Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Beach Day 2


“Yes?” He answered looking at me, a smile tugging on his lips.

“I cant wait to go home,” I laughed, sure Hawaii, but I missed Huntington, “Kellan is being so fucking annoying.” I grunted.

He growled, “what’s he doing?” He asked looking around the beach.

“He’s fucking staring,” I sighed rubbing my shoulder as I sat up, “it’s fucking bad enough that he’s here.”

Zacky frowned and scooted over to me, wrapping his arm around me protectively. “Just ignore them,” I nodded slowly, “now, since I let you bury me in the sand earlier can I ask one favor?” He begged.

I glanced up at him, finding that irresistible puppy pout on his face. I swear Zacky was pure evil sometimes. “Sure.”

“Go swimming with me?” He asked nodding his head towards the water.

I couldn’t help but giggle at how much he sounded like a little boy, “sure thing babe.” I smiled before pecking his lips. “Anyone else wanna come along?” I asked standing up.

Val and Matt stood up slowly, “yeah, I’m beginning to bake from just laying there.” Matt mumbled stretching his stuff arms and legs.

I smiled at them before lacing fingers with Zacky, squeezing his hand affectionately as we walked towards the water. As I glanced at Zacky I found a loving smile on his face, his bright green eyes sparkling with happiness. The sight brought a huge smile to my face, making my small dimples pop out most likely.

“What’re you smiling about?” Zacky asked.

“You.” He looked confused, “your just so cute looking right now, with your huge ass smile and your eyes all sparkly.” I giggled as the cold water lapped against my feet. That was one thing I always hated about the beach, the water always seemed freezing until you got used to it

He smiled again, “shut up, I swear if you tell anyone that I’m a big softy for you I’ll hurt you.” He warned as we wadded farther into the water.

“Ooh really? What on earth are you going to do? Make Ichabod steal one of my bras?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nope, I’ll kidnap you and keep you in my bedroom at my own house.” He smirked picking me. The quick movement caused me to squeal and wrap my arms around his neck, afraid that he was going to drop me into the water. “And calm down, I was only picking you up cause I wanted to go out farther.” He laughed.

“Oh…” I mumbled, “oh, I just remembered something.”


“How’re your stitches doing?” I asked resting my head on his shoulder.

“Their fine,” He laughed, “don’t I have to take them out when we get home?”

I nodded, “that’s what the doctor said, but I think we should have a nurse do it.”

“Why cant I take out my own stitches?” He pouted.

“Because knowing you you’ll fuck them up somehow.” I laughed shaking my head, “and no more arguing, do you understand me?”

He nodded slowly. “You know I was doing some thinking last night…”

My eyebrow rose, “how were you thinking if we were…”

“I meant while you were sleeping,” He laughed, “when we get home, do you want to move in with me?” He asked setting me down into the water. The tips of my toes barely even touched the sand, so I kept my arms around Zacky for support.

I smiled as I stared up at him, my heart feeling like it was growing ten times bigger than it already was. “Are you sure Johnny wouldn’t mind?” I asked running my fingers through his hair slowly.

“I’ll ask him for permission later,” He murmured resting his forehead against mine, “but do you want to?”

I nodded my head slowly, “why wouldn’t I?” I smiled leaning up to press our lips together.

“Because it means you’d be stuck with me twenty four seven,” He smirked, “we’d even have to share the same bathroom.” He gasped.

I laughed, “I don’t think I’d mind sharing,” I answered causing him to smile, “I think it would be nice to share a house with you.” I sighed as I rested my head against his chest.

He opened his mouth to speak but someone beat him to it, well more like jumped on him. “What’re you two talking about?” Jimmy asked still hanging onto Zacky’s back.

I couldn’t help but giggle as I slipped away from Zacky, “we were talking about his stitches,” I lied, not sure if Jimmy knew about me moving in with Zacky, “where’s Leana?”

“Right here!” A few seconds later Leana came swimming around, “I cant fucking swim for shit today.” She laughed.

“Me either, hold me.” I whined throwing myself onto her.

“But what if you make me sink?” She laughed, but none the less wrapped her arms around me.

“Than I’ll sink with you,” I smiled kissing her cheek, “I love you Leanaaaa.”

She giggled and kissed my cheek back, “I love you too Amyyyy. You should ditch Zacky and marry me.” She smirked.

“Ooh that sounds like a good idea!” I giggled glancing over to Jimmy and Zacky. Both boys were looking at us like we had grown horns and two extra heads. “What’re you two looking at?”

“Your not going to leave us are you?” Jimmy pouted.

“Maybe.” Leana answered, “I mean girl on girl is way better than girl on guy.”

I nodded in agreement, “definitely, but guy on guy is better than anything else!” I smirked staring directly at Jimmy and Zacky. “I love you Zacky… and I love you too Jimmy…”

“There’s no way I’m fucking Jimmy.” Zacky said knowing exactly what I had on my mind.

I pouted, “fine, just for that I’m sleeping with Leana tonight.” I glanced over to Leana to see what she’d do.

“Jimmy your sleeping in Zacky’s room tonight.” Leana said sticking out her tongue, “no arguing.” She smiled.

“Now, Dearest Leana I say it’s time for us to go lesbian on each other don’t you?”

She nodded her head eagerly, “definitely, and I know exactly what to do.” She winked, sometimes I forgot that Leana had done female on female porn. But it didn’t really bother me at all, it was just another thing that made her who she was.

I smirked, “teach me all you have to teach.” I winked.

She grinned and looked at the guys, “bye boys.”


An hour later Leana and I returned to the beach, no we didn’t sleep together, we went shopping at some little clothing store near the hotel. I wasn’t sure whether Zacky was going to be mad at me or not, I could only just hope that he knew I wasn’t going to sleep with Leana. She was way to much of a sister to me, plus I loved Zacky and only wanted to sleep with him.

“The guys are at the beach side restaurant.” Leana murmured as she looked at her phone.

I nodded and walked along with her to the restaurant, swaying the bag at my side slowly. There was a rather large group of people in front of us, so Leana stopped, neither of us really liked shoving our way through crowds. Most likely since we were so short and small.


I felt cold shivers shoot down my spine, the voice sounding horrible familiar and incredibly close to me. I gulped nervously and grabbed Leana’s hand with my free one. To terrified to turn around, but I knew I had to for the sake of my sanity.

“Amy? What’s wrong?” Leana asked.

I ignored her and slowly turned around, fear pumping through my veins quickly. My breathing and heart seemed to stop when I caught sight of the person behind me. My whole world came crashing down as I stared into those heartless brown eyes. The eyes that had been haunting my dreams all these years. Here he was, standing not even a foot away from me.

I didn’t even think again as I bolted away from him and into the large group of people, dragging Leana with me.

“Amy? What the fuck is going on?” She nearly screamed as I shoved my way through everyone.

“Get back here you little bitch!” His voice screamed, anger laced into his words.

“Oh my god.” Leana murmured, “Amy is that who I think it is?” She asked, horror in her voice.

I nodded my head frantically, letting the tears that had welled up in my eyes flow over. “We have to get to the restaurant!” I cried shoving past an elderly couple.

Every step I took he seemed to have taken, he was just within grabbing distance of Leana and I, and that sent horrible shivers through my body. The restaurant wasn’t that far away, but it might have been on the other side of the damn galaxy.

“Got you!”

I screamed as his hand closed into my hair, pulling both Leana and I back into his chest. One thought rushed through my head, why isn’t anyone helping?

“Let us the fuck go!” Leana screamed thrashing around, nearly hitting me in the head.

“Not going to happen, now both of you shut the fuck up.” Monster growled into my ear.

“Or what?” I spat venomously.

“I’ll shoot you both.”

At that mere sentence Leana and I looked at each other, tears rushing down our cheeks. The hand that was still holding hers squeezed softly, my own way to say I was sorry for this. She smiled weakly and squeezed back, as if to say that it was okay.

“I hate you.”

He merely chuckled, “watch your mouth Amy, or I might have to fill it with something.” I felt like vomiting, and by the look on Leana’s face so did she. “Now time for us to get going, I don’t want those punks to see us.” He growled before pulling us through the crowds of people.

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