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Coloring My Senses Cherry Red

We need Mor P-Nut Butr thx plz

Jack and I haven't talked to each other in four years.
Occasionally we'll get hammered and have drunk, rough, sex.

Even after four fucking years, I still love Jack Barakat.

I want him so bad.

"Alex, what the hell? You just think it's cool to go onstage and announce to everyone that we had drunk sex yesterday? And then to top it all off, you tell everyone I said I loved you?" I sipped my slurpee. "No one is supposed to know!" I sipped again and then walked away. "Alex!" I got out my phone and texted Jack.


"What do you mean, what, Alex?" he yelled.

Why do you care? You didn't before when we were 16. When it "didn't mean anything." How do I know you're not lying now?

"Let me prove it to you, Lexy.." he whispered, then repeated himself. "I'll prove it to you."

"Fine." I said. "You've got a month to prove it to me." Then I got into my bunk.

Does that mean you'll talk to me?" Jack texted.

Yes, Jack, I will."

He jumped into my bunk and kissed me. I grabbed his face and kissed him back.

"Mm, Jack." I sighed. "Fuck me."

"I'd be happy to oblige."

He fucked me senseless.

In the morning, I got into the shower and brushed my teeth. I went to the kitchen area on the bus to get food, and Jack was at the table.

"Morning." I grunted, still tired and in my towel.

"Good morning." I sat down. "It's good to talk to you again."

"I missed it." I say, smiling.

"Lexy, are we dating?"

"Not yet. You still have to prove to me that you weren't lying four years ago. Then I'll reconsider."

"Fair enough." He kissed my cheek. "That towel doesn't do your figure too good." I smiled, and picked up a doughnut before I went to get dressed. Black skinny jeans, white shirt, purple hoodie, then I grabbed my grey beanie.

"Alex, think you two could be quieter?" Zack said as he woke up.

"Sorry, Jack and I made up." his eyes widened.

"No fucking way!"

"What?" Rian asked groggily.

"Jack and Alex made up!"

"It's about time." Rian mumbled. "I'm going back to sleep."
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