Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Beach Day 1

The whole drive back to the hotel Zacky and I couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We would sneak in kisses here and there but we both knew that we were dying to get into the bedroom. As soon as the car pulled to a stop in front of the hotel Zacky nearly dragged me out and into the lobby. Earning a few weird looks from everyone.

“Zacky slow down.” I giggled as he ran towards the elevator, I swear he was like a kid at Christmas time.

“No, no time.” He laughed pressing the up button repeatedly. “Ah come on you stupid thing!” He yelled kicking the closed doors.

I merely shook my head and waited for the doors to open. When they finally did Zacky practically squealed and pulled me in, a devilish look crossing over his face when the doors closed.

“Ooh no Zacky, we are not doing the nasty in an elevator.” I warned shaking my finger at him.

“Why not?” He pouted, looking completely disappointed.

“Because I don’t want to do it in here,” I sighed shaking my head, “please?”

He sighed but nodded his head slowly, “alright, plus I was only playing.” He chuckled wrapping his arms around me.

I couldn’t help but smile and melt into his arms, as cheesy as it sounded if I were to die at this exact moment I’d be happy to. Nothing in my life could ever replace Zacky or our love, even though that also sounded really cheesy.

“Something doesn’t feel right.”

I frowned and pulled away from Zacky a bit, peering up into his face curiously. “What?”

He cleared his throat, “something doesn’t feel right, like I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen.” He explained, a look of unease settling over his face.

“Zacky… calm down.” I murmured placing my hand on his cheek, I hated seeing him so frazzled, “nothing’s going to go wrong.” I cooed.

His eyes searched my face for a few seconds, making me pray quietly that he couldn’t sense the fear deep down in me. “Your scared to, I can see it.”

Before I could answer the elevator dinged, the doors sliding open and revealing our floor. Zacky gulped nervously and pulled away, taking my hand in his as we walked out into the hallway. The closer we got to our door I could feel Zacky gripping my hand tighter and tighter, hell I could see his muscles tensing.

“I told you nothing was going to go wrong.” I laughed when he noticed the door was still closed.

“I knew that,” He laughed nervously, using his free hand to search his pockets for the room key, “but stay behind me just incase.”

I rolled my eyes but followed his orders after all, plus if there was someone or something in our room I don’t want to be in front. Zacky pushed open the door gently before slowly walking in, always making sure that I was behind him. He finally realized that nothing was out of place he relaxed, a sheepish smile crossing his face.

“Told you nothing was wrong.” I laughed shaking my head.

He laughed nervously, “sorry, just being paranoid I guess.”

I shook my head before hugging him again, swaying us from side to side for a bit. “Zacky… what would I ever do without you?” I asked looking up into his eyes.

“Be miserable.” He smiled rubbing my lower back slowly, “now… about the clothing…”

I rolled my eyes and shoved him down onto the bed, “time to take care of it.”



“No…” I mumbled into my pillow, far to tired to wake up, “no waking up.” I whined trying to find the warm body that had been laying next to me all night.

The other voice in the room chuckled, “it’s almost two in the afternoon, and everyone wants us to come down to the beach.”

I groaned, somehow forcing my eyes to open. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight in front of me, Zacky sitting near me wearing only board shorts, my wet dream come true. “Hot Damn.”

Zacky snorted, “I’m glad to know that I’m that hot.”

I smiled while stretching my arms and legs for a bit, “do we have to go? Cant we just stay in here?” I whined, I didn’t feel like leaving the bed at all today. I was to worn out.

“How about this, if you get changed I’ll carry you down to the beach?” He asked smiling.

I groaned, managing to force my body to sit up. “Fine, but I swear no throwing me in the water or you’ll be sharing the bathroom floor as a bed with Ichabod.” I warned.

Zacky merely chuckled and laid down on the bed, watching me with amusement in his eyes. Flipping him off I managed to drag myself over to our suitcase, shuffling through all of the clothes before I found a plain and simple bikini.

“Zacky… can you tie the top for me?” I begged once I got the bottoms on.

“Yeah,” He laughed, the bed squeaking as he got off it, “just curious thought, how does this top even stay up with those things on your chest?”

Normally if I would have had more energy I would have kicked him, but at this moment all I could do was groan quietly. “Carry me… legs… giving out.”

“Jesus I really did tire you out,” Zacky laughed picking me up in his arms, “I swear I’ll give you a back rub later.” He promised.

I smiled, “sounds nice, but how are you going to carry everything?” I asked winding my arms around his neck.

“Brian came by, so I gave him everything.”

“He didn’t see me naked did he?” I groaned lifting my head up.

Zacky shook his head, “no, I made sure to cover you first. Did you know you talk sometimes in your sleep?” He asked.

“What’d I say?”

“Well… um you moaned my name,” He smirked, “Brian sure as hell loved that.”

I groaned, “please tell me he’s not going to tease me now.”

“I can’t promise you that he wont,” Zacky smiled as he walked towards our room door, “now just relax until we get down there.”

I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder, listening to the steady sound of his heart beat. I had listened to it so much that I had it memorized in my head, it was the best sound other than his voice that I could think of.



“What about Ichabod?” I asked remembering the poor little dog, I felt bad that I hadn’t spent that much time with him.

“Brian took him to, the poor thing practically jumped on Pinkly as soon as he saw her.” Zacky chuckled, a ding sounding from in front of us.

“Poor Pinkly,” I laughed weakly, “I feel sorry for ever mentioning the idea, she’s going to end up having tons of puppies.”

“Definitely,” He laughed, “Brian says Michelle has been spoiling Pinkly to.”

“Are you sure he just said Michelle so none of us would know that he’s spoiling her?”

“Trust me we all know that Brian spoils Pinkly,” Zacky laughed, “and everyone knows I spoil Ichabod.”

“Spoil is an understatement,” I mused as I let my eyes open slowly, “you act like that dog is god.”

“Well duh, dog is god spelt backwards,” He teased punching my thigh, “and I thought I told you to rest?”

I rolled my eyes, “fine, I’m resting.” I shut my eyes again, “butt head.”

“Hey, watch it.”


“What’d you do to my sister?” Johnny yelled as Zacky walked towards them.

“Nothing, she’s just tired,” He laughed shaking me in his arms, “I hope he doesn’t see the hickey on the inside of your thigh.” He smirked.

I grinned, “I’ll make sure to keep my legs closed,” He laughed, “I love you Zacky.”

He smiled widely, “I love you to,” I giggled, “and I promise that we don’t have to stay here for that long.”

My grin widened, “good, because I’m still not done celebrating last night.” I warned as we got closer to the group.

Zacky’s smile was replaced with a smirk, “trust me nether am I.”

I merely smirked back at him as he set me down next to Matt, taking a seat by my side. “Hello Matthew.” I grinned poking Matt’s arm.

“Hello Amy-Lynn.”

I cringed at my full name, but ignored it, “where’s Valary?”

“She went to get something, and why are you using full names?” He asked.

I shrugged, “I feel like it,” I smiled, “and don’t call me Amy-Lynn, only Jonathan and Zachary get to do that.”

“Call me Jonathan again and I’ll bury you in the damn sand.” Johnny groaned.

“Shut up Jonathan or I’ll go tell Mom.”

“That’s it your dead!”
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