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Coloring My Senses Cherry Red

Then you can't ride NO more bikes!

"What the hell?" I hear. I open my eyes, and there's Jack, sitting up, rubbing his forehead. I'm about to smile at him, tell him I love him, and he looks at me disgustedly. "Do you know what we did last night?!"

"Well, vaguely, but I thou-"

"We fucked, Alex, we FUCKED!" he shouted.

"Not helping my enormous headache." I replied, rubbing my temples.

"Alex, do you know what this fucking means? You're not a virgin. I'm not a virgin. We had sex. We are best friends, Alex, and we HAD SEX!"

"I know, Jack, it's pretty obvious. But I actu-"

"Look, Alex, I'm sorry we did this. It didn't mean anything."

I swear, my heart stopped.
The night before he has confessed that I was his everything, everything he had ever wanted, and then we kissed, and we went upstairs.
Everything is history.

"It didn't mean anything? What the fuck? You're the one who fucking wanted it. Even BEFORE you were drunk, you told me you loved me." I said, my eyes watering, and I sit up. "You fucking liar." I hissed. I stood up, yanked on my boxers, my jeans, my t-shirt from the night before, and pulled on my hoodie. "I can't believe you would lie to me."
I made my way downstairs because my shoes were down there. I pulled on my beanie and ran out of the house, slamming the door. Halfway home, I realized that I had left my guitar, but I didn't care.

I didn't need it, I didn't need Jack Barakat.

Okay, scratch that, I do need Jack, but purely for the band. I called his house from my cell.

"Hello? Alex-"

"Jack, just to make it clear, we aren't friends. But the band has to go on. We're doing so well. There's practice tomorrow at Rian's."

"Lexy, look, I'm so-"

"You've said enough, Barakat." I hissed. "I'll see you at practice tomorrow." I hung up and proceeded to delete the picture I had taken of us kissing the night before.

Fuck Jack Barakat.

Oh, wait. I already did.
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