nodded and looked down at the clipboard, flipping through the pages before checking a box next to what I presumed to be my name, “alright, your in Second period, sub-class one, you’ll be first to go up.” She smiled handing me my pass.

I nodded, “alright, thanks.”

“No problem.” She smiled as I walked away.

Even though I seemed nice and happy on the outside I was actually upset, so far no one has told me Happy Birthday, they just said their usual greetings before going back to talking. Even Zacky hadn’t said something, now that really made me feel bad.

“Amy wait,” I frowned as Don grabbed my arm, “I know we don’t get along that well, but I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday, I’m sorry you have to surf today but at least it’s a nice way to relax.”

I smiled, this one an actual one instead of a fake one, “thanks Don, and even though we don’t get along, I’ll admit you’re a good coach to have.”

He smiled, “fuck I wish I got that on tape.”

I laughed, “don’t you dare tell anyone I said that ether! I’ve got a rep to protect.” I smirked as we started to walk towards everyone now.

“Sure thing kid, but don’t expect me to start being nicer to you.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I laughed just as we got back to everyone. I stopped once I noticed the innocent smiles on their faces, hell I could practically see their halos.

“Oh my lovely little sister whom I love,” Johnny grinned stepping forward, the guys filled his spot almost like they were hiding something, “I know you probably think we forgot your birthday, but we did not. We were just waiting for the perfect moment to tell you Happy Birthday.” He grinned, “so, as a beginning gift to you, we present you with two living people!” He gasped.

“What?” Was all I could get out before I squealed from excitement, the guys moved apart to let me see both of my parents standing there, happy grins on their faces. I quickly dropped my surf board and threw myself at them, only realizing how much I had truly missed them. “MOM!”

She giggled and hugged me back, “Amy!” She mocked, “oh I’ve missed you so much!”

I giggled and pulled out of her arms before launching myself at my Dad, “Dad! Ooh Johnny I hate you for not telling me they were coming!” I yelled as I squeezed him.

Everyone laughed, “I take it you like your beginning gift?” Johnny asked scratching the back of his head.

I nodded, “I love it! You totally made me forget about what’s happened.”

“What’s happened?” My Mom asked confused.

I frowned and pulled away from my Father, “Johnny… you didn’t tell them?”

He rubbed his shoulder, “I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to,” I narrowed my eyes, “fuck I’ll tell him,” He laughed, “everyone sit down though.”


The Second period was coming up in a few minutes, Kellan had been the last to surf in the first period and I had to admit I felt sorry for him. He couldn’t get a decent ride at all, he kept getting knocked off. The waves were taller than ones I was used to riding, only making me more nervous about to go up. Plus I could have sworn that I saw my Step-Dad lurking around the beach, but Matt had blocked my view of him.

Speaking of my Step-Dad, my real parents were beyond furious when they found out that he was out. My Dad literally starting to yell curses as loud as possible, I guess I found out where Johnny got his non-famous temper from.


I snapped out of my daze to see Zacky looking at me, his eyebrows pulled into a worried frown. “Yeah?” I smiled as I rested my head against his shoulder.

“You alright? You seem out of it.” He observed.

“I’m fine, just thinking,” I replied looking at the water, “I have this bad feeling that something is going to happen.”

He frowned, “nothing bad will happen,” He leaned down and pressed our lips together, “today’s your birthday, smile already.”

I giggled before letting a smile slide across my lips, “what did I ever do to deserve you?” I whispered.

“I ask myself the same thing every time I see you.” He smiled just as they called the Second period. “I guess I should give you a good luck kiss now.” He smiled.

I nodded my head quickly, “hell yes!”

He grinned and pressed our lips together, his tongue snaking between my lips before I had time to stop him. I moaned softly before running my fingers through his hair, completely forgetting where we were.

“OI!” Someone threw something that felt like an empty soda can at my hips, “stop making out and go surf!” Johnny yelled.

I sighed and pulled away from his lips, “I gotta go babe, cross your fingers.”

He smirked, “I’ll do more than that, JIMMY! Come cross dicks with me!”

I snorted before standing up, grabbing my surf board, and hurrying towards the shore. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen, just like I felt someone’s eyes glaring into my skin, the gaze sending eerie chills down my spine.

Zacky’s POV:

I couldn’t help but feel proud as I watched Amy surf, even if she didn’t place first she sure as hell was enjoying her time right now. I grinned as Ichabod started to yip from his spot next to me, his tail wagging as he spotted Brian walking over with Pinkly. My dog was finally going to have sex on the beach, what made it worse it was before I ever had.

Finally the wave Amy had been riding died down as she sat there on her board, looking completely out of breath.

“Alright, well Amy-Lynn has the choice of paddling back in, or taking another wave to bump up her score. If she even needs it which I doubt,” The announcer chuckled into the mic, “it looks like she’s going to take another wave, let’s see how this ride turns out.”

I watched amused as Amy started to let go and ride yet another wave, I chuckled quietly when I noticed how nervous Johnny looked. Like a Dad who had a kid playing in a baseball game. My eyes tore themselves away from him when a loud chorus of “Ooo” echoed over the beach. I glanced over to the water to see that Amy was no longer visible, instantly I felt fear settle in the pit of my stomach.

“This is not looking good people, we haven’t seen a hint of Amy after she went down. Life guards are on the move as we speak.”

My fear doubled as I watched the jet skis skirt around where Amy had been not to long ago. I glanced to everyone else to find them in the same worried state, ether watching the water or chewing on their nails nervously. I finally felt relief flood through me when I heard someone scream , ‘they’ve got her!’. I watched in anticipation as the jet skis got closer to the sand, eventually they got as far up as they could. The life guard grabbed Amy off the stretcher and pulled her onto the sand.

On cue all of us bolted out of our seats and over to her, all the relief I felt was washed away when I saw the state she was in. Her eyes were closed, her skin pale, her chest not rising or falling at all. The life guard quickly started to try and resuscitate her, any other time I would have been furious that he was kissing her, but he wasn’t, he was trying to save her.

“Come on respond!” He ordered, desperation in his voice.

I felt my eyes watering as I looked away, not able to take watching this scene much longer. As I looked away I caught sight of someone staring at me, his eyes narrowed dangerously. I frowned and stared at him, finding him glaring at me instead of watching Amy. His eyes flickered down to her body, a possessive look coming over his eyes. It was then that I realized who he was.

“Johnny, look at the guy glaring at me.” I ordered only loud enough for him to hear.

Johnny managed to tear his eyes away from his sister to look at what I was glaring, “so?”

“That’s him.” I growled, venom dripping from my words.

A low growl sounded from Johnny, no doubt his eyes turning from sad to filled with complete hate. We had finally gotten to see who the bastard was that tortured Amy all these years. My anger was cut off though when a loud choking cough broke the silence, my eyes darted down to the sand. Amy’s eyes were open widely as she coughed up the water that had made it’s ways into her lungs. She rolled onto her side to hack up anything else left in there.

I didn’t even care at that moment that the tears had leaked out of my eyes, I had almost lost the girl I loved, and that was scary. All of us dropped down onto our knees to hold her against us, I sat there waiting for my turn, knowing I was going to be dead last so I could hold onto her. When she finally got into my arms her grip tightened almost to a painful point, her face cradled into my neck.

“I thought I was going to lose you.” I choked out as I buried my face into her wet hair.

She sobbed into my neck, her nails digging into my shoulders, “I-I meant what I said… y-y-your stuck with me.”

All of us managed a weak laugh, “I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else Amy.”


“YOU PLACED FIRST!” Johnny yelled spinning Amy around again as she stayed in his arms.

She giggled, “I KNOW!” She yelled back looking like she was on cloud nine, “I FUCKING PLACED FIRST EVERYONE! I BEAT OUT ALL THE GUYS!” She screamed tilting her head back.

I chuckled and walked over to them, “just wait until tonight, you’ll be even more happy.”

Normal POV:

My eyes widened as I stared at Zacky, “what’s going on later?” I asked as Johnny set me on my feet.

Zacky smirked, “I cant tell you, I’ve been sworn to secrecy.”

I gasped, “that’s no fair! You cant just get my hopes up and crush them!” I laughed stomping my foot on the ground.

He shrugged, “I’m not allowed to say,” He smiled before wrapping his arms around me, “but I will say that you’ll love it.” He smiled kissing my lips gently.

I smiled before winding my arms around his neck, I needed this really badly at the moment. I needed to forget about the eerie chills running down my spine, and the fact I almost died. Zacky’s arms wound around my waist slowly, cradling my smaller body against his.

“Will you to cut it out!?” Johnny groaned.

Zacky and I pulled apart again, “fine damnit,” Zacky muttered resting our foreheads together, “we will continue this later, because the guys and I have setting up to do.”

“Setting up?”

He smirked, “you’ll see later.”

Before I could protest Val and the girls pulled me away from Zacky, this was so not fair!
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