Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

I Will Be Kicking Your Ass.

Zacky’s POV:

After ten minutes of waiting for Leana and Amy, Jimmy and I finally got up and walked outside. They should have been here minutes ago, and so far they weren’t. At first we thought that they got distracted by another store, but one of them would have texted us. Jimmy even called and Leana didn’t answer, something that she never did.

“I wonder what’s going on…” I mumbled nodding my head over towards a large cluster of people, a few cops were walking around, talking to random people.

“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about it,” Jimmy stated, “come on.” He finished before walking off towards the group.

I had to admit he did have a point, something about this had a bad feeling around it. “Um, excuse me, what’s going on here?” I asked one of the cops that was walking by.

He stopped, “a few people called in what looks like a kidnapping,” He answered, “two girls were seen running through here and then dragged off by a male.”

I felt my stomach turning over, “did anyone get a look at the girls?”

“Yeah, one was short with reddish brown hair, and the other was a bit shorter, with some weird skull tattoo’s on her.” He answered looking down at his note pad.

I was pretty sure by now that my face had to be ghostly pale, “did anyone hear a name?”

He nodded, “yes, they heard one. It’s…. Amy-Lynn.”

My whole world seemed to be crashing down around me, and I knew Jimmy’s was to. They said two girls got taken, which meant Leana had been dragged off too.


“Sir? Is something wrong?”

“Amy-Lynn is his fiancée,” Jimmy answered in a monotone voice, “and the other girl’s name is Leana, she’s my wife…”

“Oh my,” The cop coughed quickly, “do you have any pictures of the girls? We can use them to shut down airport flights and send them to hotels.”

I nodded and pulled out my phone quickly, going into my pictures and finding one of Amy. I held it up for him, as did Jimmy with his own phone, his face just as pale as mine.

“Zacky? What’s going on?” Johnny asked appearing at my side.

I gulped, not sure how to tell him that his little sister had been taken. “A-Amy…”

His smile dropped, “what about Amy?”

“Her Step-Dad…”

“Wait, the man that took both girls is her Step-Dad?” The cop asked.

I glanced at him and nodded, “it’s a long story.”

“We have time, but I better take you all to the station, follow me.”

Normal POV:

I felt sick to my stomach as I watched my old Step-Dad pace around the room. I had decided on calling him Monster from now on, the name suited him perfectly. So far, he hadn’t said anything to Leana or I, he just kept pacing, occasionally looking at me before looking at Leana.

“What on Earth am I going to do with you Amy?” He finally asked.

Hearing him say my name sent violent shivers down my spine, “let me go?”

He snorted, “very doubtful my dear,” His eyes wandered over to Leana, “and who’s this?”

“The name’s Leana, please remember if because I will be kicking your ass.” Leana smirked sending him a dirty glare. It was only than that I noticed her cell phone in her back pocket. All she had to do was wiggle it out and grab it with her bound hands and call Jimmy.

Monster chuckled, “like I said before, very doubtful. I actually think I’d have a friend that would like a girl like you.” He smirked.

Leana cringed, “I’d rather die than have some random prick touch me.” She growled. I had to admit Leana was rather scary when she was pissed off.

He chuckled again, seeming amused by this whole conversation. “Really feisty.” He shook his head before looking at me, “I’ll be right back, I’ve got to make some calls for our little flight home, you two behave.” He smirked before walking out of the balcony. All those years in jail had to have made him stupid, the idiot shut the damn balcony door after him.

“Leana, quick wiggle your ass!” I ordered.

She looked at me like I had just grown five heads, “we’ve just been taken by your Step-Dad… and you want me to wiggle my ass?”

“Your phone is in your back pocket!” I groaned, “wiggle it out, flip it open, and call Jimmy. I’ll fall onto my side and tell him where we are!” I explained in a rushed voice, “we don’t have that much time.”

Her eyes widened in shock before she started to wiggle her bum, after a few seconds her phone finally slipped out of her back pocket and near her hand. As if her hands had a mind of their own they flipped open the phone, and found the number 1 and pressed it.

“Good.” I grinned. I quickly slipped onto my side, wiggling around until I could get my ear and mouth near the phone.

After a few rings, I thought the phone was going to go to the answering machine. But to my shock, it picked up. “Leana? Fuck babe are you okay?” Jimmy’s frantic voice asked.

“Jimmy it’s Amy, listen my Step-Dad is staying at the same hotel as us. I’m not sure which floor we’re on but I know it’s the same hotel.” I quickly said, “I don’t have much time, so get the cops here before he decides to drag us somewhere!”

“Fuck shit okay, just… try to stay safe! We’ll be right there!”

“Okay, hurry! I’ve got to go before he comes back in the room.” I said before sitting up just as Leana flipped the phone closed.

And luckily we finished just in time, as soon as we got back into our normal positions Monster walked back in. A horribly familiar glint to his eyes.

“Ooh Amy…”

I gulped, “y-yes?” I knew that tone of voice all to well.

“I think it’s time for us to go have some fun.” He growled walking towards me, “I haven’t had any fun with you for a long time, and it’s far over due.”

“Touch her and I’ll fucking kill you,” Leana spat throwing her legs over mine, “I swear to fucking god I’ll do it.”

“Sweet heart you aren’t in any position to be making threats.” He laughed shoving her legs out of the way.

I didn’t want this to happen again, the guys had spent so much time making me feel safe and trusting again. There was no way I was going to let their hard work go to waste. So in a panic, I kicked my legs out, managing a rather painful looking blow to the groin. He let out a pained moan and sunk down onto his knees, clutching onto his crotch.

Leana quickly took her chance and raised her little feet, smashing them into the front of his face. Both of us cringed at the loud crunch that followed, it was one of the worst sounds I had ever heard. Falling onto his side, he laid there clutching his crotch with one hand, and his nose with the other.

Leana and I were so wrapped up in being proud of ourselves that we didn’t notice that someone was banging on the door. We finally did notice when the hotel door was broken down from it’s hinges, a slur of cops rushing into the room, guns drawn and everything. It honestly, made me laugh, it seemed like my life was turning into a cheesy soap opera.

“Amy! Leana!” Jimmy came running into the room, pulling an equally excited Zacky in by the collar of his shirt.

They completely ignored Monster and grabbed each of us, pulling us up into their chests tightly. Right away Leana and Jimmy started to suck face, I’m sure they would have started to fuck if they could have. But I couldn’t blame them, I was beyond happy to see Zacky’s face.

“You guys got here quick.” I murmured as Zacky’s fingers untied the ropes that held my hands together.

“The cops were just about to search this hotel, they got a hint from a staff member that you were here.” He grinned, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there when he was trying to get you two.”

“It’s fine,” I smiled wrapping my arms around him, “you’re here now, and that’s all that matters to me.”

“Who broke his nose?”

“Leana, I hit him in the groin.” I smiled weakly as I looked up at him, trying my best not to cry. “He better go to jail for a very long time now.”

“Trust me Miss, he’ll be in jail for a long time.” A cop grinned walking over, “I’m Sergeant Williams, are you or your friend hurt anywhere?”

I shook my head, “no, our wrists are just raw from the rope.” I answered smiling at him, “thank you so much.” I added.

“Trust me it’s no problem, now all we need is a statement from you two, than you will both be able to go back to your family.”


After we have our statements Jimmy and Zacky rushed us to Johnny’s hotel room, where everyone was crowded waiting for us to get back. When we did, Leana and I were bombarded with hugs. My Mother was sobbing her eyes out when she hugged me, while my Dad looked like he was trying not to cry.

When we were done hugging, crying, and finally eating, we all sat down to relax and calm down. Today had been much more dramatic than what I had wanted. I wanted a simple day with just relaxing, but nope, I almost get kidnapped and violated again. I even kept apologizing over and over to Leana, upset that she had gotten dragged into this to. But she kept saying it was fine, and that it wasn’t my fault.

Right now, Zacky was carrying me back to our hotel room since I was dying to go to sleep. I just wanted this day to be over, it seemed far to long for my liking.



“I love you,” I smiled looking up at him, “very very much.”

He grinned, “I love you too baby,” He opened the hotel door, “now just relax while I get your clothes.”

I nodded, “okay, but if I fall asleep don’t bother changing me.” I murmured as he set me down on the bed. Sleep quickly consuming my consciousness.

“Okay baby.”

And just like that, I was out like a light.
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Come on you guys know I couldn't let her get hurt again! Plus I dont want anymore shoes thrown at me.....