Where's My Happily Ever After?

Edwin thought she was cheating on him when he jumped to conclusions and trusted the word of his enemy rather than his fiancée. He kicked her out before she had been able to tell him of the baby they would be having. He promised he'd be there to hold her hand the whole time, but when she needs him most, he's gone.

It's been four months since Edwin broke up with Jade, but Jade still sees these reminders of him everywhere she looks: especially when she looks at her swollen stomach. She still loves him, but knows he wouldn't dream of ever taking her back.

It's been four months since Edwin lost the love of his life and he waits for his body to decay away. He wants nothing more than death if it means he has to go on without her. He can't do this much longer and he would take her back, but he knows she doesn't love him anymore.

Despite what he's done to her, she knows she loves him.

Despite what she's done to him, he knows he can't live without her.
  1. Misery Loves Its Company
    They say that Misery loves it company and Jade is learning that the hard way.
  2. "Happily Ever After"
    Yeah, so it obviously meant nothing to you!
  3. Like An Abusive Boyfriend!
    Oh my, Quinn's acting like an abusive boyfriend!
  4. I'm Broken Without Her
    "Just leave me be: I'm broken without her! Can't you see that?"
  5. I'm Afraid Of Your Brain
    Oh, the infamous "Jade Logic".
  6. He's Putting Me Through Hell
    Edwin causes a scene in the mall. Oh, the poor innocent children!
  7. Anorexia Vampirosa
    Who knew a baby--the thing that had driven them apart--would bring them together again?
  8. Of Penguin Brethren
    Jade has a moment of spontaneity when making her way down the stairs.
  9. The Aftertaste Of A Well Written Apology
    Can three little words fix all the damage he's done?
  10. You Look Constipated
    Well, then again Jade never did learn how to deal with her problems a healthy way.
  11. I Got You Blue Lilies
    From "You're a bitch" to "Don't die!", Edwin sure is one moody man!
  12. Version One Or Version Two?
    Jade finally tells Edwin what really happened, but can that really solve everything?
  13. Disclaimer: Keep Away From Children
    It takes a lot to make Quinn cry, but Nathaniel is making her drown in tears.
  14. He's More Mine Than He's Yours
    Violence is not the answer: it's the solution.
  15. Outtalking A Screaming Weasel
    Just when you thought Edwin couldn't get any worse, he whips out the name-calling!
  16. World's Best Grand-mama
    Usually introducing your pregnant girlfriend to your parents is a bad thing!
  17. Sacks of Bad Analogies
    Jade compares Manny to a sack. Of what, you ask? Read and find out!
  18. "The Look"
    Manny is all alone, so what else did Edwin expect Jade to do?
  19. I'm This Many!
    It's time for Monique to get settled in.
  20. Ex-Friends Till The End
    Jade and Quinn get into an argument.
  21. Repentance!
    Manny needs Jade's infamous words of wisdom. For once it's actually good advice!
  22. Profound Effects From Innocent Places
    Edwin's finally turning around a little bit.
  23. Sinners From Hell
    That boy has no shame!
  24. Feign Innocence And Naivety
    Manny is just a child and couldn't possibly understand.
  25. In Satanist Hands
    Todd doesn't see what he's up against...until Edwin goes insane, that is!
  26. Honey, Daddy's Just PMSing
    Edwin's grouchy and Jade has a hunch: he's got lady troubles!
  27. Skating In Hell's Fire
    Edwin's going baby crazy again, but maybe there won't be a baby to be crazy over. Or a Jade...
  28. Lack Of Pain Should Bring Comfort
    And yet this pain missing is making Jade and Edwin miserable.
  29. A PhD In Asshole-ism
    Jade skipped the pain of childbirth, but at what cost?
  30. Sign Thy Name In His Book
    A peculiar nurse, a mentally crippled mother, and a little girl. Oh, the possibilities!
  31. Kaiser Death Grip
    It's time for, you guessed it, a visit to the grandparents! What wonder is in store?
  32. Dancing In His Tiny Hands
    Little kids aren't always as innocent as they look.
  33. Scream In Silence
    Edwin decides to propose to Jade, but she'll have none of that! ...Or will she?
  34. If Hysteria Could Talk
    Emotional torment leaves unseen scars, but the physical pain hurts, too.
  35. A Little Less Shrimp Coctail
    What's wrong with Nathaniel? Where's Quinn?
  36. Bob's Your Uncle!
    She's dating a British bloke, but I can't be happy for her...
  37. Damn, Hoe, You Got Bitch-Smacked!
    Why is Jade lying unconscious on the floor?
  38. Sloppy Seconds
    There truly never is a moment of peace in Jade's out of the ordinary lifestyle.
  39. Second Place Means Nothing
    Jasper is going to be a bit hard to incorporate into Edwin's family...
  40. Sleeping Beauty
    Quinn's finally awake, but with her newfound consciousness comes a newfound surprise!
  41. Violence Isn't The Answer; It's The Solution!
    Jasper certainly has changed in the years, but Jade is noticing some change in herself, too.
  42. Lights, Camera, Action! Or Not.
    He's fat and he don't run too fast, but he's faster than Edwin!
  43. Fear The Almighty Iron Bladder!
    Times like these remind us of the good old days.
  44. An Elephant Never Forgets, But A Pastor Might!
    And to think she even interned for two summers!
  45. Divine Right Grants Us Killing Rights
    He certainly has the discipline, but does he have the body mass?
  46. He's Some Kind Of Masochist
    The curtain's just raising and they're already famous actors.
  47. Throw My Heart In The Flames Why Don’t You?
    Jade certainly has a lot to think about, but by the day's out she'll have even more problems!
  48. Hallucinations Not Brought On By LSD
    Edwin wants to break Jade beyond repair, but doing so would shatter him...
  49. May You Rest In Peace, My Tattered Soul
    This chapter made me, Edwin, and Jade cry...