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Coloring My Senses Cherry Red

***, I HATE New York!

"Jack, I love you." I breathed as I kissed him, glad that the microphone had not amplified my voice. The girls went wild and I pulled away, and spoke into the mic. "Well, THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!" I shouted, and I walked offstage. Jack was close behind. I decided to do something different, something I'd never done before.

"Follow me." I whispered into his lips, and then bolted off to the bathroom.
He followed, a quick glance back told me so. Even after I had turned around, I couldn't keep the image of him out of my head. His soft, layered, floppy brown and blonde hair was slightly pushed back by the breeze he had created while chasing me. I took a sharp left and ran into a fan. "I'll get back to you, I promise." I said, smiling, and then ran into the bathroom. I sat down in a stall and pulled my feet up so Jack couldn't find me.

"Fuck." he cursed under his breath. He started looking under all the stalls. I was standing crouched on top of the toilet seat, managing to get my pants off quietly and dropping them on the back of the toilet. My shirt followed next, and then I was only in boxers. I unlocked the stall quietly and then, SLAM! it opened and Jack's mouth dropped open. "Holy fuck."

I smiled mischieviously and pulled him in, locked the stall behind him.

"Hello, Jack."

"Hello, Lexy."

"Fuck me, Jack."

"I'd love to, Lexy."

I exited the bathroom, my shirt on inside out and my pants on, barely. I smiled dreamily as I met all our fans, signing mindlessly and smiling for pictures vacantly. All I could think of was Jack. The way he moved on stage, the way he smiled at me, his knowing smile.
The smile that meant he knew I loved him.

It had been two weeks, and I didn't know if I was going to last for 2 more weeks.

We went to McDonalds after we left the venue, it was still light outside. Jack and I held hands, swung them back and forth as we ordered.

"I want a cheeseburger." Jack stated. "WAIT! NO! I want chicken nuggets. No..." he said.

"Fucking make up your mind." I groaned.

"CHICKEN NUGGETS. And Lexy here-" he pointed at me with his free hand- "will have a cheeseburger." He smiled brightly and I rolled my eyes. Such a child. I paid and we sat down.

"So, Lexy. If you won't date me for the next two weeks-" He chewed on a fry, slid his hand up my leg. "Then we won't have sex for the next two weeks."

I nearly choked on my soda.

"Fucking.. what?" I asked. "Jack, I need you!" I said, still in shock.

"Sorry." he smirked evilly. "You have a hand."

I didn't speak to him the entire way to the bus.

"Alex?" he called, from his bunk. "I need you for a second." I groaned and got up, and then slid into his bunk. "I'm glad you're not wearing anything but that towel." He said, and tied my hands above my head. He slid the towel off of me.

"But- you said-"

"We're not having sex, Ally. You're going to watch me get off."
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