Who Knew Vengeance Would Be My Savior


Johnny's POV:

“T-this has got to be the funniest shit I’ve e-ever seen!” Val laughed holding onto her sides as she fell into the sand.

Right now, all of us were watching Amy attempt to teach Zacky how to surf. He had for some reason just stood up and was currently under the water while Amy laughed her head off. A few seconds later Zacky’s head popped out of the water, a frown on his face.

“D-dude someone go get a video camera!” Brian laughed from his spot in the sand, “p-picture how many people would watch this!”

I snorted as Jimmy pulled out his phone to record the whole thing.

“He’s going to end up hurting someone.” I laughed looking over to see Amy telling him something to faint to hear. Zacky tilted his head back and yelled something along the lines of ‘fuck no’. She laughed and placed her hands together, obviously pleading him to do whatever she had asked. He looked over and shook his head, crossing his arms over his chest.

“O-Oh my god look at him!” Leana laughed pointing towards the water.

I snorted when I saw Zacky once again attempt to stand up, only toppling over into Amy sending them both under the water. I couldn’t help but start laughing, falling onto the back like everyone else. The sight of Zacky trying to surf was one of the funniest fucking things ever.

“That’s right laugh while I’m in mother fucking pain!” Zacky yelled making all of us laugh harder. I managed to look over to see Zacky hoping over, one leg up behind him obviously hurt. “Fucking A.”

“W-What’d you do?” Michelle asked trying to calm down her breathing.

“There’s fucking coral in my damn leg!” He yelled throwing his surf board into the ground.

“Are you fucking serious?” Val asked, turning into Mother mode.

He nodded, moving so we could see the small white chunk sticking out of his leg. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely going to need stitches.

“Fucking A, what the hell did you do?” Brian asked.

“He slammed into a little coral in the sand,” Amy answered letting Zacky sling an arm around her shoulders, “we need to go get stitches for him.”

Everyone nodded and stood up, “are you alright though?”

She nodded, “yeah, but we might want to hurry. I don’t like blood.” She grimaced.

Zacky’s POV:

“My leg hurts.” I whined as Amy walked back into the living room.

“Want your pain killers?” She asked sitting down next to me.

“Not right now,” I answered resting my head on her stomach, “I’m sorry I was so hard to teach earlier.”

She smiled lightly as she started to run her fingers through my hair, “it’s alright, I knew you’d be hard to teach. You did good for a first timer though,” I couldn’t help but grin, “where did everyone else go?”

“To get movies for later,” I answered smiling up at her, “what’s that smell?”

“Cookies.” She answered laughing, “I figured they’d make you feel better.”

I sat up on my elbow, “you made me cookies so I could feel better?” I asked shocked, Gena had never ever done that for me.

She nodded, a smile tugging at her lips. “My Mom did that when I first told them what happened,” I didn’t fight against the growl that bubbled out of my throat, “they make me feel better, they also make me sleepy.”

I laughed and shifted around so she could lay on me instead, enjoying the fact that her cheeks turned a soft pink. “Thanks Amy, no one’s ever done that for me.”

She laughed nervously, “it’s no problem Zacky.”

I smiled and rested my head back on my pillow, watching Ichabod run around with Mr. Doodles in his mouth. He stopped and looked at us for a few seconds, obviously wondering where he could fit into the puzzle. He dropped the duck to the floor and jumped up onto the sofa, climbing onto the small of Amy’s back before he got comfortable.

“Ichabod down.”

“Leave him,” Amy laughed, “if he’s comfy it’s alright.” She laughed again tilting her head back up to look at mine, “he’s warm too.”

I grinned, “are you cold?”

“Sort of, I’m always cold though.” She shrugged her shoulders, letting her arms wind their way around my neck, “are you sure you don’t want any pain killers?”

“No, I’m fine.” I answered, “I’ve had worse, like the time Matt hit me in the back of my head with his damn mic.”

She giggled, “didn’t you keep playing?”

I nodded, “yeah, luckily it was towards the end of our set so I didn’t have to play for that long. Val was pissed at him though.”

She laughed, “I would have been mad at him too.”


“Because he hurt the one and only Zacky Vengeance, your better than Brian in my books.” She laughed.

I grinned, “well that’s going straight to my ego,” she laughed, “I think everyone’s back.” I mumbled hearing the sound of a car pulling up.

She sighed, “damnit just when I get comfortable too,” She pouted, “I have to check on the cookies anyway.”

I watched as she stood up, making Ichabod glare at her before jumping off the sofa and back over to Mr. Doodles. I don’t know what really came over me when I grabbed her hand, pulling her close to me.

“Yes?” She asked softly.

I grinned and pressed my lips against hers, watching her eyes widen slightly, a glazed look coming over them. I chuckled lightly and pressed my lips harder into his, earning a faint whimper from her.

“Can I have my pain killers now?” I asked against her lips.

Normal POV:


I nearly dropped the cookie sheet I was holding when Jimmy came flying into the kitchen, literally. “Yes?”

He grinned up at me from his spot on the floor, “why do I smell cookies?”

“Because I made some…” I answered laughing, “and why are you still on the floor?”

“I don’t really know,” He laughed, “can I have one please?” He whined, jutting out his bottom lip.

I laughed and nodded, “yeah, go ahead, just leave some for Zacky.”

“Why?” Jimmy asked standing up.

“Because I made them for him,” I answered scraping the cookies off the pan, “I’m going to go change okay?”

He nodded and watched me walk out of the room. For some odd reason I couldn’t find it in myself to look at Zacky when I passed the living room, my heart still felt like it wasn’t beating yet. My lips were still tingling, but most of all, I was purely confused on why he did it.

“Amy where are you going?” Leana asked giggling, “we didn’t get gory movies!”

“I’m going to change,” I answered, “can you guys come up here? I need to talk to you all about something.” I said nervously.

All the girls looked at each other before nodding, “sure.”


“Okay, what’s so important that you can’t talk to us about it in front of the guys?” Lacey asked plopping down onto my bed.

I bit my lip nervously as I looked for a pair of basketball shorts, “you have to promise not to tell Johnny.” I begged as I finally found a white pair.

“Ooh, this is going to be good.” Val giggled bouncing up and down on her feet, “tell us! We promise!”

I sighed and held my shorts in my arms, playing with the drag strings to them, “Z-Zacky kissed me.”

All of them squealed, “what’d you do! Oh my god tell us everything!”

I laughed and pulled out a white tank top with a white sports bra, “I don’t know, I was laying with him just talking, we shifted around so I was laying on him,” they all giggled, “and I went to get up because you guys got here and I needed to get the cookies, and he just grabbed my hand, pulled me down and kissed me. Oh not to mention he asked if he could have his pain killers.”

They were quiet for a few seconds, “did you like it?” Lacey finally asked.

I bit my lip, “honestly?” They all nodded, scooting over so they could hear my answer better, “yeah I did.”

All of them squealed, jumping up and down screaming random things to one another. “I have to tell Jimmy!” Before I could scream no, Leana had already ran out of my room.

I groaned and shook my head, I shouldn’t have told them…


The rest of the night was awkward. I would occasionally glance over at Zacky to find his eyes trained on me, a smile never even tugging at his lips. Of course Jimmy also knew what had happened, any chance he got he’d squeal randomly and throw cookie crumbs and Zacky and I, I was personally going to kill Leana for telling him. Finally we were half way through Never Back Down and I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m going to bed okay?” I said drawing their attention away from the TV.


I nodded and stood up from my spot on the floor, brushing off my butt before walking towards the staircase. I wanted to get out of this awkward feeling as soon as possible.

“Amy! Wait for me!” I looked over my shoulder to see, shockingly Zacky stumbling up the stairs after me. Ichabod following after him with Mr. Doodles hanging from his mouth.

I stopped at the top step, staring at him confused. He hadn’t even spoken to me once when I was downstairs with everyone, he just looked at me and then back at the TV like nothing. It was sad actually.

“What?” I asked, my tone sharper than normal.

“I’m sorry I was acting… distant right now.” He mumbled motioning his hands towards the stairs.

I nodded my head, “it’s alright… I guess.”

He grinned, he was about to open his mouth when his cell phone started to go off.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I mumbled turning away and walking to my bedroom.
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