Life on Banana Street

The End

-Billie’s POV-

“Mimi! Tucker! Get down here you’re going to be late to school!”

“Can’t Joey drive us?” I heard Mimi’s voice call down the stairs.

“Joey already left! Come on! The bus is down the street!”

Tucker came down first. He was in that stage where he thought he was black. He wore a baby blue over sized jersey and baggy jeans. And the upside down backwards tennis cap and bling didn’t help much either.
Mimi was dressed like she was about to have sex. I didn’t get it, she wasn’t old enough. But she was a beautiful and all the boys were interested. Great.
Joey turned out not to be special, but he wasn’t in GT classes like Mimi and Tucker. He didn’t get a joy out of life, he always dressed in black and never spoke to anyone. Guess I’m the one who should be blamed for setting the example.
Man, 10 years really does a number on your body, so I sat down on the couch.
But what am I to do? I have no help. The doctors said she was safe, but apparently not safe enough¾

Addie, I love you and I miss you

¾and the twins barely remember her. Maybe that’s part of the reason Joey’s all depressed all the time. I don’t blame the kid, he’s handling a lot better than I would if I were his age. 16...
The twins were 11 and just starting middle school.

American Idiot was a big success. It sold as much (if not more) than Dookie, our platinum. We brought in more audiences which I now regret. Every time someone approaches me in the streets, it’s not the friendly ‘hey what’s up’ I used to get. It’s border line attack. I learned the meaning of ‘teenies’. Addie hated them with all her heart and now, I barely go out of the house because they remind me of her. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since she died.

That’s why I dedicated my clothing line to her, Adeline.

I love you and I miss you.

The End.
♠ ♠ ♠
Guys, thanks for the support over the years for this story, but it's time to call it to an end.