Rennie And Jaya

Chapter Nine.

Jaya's mother awaited her in the family living room, sitting patiently. As soon as she saw Jaya, she looked up, with mixed feeling that showed up in her eyes. Should she be pleased that they had found her daughter, or disgusted that her daughter could do such a thing? She had no idea.

Leonard forced his daughter onto a seat opposite her mother, with a threatening look in his eyes. But Jaya was only worried for Renn. Her mother looked at her in despair.
"Where were you? Were you with that girl? Do you know -"
But Leonard silenced her.
"She was with the daughter," He paused, barely uttering the words "the daughter of...Edgar, yes" He spat the words like they were a foul taste in his mouth.
Jaya had never felt so ashamed but she didn't feel as if she was in the wrong. With Rennie she felt a better person, a more complete person. She knew that she couldn't be with her, though. She was...she, her parents would never forgive her.
Her parents read her mind.
"We cannot forgive you for...that," He uttered, once again, disgusted with even the thought of Edgar and his family "You must be sent away. On Monday, two days time, you will leave us."

Jaya panicked then.
"What? I have nowhere to go!" She tried to keep her voice straight but it cracked slightly.

"You do. Your husband's house."


Jaya sat on her bed, still trying to take in what she had just been told.
She thought it would never happen. She had been told...she thought he was married now.
Perhaps not.
He was a family friend's son. Wealthy, they had said. Handsome, they had said, too. But that made no difference to her. He was a man, and she knew it wasn't right, particularly when she felt this way for Rennie. But she would never see her again. She had no address, no phone number, no means of contact. Even if Rennie could remember where she lived, she would be putting her life in jeopardy to come and see her.

Looking up, she realised that she had been here for hours, just thinking. It was almost pitch black, probably midnight. Jaya's parents were out. She didn't know what they were doing but she felt safe. Outside was silent, a strange purple tone painted across the sky, the cold moon shining proudly.

Then something small hit her window. Hailstones. Jaya loved them when she was inside, the sound of the pattering on your roof without you getting soaked. She opened the window.
No hailstones?
But something else pattered on her glass window. She looked down, and to her surprise, there stood the woman of her dreams.
♠ ♠ ♠
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