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Coloring My Senses Cherry Red

jack has enough semen for everyone.

"Fuuuuck, Jack. I hate you." I moaned as he shoved me over the edge of the bunk.

"Wake up sleepyhead!" he laughed. "Come on, you know I love you."

"No, you won't fuck me for the next fourteen days. You don't love me." I whined, starting to drift off on the floor.

"Get up here and go back to sleep. I'm still tired."


Jack was singing in the shower. I could hear him from the bunk and I knew that Rian and Zack were listening too, because I heard them giggling.

Jack's not a bad singer.

He just doesn't try hard enough. He was in the shower singing Poppin' Champagne and it was making me smile, because that's my favorite song of ours. His voice sent butterflies through my body and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I loved him.

But I couldn't give in, because then I'd be breaking my promise.

I needed to prove to him that I could do this because I really did love him.

I can't believe I ran out on him like that all those years ago. I was a stupid boy who didn't know how to handle the feelings that were swirling inside of me. Ugh. If it were me I wouldn't have even given me this chance, so I can't fuck it up.

"Hey." Jack's voice filled me with those fuzzies again, and he kissed my lips tenderly. "Morning."

"Morning." I smiled at him genuinely. "You sound good." He looked at me questioningly. "Your voice. It sounded good."

"Oh, thanks." he smiled. "Get ready. We have a concert to do. And then a movie date tonight."



"Hey." Jack said, coming up to me as I got out of the shower. "Get in your pajamas, we're gonna watch scary movies so you can cuddle with me."

"You know it'll be the opposite way."

"I know." he laughed. "Hurry and get dressed."
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