Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior


“Will any of you please fucking tell me what’s going on?” I begged for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last half hour.

But of course all the girls just looked at me before shaking their heads and getting ready. Half an hour ago they had torn me away from Zacky and shoved me into clothes. I had to admit I liked the dress that I was wearing, but I wanted to know what was so important that I had to dress up.

“Stop pacing already, your getting me nervous.” Leana mumbled playing with her jeans.

“Than tell me what’s going on!” I begged clasping my hands together. “I promise I’ll act surprised I just want to know what’s going on!” I added jumping up and down in my heels. How they didn’t break was beyond me.

Val just shook her head before walking over, “don’t worry, if you don’t think about it the time will fly.” She patted my shoulder, “now stop jumping before you break those shoes.” She scolded before walking off and into the bathroom.

“Yes Mother.” I grumbled crossing my arms like a child.

After a few odd moments of silence I finally got annoyed enough to walk out onto the balcony, Ichabod following after me. I was tired of standing in there while they all just talked and occasionally looked at me with a sly smile. I wanted to know what was going on, and why the hell I had been torn away from Zacky.

“Amy… you okay?”

My head turned to the side as Lacey walked out, a ghost of a smile tugging at her face. I sighed and looked down at the floor, nodding my head slowly, “I’m just tired of being anxious, it’s annoying.” I grunted.

She laughed and shook her head, “there’s only a few minutes before we can go leave.”

“Can you just tell me what’s going on? Please?” I begged hoping that she’d cave.

Of course she just shook her head, “I’ve been sworn to secrecy, if I was to tell you, they’d be very upset with me.” She nodded her head towards the hotel room.

“But I wont tell them that you told me! I’ll act surprised I promise Lacey!” I whined jumping up and down again.

“I SAID NO JUMPING!” Val screamed from inside.

I laughed weakly, “sorry Val!” I shook my head before turning back to Lacey, “please?”

Once again Lacey just shook her head slowly, “I cant, if I was allowed to tell you I would.”

I sighed and leaned against the balcony railing, “fine.” I muttered chewing on the inside of my cheek.


It was about ten or fifteen minutes later that Johnny finally came up to the room to tell all of us that they were ready. So right about now I had the worse case of butterflies that I had ever had in my life. And just like the girls had Johnny wasn’t telling me what was going on. I even used the big brother card on him and it didn’t work.

“Will you just relax? Trust me you’ll enjoy what’s going to happen.” Johnny laughed as we walked out of the hotel.

“I’d relax a lot better if you just told me what was going on.” I spat glaring at him.

“I cant tell you, Zacky will kill me if I do.” He laughed shaking his head.

As soon as the word Zacky left his mouth all of the girls glared at him like he had just told me what was going on. But nothing clicked inside my head.

“So what? Zacky planned this?” I asked shrugging, “that still doesn’t tell me what the hell is going on.” I hissed when we stopped walking. “Now what’s going on?” I asked quietly.

“We’re just waiting for a car,” Johnny laughed rubbing my shoulders, “stop worrying and just try to relax.”

“I would be able to if you guys fucking told me what was going on.” I grumbled under my breath.


I had never liked waiting for something, and right now I was glad that the waiting was almost over. All we had to do was go inside the restaurant, find everyone, and I could find out what the hell had been going on. I had tried to get it out of Johnny the whole ride over but yet again he refused to even let a single detail out.

“No more questions?” Johnny teased as we walked inside.

I sent him a dirty glare before shaking my head, “just get me to my damn boyfriend.” I grunted crossing my arms over my chest again.

“What about me?”

My head perked up, “JB you were my date for a few hours.” I laughed shaking my head, “now where is he?” I asked.

JB laughed and pointed over his shoulder, I grinned and hurried away from everyone. Zacky was standing with Jimmy and Matt, looking at his feet while they continued to talk. Something was off though, it looked like he was chewing on the inside of his cheek while his hand played with something in his pocket.

“Aw what did you guys do to him?” I asked when I got close enough.

Zacky’s head flew up so fast that I could have sworn I heard it crack. He bolted away from Matt and Jimmy and threw his arms around me, resting his head in the crook of my neck. I giggled and wrapped my arms around him.

“I refuse to be separated from you for that long ever again.” He muttered.

“Well what ever you’re planning it was your idea,” I giggled, “now please tell me what’s going on.” I begged.

He chuckled and leaned back from me, a sly smile on his face. “You have to wait for a little longer.” He smirked.

My jaw dropped, “what? Zacky that’s not far at all!” I whined stomping my foot on the ground.

He laughed, “I’m still not going to tell you,” He shook his head before kissing my forehead, “just relax okay?”

I pouted but nodded my head slowly, “just for that Ichabod is sleeping in the bed tonight, and you’ll be on the floor.”

His smirk widened, “trust me after what happens tonight you’ll want me in the bed with you forever.”

My eyebrow rose, “should I be afraid?” I asked laughing nervously.

He shook his head slowly, “no, it’s nothing bad okay? Just try and relax.”

I sighed and nodded my head reluctantly, “I’ll try.”


An hour later and nothing had still happened, I had spent most of the time with Zacky talking to my parents. And on occasion I would glance around when I felt someone’s eyes staring into my shoulders. But each time I looked around I didn’t see anyone, I was probably just paranoid.

“Zacky… I’m tired… can we go home yet?” I mumbled rubbing my eyes. My feet were aching, my eyes kept drooping, I felt ready to drop.

“Almost, there’s just one thing I need to do.” Zacky grinned tightening his arm around me.

I sighed, trying my best to keep my eyes open. “than go do it.” I murmured reaching up to rub my eyes again.

He leaned down and pressed a kiss to my lips before walking off. I frowned and stood there for a few moments, not sure what to do. Finally I just shrugged and walked over to Val, hugging her before resting my head in the crook of her neck.

“Um… hi to you too.” She laughed patting my back.

“I’m tired,” I whined, “let me sleep on you.”

She laughed, “I cant let you fall asleep, Zacky would kill me if he didn’t get his shot.”

I frowned and lifted up my head, instantly spotting the guilty look in her eyes. Now she was looking like she had let some major secret slip. But once again I still had no clue what the hell any of them were talking about.

“Way to go Val…” Matt mumbled.

I ignored him and focused on her, “what do you mean?” I asked slowly, narrowing my eyes as she looked around frantically.

“Erm… um… hey Jimmy come talk to Amy.” She quickly turned me around and shoved me towards Jimmy.

Jimmy laughed and hugged me, rocking me from side to side slowly. “What’s wrong? You don’t seem to be having fun.” He mused.

I shrugged, “I’m tired, and everyone is keeping some secret from me.” I pouted resting my head on his lower chest. I hated being so damn short.

Jimmy chuckled, “it’ll be over soon,” I sighed and nodded my head slowly, “and trust me you’ll be happy we kept it a secret.”

“Jimmy please bring me Amy please!” Zacky yelled from somewhere behind me.

Jimmy’s smile seemed to take over his whole face as he turned us around and walked towards Zacky. My eyes narrowed when I spotted the sly look on Zacky’s face. He was no doubt up to something, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good or bad.

I bit my lip nervously as Jimmy placed me in front of Zacky before walking away. Everyone had gathered around us only making me feel even more nervous. But some feeling deep down in my gut was telling me that I was going to enjoy what was going to happen. Hopefully that feeling would be right to.

“Zacky?” I asked softly, looking at everyone again. “What’s going on?” I added quietly.

His smile widened even more, amused by my nervousness, “you’ll see, now just try to relax okay?”

I sighed and nodded my head slowly, “okay…”

He smiled and pulled a small little velvet box, which made my heart drop down into my stomach. My chest was rising and falling rapidly as he kneeled down on one knee. An adorable smile on his face as he looked up at me while opening the box. My eyes instantly darted down to the ring.

Oh my fucking god!

He chuckled and stared up at me, taking one of my small hands in his. “Amy… I’m really not sure how to ask this so I’m going to try my best not to fuck this up.” The guys chuckled, “Amy… since you stepped into my life things haven’t been the same for me. I haven’t drunk as much, I’ve never been quite this happy, hell even Ichabod likes you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him, “I like him too.”

He chuckled, “and well, I cant picture myself with anyone but you. You’re the best thing in my life and there’s no way I want you to ever leave me.” He smiled, “I love you for everything you do, and I never ever want to lose you. So I-I’m going to ask you this…” He cleared his throat nervously before taking in a shaky breath. “Amy Seward… will you marry me?”

I stared at him in shock for a few moments, trying to remember how to breathe or remember how to speak. Everyone was staring at us curiously, waiting for my answer. I knew my answer but I wasn’t sure how to say it, I tried to get it out a few times but all I got out was small little squeaks.

“Come on answer him!” Jimmy yelled.

I finally managed to snap out of my daze as a smile crossed over my face, “yes!”

“Yes? Really?” He asked staring at me in shock.

I giggled and nodded my head frantically, to happy for words at this moment. His smile seemed to grow ten times bigger as he slipped the ring on my finger before standing up and hugging me. I giggled and wrapped my arms around him tightly, praying that this was actually happening.

“I love you Zacky.” I whispered as I tilted my head back.

He smiled and rested his forehead against mine, “I love you to Amy. And now your stuck with me forever.” He added.

I giggled, “I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else,” I murmured as my fingers ran through his hair, “I take it we’re going to celebrate this later.” I asked noticing the mischievous glint in his eyes.

He nodded his head slowly, “by the time we’re done you wont be able to walk for days.”

“I don’t think I’ll mind.” I murmured.

My life couldn’t get any better at the moment.
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