Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior

Mr. Doodles.

“Are you sure you know what your doing?” Someone asked, I groaned as I slowly felt myself being pulled up from my darkness. Something tugging on my forearm.

“Calm down Val, trust me I know how to stitch an arm, we are Avenged Sevenfold after all, we get into a lot of accidents on tour.” Someone answered with a laugh.

I frowned faintly and attempted to shift around, right away hands shot to my body and held me in place. Right away panic took over, I groaned and tried to move out of the darkness completely. During my faint struggle the hands tightened their hold on me, pressing me into the mattress harder.

“Your hands… they hurts.” I managed to gasp out, my mind becoming less fogged.

Right away the hands loosened their pressure but kept me in place, “don’t move, Matt’s almost finished.” Someone said quietly.

“Finished?” I slurred my words a bit, something that happened when the morphine was working it’s way out of my system.

“Cleaning up your arms,” The same voice answered, “can you open your eyes?”

I groaned and attempted to open my eyes, the first time they felt to heavy. Like someone had pumped lead into them and glued them shut. I whimpered softly and struggled to open them, slowly but surely they opened, light flooding into them and making me wince.

“Ah there she is.” Matt smiled looking up from my forearms for a brief second. I looked at them to see him rubbing alcohol over them, an ACE bandage laying next to them.

I frowned and pulled my arms away slowly, “get out.” My voice shook.

Matt merely shook his head and brought my arms over to his lap again, “we’re not leaving, so just accept it.” He finished cutting up my right arm and set down the bloody cotton ball. I swallowed against the bile that raised in my throat, looking away from the scene.

I took note that Johnny and Brian were the ones holding me down, Jimmy and Zacky standing off to the corner going through my closet. Obviously trying to find more razor blades hidden in my shoes or bras. I don’t know why they were trying, I could just get a razor blade from a shaving razor. Idiots.

“Alright it looks like we got all of them.” Jimmy said turning around, setting the razors into a plastic baggy which he shoved into his pocket.

I looked away from him, “Johnny?”

His eyes met mine, I felt a pang of sadness when I realized how red they were. “I’m sorry about the carpet, and the sheets… and the mattress probably.” I said slowly, trying to think of all the places my blood could have gotten.

He let out a weak laugh, “you just mutilated yourself… and your apologizing over the carpet?”

I nodded, “yeah, pretty much.”

All of them laughed weakly, “I could give a fuck less about the carpet,” he replied, “I care more about my little sister.”

I smiled weakly and looked over to Matt, “are you done yet?”

“Just about.” He answered cutting the bandage, he tied it quickly and set my arms down. Both of them sporting matching white ACE bandage wrap, lovely.


I looked over to Zacky, “yeah?”

“I’m sorry.”

"Why are you sorry?" I asked tilting my head to the side, "you didn't do anything, I just get flashbacks by random things."

"I shouldn't have kissed you though, if I hadn't none of this would have happened." He explained, a guilty look in his gorgeous eyes.

"Zacky... I was bound to cut around you guys sooner or later, it's unavoidable." They sighed in agreement, "don't beat yourself up please."

He looked unsure what to say for a few moments, finally he sighed reluctantly, "alright, but if I ever do it again, I'm giving everyone permission to castrate me anyway they come up with."

I grimaced at the idea, "thanks for the mental image." I muttered, shaking it out of my thoughts.

They all chuckled. I looked up again when someone knocked on the door softly, it crept open slowly and soon Leana poked her head into the room.

"Oh your up," She smiled, "good we needed to ask you something, you like chicken right?"

I nodded, "yeah... why?"

"Oh, cause we're eating out so we ordered for you." She explained with a shrug.

"Oh... alright thanks." I reached up to scratch my head nervously.

She smiled wider, "no problem, food should be here any minute boys." She added, hearing the loud growls that Matt's stomach was letting out.

She gave me another smile before closing the door, before it had closed though Ichabod came running into the room. A small neon green ducky in his mouth, he looked at me for a moment before jumping up onto my bed. He pranced over happily and dropped the duck on my stomach, laying down with his tail wagging.

"Um... thank you?" I picked it up, grimacing when my fingers touched the slobber soaked toy.

"Holy shit... did Ichabod just give up Mr. Doodles?"

"Mr. Doodles?" I raised my eyebrow at Brian's statement.

"It's his favorite toy... he humps it, bites it, drags it through the mud. He never lets anyone see it." Brian answered.

I looked down at the duck I was holding, dropping it onto the floor quickly, "oh that's lovely, I've been holding something that had been humped."

They all chuckled again, "think of it this way, Ichabod likes you, he never liked Gena at all." Jimmy said laying down on the bed next to me. "At least I don't think he did."

"He didn't," Zacky answered, stepping forward cautiously, "whenever he saw her he'd start to snarl at her, if she'd try to take any of his toys he'd run to me and bite my ankle until I told her to drop it." He laughed lightly, "he hated her... he's in love with you."

I laughed and looked down at the little ball of fur, he smiled happily and pushed the duck towards me with his nose. I sighed and picked it up, tossing it to the corner of my room. He stood up right away and ran after it, his tail wagging the whole time.

"Haha interspecies erotica." Matt suddenly laughed. "Best movie." He added with a chuckle.

I laughed lightly, "I'm sorry but I'm not into donkeys, or dogs." I added when Ichabod jumped back up on the bed. I reached over to take the toy but he held on, I raised my eyebrow and shook my hand a bit. He growled and jumped around a bit, shaking his head right back.

"Alright as interesting as this is, I'm going to go watch Saw... again." Jimmy stood up and strode out of the room. For some odd reason the guys followed after him, with of course the shocking exception of Zacky.

"I still feel bad." He sighed as he walked over, sitting next to me.

"Don't, you'll make me feel bad for over-reacting." I replied, shaking the toy a bit harder. Ichabod growled playfully and started to tug on it, trying to get it out of my grip.

"Fine, but only because you'll feel bad." Zacky sighed, "can I at least make it up to you?"

"It depends how you'd do that." I answered, I had to clear my throat lightly. All this talking was making it itch.

"Go in my room and watch movies, if I know the guys right Horton Hears A Who was the only non-violent movie they'll be watching for today." He replied, he reached over to take the duck from my hand. Shaking the toy harder than I had. Ichabod growled louder and started to tug more wildly, obviously loving the attention he was getting.

“No horror?” I asked quietly.

He shook his head, “no horror, just normal movies and food when it gets here.” He patted his stomach, “I’m getting fat.” He added with a pout.

I laughed lightly and took the duck back from him. Ichabod whimpered and dropped it, obviously upset that he couldn’t win the game. “Your not fat, your pleasantly plump,” he chuckled, “plus chubby guys are way better, more cushion for the pushing.”

He laughed, “I’ll make sure to keep that in mind, Gena never seemed to like my weight.” He shrugged, “how about I go set up the DVD player and you can put some PJ’s on?”

“Alright,” the word PJ’s floated into my ears again, “wait what time is it?”

“Well you woke up around seven thirty… you were out for awhile.”

“Oh.” That was the only word I could muster to say. Embarrassment slowly washed over me, I realized that my brother and his friends had just seen me laying on the floor with razor cuts. Not to mention a bottle of morphine and needles, they probably thought I was a druggie.

He smiled softly.

“I’ll be there right now, I’ll just change.” I finally spoke.

He nodded and disappeared out of my bedroom. Ichabod picked up Mr. Doodles and ran out the door before it closed, his tail wagging as usual. I smiled weakly and stood up, I didn’t have the courage to look down at the floor. I bit the inside of my cheek and opened my closet door, not to much was thrown around, just disorganized. I bit my cheek harder when I picked out my pajamas, a normal white tank top, black silk pants, and a hoodie.

For some reason I could never wear a bra when I slept, it always kept me from getting comfortable. Sadly I didn’t have a small chest, most of the time I wore a sports bra to push my boobs back. I was still considering getting a breast reduction, going from DD to a small D. I snapped out of my faze and tugged off my clothes from earlier, tossing them into a pile in the corner of the room. I unhooked my bra and tossed it onto my bed, I’d need it for school tomorrow. I cringed at the idea of school, the second worst place to be in my life.

Zacky’s POV:

“Ichabod stop fucking Mr. Doodles.” I grumbled as I looked through my DVD’s. But of course the dog didn’t listen to me, he just kept going to town. Eh what can I say? He takes after his Dad.

“Oh well isn’t that a lovely site.” A soft voice laughed.

I looked over my shoulder to see Amy sitting on my bed, my eyes lingered on the hoodie for a few moments. “What’s with the jacket?” I asked.

She was silent for a few seconds, “I always wear them when I’m in my pajamas and around people I don’t know. Breast issues.”

I turned to look at her slightly confused and surprised, “huh?”

She didn’t look up from my comforter, “I can’t wear bras when I sleep, so when I’m in my PJ’s without my bra I wear a jacket. I’m not exactly small chested.” She raised up her hands to use finger quotes.

I stared at her for a few seconds, letting her words sink in slowly. “I’m not sure… what exactly to say to that.”

She laughed and looked up, “you could say okay, or nothing at all.” She shrugged, “so what are we watching first?”

I shook my head to snap out of my daze, “Interview With The Vampire?” I held up the case, not sure if it would get her disgusted or trigger any flash backs.


I chuckled and put the movie in, grabbing the remote before I walked back over to the bed. Ichabod had finally stopped his hump fest and was now laying lazily at the foot of the bed. Mr. Doodles tucked under his head like a pillow.

I shook my head as I laid down, pressing play while doing so. Amy shifted around until she was laying next to me, her head a few inches away from mine.

“You smell nice.” My eyes widened when I realized what I had just blurted out.

She rolled over to look at me, “that’s not creepy at all.” She laughed.

I smiled sheepishly, “my brain wasn’t thinking right,” I laughed, “but you do smell nice.”

She smiled, “thanks Zacky. You don’t smell to bad ether.” She rolled back over to watch the movie.

“Can I ask you something?” I mumbled, fidgeting with the hem of my shirt.

“Hmm?” She sounded tired almost, ether that or she was distracted.

“If you so shy, how come you opened up to all of us so quickly?”

She rolled over again, a frown pulling at her brows this time. “I’m not sure, usually I can’t stand new people for awhile. I get nervous and shake, I can’t look them in the eye, I freak and feel like I can’t breath. But around you guys… it just feels different, I’m not sure how to describe it, safe would probably be a good word.” She explained.

I looked at her for a few seconds, “you are safe with us, your part of the Avenged family now.” I reached over to pick up one of her small arms, “we all keep each other safe, no matter what.”

She just looked back at me, a blank expression settling over her features. Finally she seemed to snap out of it, a smile tugging at her lips, “I think it would be best if we watched the movie now.” She rolled over quickly. For a brief moment I could have sworn I saw her blushing.
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